Instead of Planning for 2015, I Invite You to Savor This Current End-of-Year Season


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As I scan the subject lines in my overflowing email box, there is quite a lot about ‘choosing your 2015 intention word’ and “setting your 2015 work agenda” and *creating your 2015 goals”.

I absolutely understand the desire (and fun) of choosing, setting and creating. 

Something to consider, though – especially if you are practicing presence – it is almost impossible for you to be visioning for, and feeling into the energy of, 2015 *now* when there is still an entire month full of celebration, ritual and practice left of 2014.

This external prompting to ‘jump ahead’ means it is very likely you will miss the guidance and wisdom, gifts and blessings available here, in this moment for you. 

When we are present to the fullness of: an experience (in this case, holiday celebrations), natural cycles (the ‘end’ of 2014) and seasons (solstice happens in December), our intention, plans and goals naturally evolve and change – often quite swiftly.

You can’t know today where that natural unfolding will lead, or where your heart whispers will guide you, or what creative expressions and connections you will feel nudged to explore before you have lived your year-end experience. 

When you choose to close the current year, taking the time to review your experience, celebrate the abundance, integrate the lessons and bless it all with love and gratitude, you gift yourself peace and possibility.

Instead of ‘planning for 2015’, may you consider vesting full presence to celebrating and savoring *this moment, this season* then allowing that experience to guide you, naturally, into opening the new year. 

Dear Reader: As you consider the idea of ‘savoring the season’ and taking the time to close this year before opening the next, what arises within for you? What is one practice, ritual, event that you use to close your current year? (when you share, you inspire)

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,


I am offering two ecourses in December regarding presence: one to our physical body, the other to the energy of love, in daily life. Both ecourses begin December 1st – registration is open through November 30, 2014:

Presence to Love Deeply in Daily Life begins December 1, 2014. Inviting awareness of love into whatever your December holds (from family gatherings full of heart connection/trigger to review of your past year) opens doors in all realms.

Your Body is a Gift begins December 1, 2014. When we look at our body as a sacred container and learn to bring energy *into* that container, we then have the choice to create from a naturally centered, empowered space.

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  1. Dear Joy,

    I’m so with you on this as I’ve slowly been looking back at my year to understand what I’ve learned and bring a sense of closure to all that happened this year. Plus, what’s coming up for me right now with the cooler weather is “comfort.”

    At the same time, I am bubbling with creativity and some of that is spilling out as possible ideas for 2015. I don’t know if they will stick in January, but I’m letting them flow.

    • Sandra,

      I have always admired your wisdom and the way you choose to move through world. I love this energy of *comfort*; that you mentioned it is a sign to me to explore is a bit more. What I am learning about my physical body is that when it is comfortable, it is less prone to react and more likely to center into creation and connection.

      *Bubbling with creativity* sounds wonderful – I look forward to all that you choose to reflect and share this month and opening the new year!!

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