Light Does Exist in Darkness


 The only separation between us and Source

exists in our minds.

As you know, I live in So California and this year our area of the world has experienced severe drought.

Two days ago, it rained for almost ten hours straight. (After many months of no rain, it felt like a miracle.) As one might imagine, though, soon there were flood warnings, rock slides and road closures. (The miracle felt a bit ‘messy’.)

Yesterday, although the cloud cover was heavy and there were still a few sporadic light rain showers, I went to see sunset at the beach.

As I stood there, looking down the coast, I noticed that sun was peeking out over the islands but many people on the coast (and in town) wouldn’t know to look for that small patch of light, so they wouldn’t experience this magnificence.

I waited patiently, skipping stones then finally just sitting on the wet sand, for the change of colors in the sky. As I watched, I felt grace, love, peace, joy.

I know with certainty, in every cell of my being, that the drought was not a ‘discipline’ and the rain was not a ‘gift’.

(Nothing is ‘done to us’ but we sometimes think it is.)

The concepts of discipline and gifts are applied by human minds resisting the idea of natural cycles/seasons/unfolding. 

(There is such ease and freedom in understanding and creating with elemental energy.)

When we think in such a way – making something ‘bad’ or ‘good’ – we cause separation. Maybe it’s all ‘good’. We certainly have the choice to love and celebrate it all, when we wish to. 

Those labels often result in conditions and expectations with love – in general, if it ‘is good’ most people will open their heart to love and celebrate, if it is ‘bad’ they won’t.

Sometimes we make our trust in the process of flow (and life) and our connection to (and belief in) Source energy just as conditional. We open during abundance and close during drought.

(The point of separation is very clear.)

I just keep coming back to sunset. This stunning beauty is there to be experienced, daily, whether there is one person watching or one million, whether we doubt it to be possible or believe in it fully.

I don’t understand why people continue to look for, feel and often focus upon, separation when something we each share in common is a desire for connection.

Our hearts yearn to experience full connection.

This is why centering feels so refreshing and empowering – it’s a moment (or a block of time) spent as fully connected as possible. No expectation, no judgment, just fullness of connection. Our physical body and energetic being revels in the feel of that connection (usually until mind kicks in and we choose to ‘disconnect’).

I feel Light is a connector energy so I look for the light, even in (sometimes especially in) the dark spaces – as I did here at sunset. I know it’s there – and sometimes sitting patiently in the dark as it all unfolds around me allows me the opportunity to finally see it. And then celebrate it, whole-heartedly.

I took a short video of the sunset to share with you – as a visual reminder (in case you’d like one) that yes, light does exist in darkness and when we choose to connect and create with it, peace and possibility become our reality.

Facets of Joy: Rainy Day Sunset Over the Ocean

Dear Reader: I shared that I feel Light is a connector energy. What do you feel is a connector energy?

As you consider the idea of “centering into connection”, what does your being feel like within that experience? Is centering into connection familiar and comfortable to you? And, what is one step into connection that you may take today?(when you share, you inspire)

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,


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  1. Jean Sampson said:

    I feel connection when I see, read about or hear of someone helping someone else or an animal helping someone or someone helping an animal OR even when animals help each other even when there is no reason why they should that WE can see! I think I covered just about everything, Joy. <3

    • You have such a generous and kind heart, Jean!! Animal energy can teach us so much when we open to understand it and ‘helping’ in any realm (as you have so wonderfully captured here) can be such an inspiration – as animals show us, it is innate (until we make a choice to go ‘against’ our nature).

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