Love is a Fire that Feeds Our Life


I am seeing this about experiencing depth and fullness of love, in daily life.

The idea is something around ‘allowing people to love you in the ways that they know how and can best share’. Those ways might not be what you are used to/familiar with so to receive that in often requires that you open through ultra-vulnerability and *that* is where the magic of love resides.

Because the moment you open (even hesitantly) to receive love in, your heart whispers slip right through and begin to soar and then…return as your reality.

And for some, that is a joy; while for others, it is scary to begin to see your ‘dreams coming true’.

Intending to experience fullness of love requires that we open, even through that joy and fear – to experience *more* (and many of us carry patterns of ‘not enough’ or a block to receiving in – so there is often a bit of inner work to do to open to such a degree).

When we sometimes try to control the expressions of love that are given, we limit the magic, peace and possibility. And then we wonder why we don’t feel depth and fullness, in daily life (sure, the occasional ‘sweep you off your feet’ moment happens, beyond those barriers).

When we choose to love deeply, in daily life, we are choosing *to live infinite possibility* – each day is full of synchronicity, abundance, blessing, wonder, joy, awe and gratitude.

When we allow the energy to guide us, we don’t know where love will lead and *that* takes a lot of trust and courage to live.


Gratitude to Zeenat from Positive

for sharing this graphic (and her friendship)

So, let’s try it – let’s allow love to surprise us and delight us and if you wish, let’s share examples of how we were delighted and surprised by love today.

Dear Reader: As you feel into the energy of what I am sharing, what arises within for you? How does it feel to allow love to surprise and delight you? (when you share, you inspire)

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,


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  1. Just by reading this amazing post I can feel all this love around…. I got a message today of friend saying how much she cares for me… Did I trust it? Yes but probably in the past I wouldn’t because I would be so afraid to show and receive love!!!

    • What a lovely surprise, to receive a ‘caring message’ from a friend – thank you for sharing, Fernanda! I have been on the receiving end of your kind words – I know you are so generous with the love you share, so it’s wonderful that you are opening to receive it in as well!

      (I didn’t used to be very good at receiving compliments in because in my past they were followed by great drama – breaking that pattern has been amazing! I recognize that receiving in love is, in a way, an action of love toward the person sharing, and myself).

  2. Jean Sampson said:

    Today I got to share love with one of my very best friends who is also a student of mine (has been for years). She pays for her art classes by being my helper in classes and especially today when I had a huge coloring party in my studio! She and I had so much fun! She is someone who I know loves me without reservation and I also feel the same way about her. She is one of the most genuinely good people that I know and I love her child-like spirit! She has made teaching a lot more fun!

    • How beautiful, Jean – thank you for sharing!!! I can feel the love and joy in your words! What stands out to me, as I read today, is: fun, loves without reservation and child-like spirit. Wonderful energies – and also a beautiful reflection of all that *you* share with those in your life. Like-energy attracts like-energy!!!

  3. Two dear friends that I *love* very much:

    You and Zeenat…

  4. I feel the love emanating from your words, Joy! I so love the idea of opening more and more to love. Thanks for the encouragement.

    • Thank *you* for your presence and affirmation, Sandra! What you write and share inspires me to deepen my ‘love connection’ – so any encouragement is cyclical, really!

  5. I love your writings so much Joy, thank you

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