Wolf Energy, Full Moon Intentions and a New Chapter

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This morning, while Full Moon energy is still strong, I lit a candle of intention.

Behind the candle is a card I received in the mail from a friend – I joyfully welcome wolf energy into this day!

One characteristic of wolf is an *appetite for freedom*. Yes!! Another is an invitation to *trust your instincts*. Yes!!

When I consider my personal intention for this candle this guidance arose from my heart:

As you carefully, lovingly disentangle from energetic patterns that result in pain-filled experiences, you make room for grace, joy and peace to permanently reside.

This is what I am releasing: not enough, my tolerance for personal abuse (in my life), doubt about my gifts and skills, fear of men who attempt to ‘play the power card’ in my little families life. (I’m no longer playing the ‘he barks, we react’ role, ever. Again. Ever.)

I recently met a woman whose daughter was a victim of domestic violence – murdered by her daughter’s husband. Meeting her reminded me of why I chose to create Facets. To share my experience and my gifts.

You don’t belong in abuse (and if that abuse is self-generated – meaning evident in the way you speak to your self and treat your self – which is very prevalent, that ‘counts’ as something you are not meant to experience). I have written an article on ‘why she stays’ to share later in the month but for now, know, you aren’t meant to stay.

I offer this short Note About Abuse as an inspiration to those whom it resonates with (the link goes straight to the note.)

This applies to each one of us:

God/ess / Source / Universe – whatever energetic form you choose to celebrate sacred connection with – did not gift you life to ‘dump shit on you’. 

And, yes, it is possible to transmute shit to fertilizer (I have been doing it my entire life) but it is also exhausting and it is not what you were put here on Earth to do. 

So, stop. Please. 

I am going to share quietly, here, today is the one-year anniversary of the pinnacle of drama from our experience last year when a man (whom if you Google his name the words scam and fraud appear) passed through and ‘got me’.

One year ago, today – right at sunset  – he said he would die if he didn’t receive money by 6p (from his peers / whomever he was asking). He didn’t receive the money.  I watched him physically fall apart. I offered him a space to stay for the weekend and that Monday, I offered him the money he asked for. I received in return quite a lot of pain and drama – I wish never to experience anything close to that again. I doubted who I was, I doubted that God/ess  / Source loved me, I wanted to die. (To be very clear, I was not mad with him – I was mad with myself for manifesting in such energy, for the patterns I hadn’t yet released, seething inwardly!)

Many of you supported the children and I with energy, monetary donations, prayer and blessings. We felt the love and encouragement from our personal friends and this Facets community. Because of that love and support, we moved through that *fire* into these moments of now.

As we open this new chapter, it is my intention to thrive. And, I’m going to ask you to thrive with me. 

No more ‘settling’. Okay? Okay. *grin*

In little pieces this weekend, I am going to bury that experience so we (the kids and I) will no longer remember details (for my protection, I have forwarded all of the written documentation to trusted people, should I need it in the future). 

We will remember the love we share, our practices of presence, boundaries and energetic intention and the freedom and joy of sharing from abundance (not necessity). 

Please remember, if ever I ask you trust in unfolding, especially through vulnerable or painful times it is because I know the power, first-hand. Every cell in my being knows that love makes a difference – however you choose to express it, each time you choose to express it.

Please, also know, you can never share *too much love*. If your light is too bright for someone, they can choose to wear sunglasses or remove their presence. Let that be your sign to shine even brighter. *grin*.

Dear Reader: As you feel into the energy of the photo, the message and experience I have shared, is there a pattern or energy you would like to release? Does wolf have a message for you? (when you share, you inspire) 

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,


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Comments on: "Wolf Energy, Full Moon Intentions and a New Chapter" (8)

  1. It’s a wonderful post Joy, thank you.

    I wish I can stop being afraid and feeling the need to justify anything I say or do even before being accused.

    • Hi Nikky44,

      Thank you for taking the time to share! I understand that trauma is imprinted in our physical being, until we do the work to shift that – so the fear you feel today might be residual from your past experiences. Perhaps understanding that can bring a little peace into this moment for you – feeling that peace allows you to create in a space you might previously (naturally) reacted in. Triggers can take a bif of time to dissolve.

      May you feel the consistent, daily, peace and confidence that your heart desires!

  2. Jean Sampson said:

    What a beautiful and powerful post, Joy! I am so happy for you that you have come though this year glowing brighter than ever! And teaching others how to let their brilliance shine, too! I learn SO MUCH from you and how you live your life, Joy! I am celebrating how you came through a tough year and are shining brighter than ever and teaching others how to do the same thing!
    Love to you!

    • Wow – thank *you*, Jean, for the kind words and for your love and support! I learn so much from all that you reflect and share. Receiving the wolf card in the mail was a wonderful way to open this new chapter – right as I begin Pixie’s shaman training. I hadn’t been guided by wolf before (and the correlation to “Women Who Run with Wolves” hadn’t occurred to me until recently – it’s very powerful stuff.

      I do believe *the love for, and with, my children* is the energy that pulled the three of us through the chaotic mess (and energetic fire) of last year. I am excited to see what unfolds for us as a family and also what unfolds within this Facets community!!

      Abundant love and gratitude to you!!

  3. Wow Joy, your post comes at a perfect time! I also want to release tolerance of abuse (in addition to fear of using my voice). I’ve been struggling with people who aren’t respectful of my boundaries for the past week or so, and I’m seeing that this is a pattern that comes from the abuse in my family. I have been learning to speak up for myself and expressing how I feel. I want to let more of this tendency go so that I can attract people and experiences that fill me up with joy (and make me smile like that wolf)!

    • Thank you for sharing, Esther! A key point to share with you, is that my process (and practice of release) is more of an embrace and focus upon what I do want – and that is done through use of centering, setting and honoring boundaries and creating and celebrating newness.

      If you haven’t used your voice in specific spaces or connections, using it might feel different. Please be gentle and kind with yourself as you explore – including the way you speak to your self, especially when you are feeling vulnerable.

      What I know about resonance is that when we center into, connect and celebrate with an energy (in this case, joy – as you mentioned), we draw into our space more of that energy. “The letting go” is within our ability to receive in – and this is where centering is essential. For when we are centered, we can open to receive in ‘more’, something unfamiliar, something new – and when we follow that centering with celebrating (each step) our being and space naturally opens to receive in / manifest like energy.

      I am so happy for you and proud of you! May you experience your heart wishes as your reality!!

  4. I’m so moved that you are taking such a clear stand on abuse. As to wolf energy, I’ll say yes to freedom and yes to following instincts!

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