May the Beauty and Light You See Inspire You to Experiment With, and Share, Your Creative Expressions


Five months ago, on my birthday, I treated myself to a sunrise walk by the beach.

As I was walking along, I came across these yoga rock sculptures. Every once in a while, someone will make a small one by ocean’s edge – but to see such large sculptures in a collection, is unique.

Yoga rock sculptures fascinate me – I wrote about what we can learn from building them in this article “What Building a Yoga Rock Sculpture May Teach us About Life“. So, I stopped, and spent time looking at each one and photographing a few (one of those photos is above).

It felt like a very magical, beautiful way, to open my birthday!

As I was taking in the energy, and feeling so grateful, the man who built them walked up to me. I told him how much I loved his work and we spoke for quite a while.

He shared with me a bit about his life and ‘how’ he ended up on the beach. He spoke of his love of building these sculptures and his frustration when someone knocked one down. He told me how it feels to spend hours each day doing this and his joy when people stopped to ask questions and enjoy them.

I mentioned to him that it was my birthday and that this lit my heart and he smiled ear-to-ear.

I also shared with him how special I felt that his art was  – and how different from what I had seen in all of my years walking there – and that he might want to contact the local paper to come photo his sculptures and speak to him.

He listed all of the reasons why he felt they wouldn’t be interested in his story / experience. But, he wrote down the name of the paper.

That was in July – five months ago.

Imagine my surprise – and great delight – to see that Mark Cisneros, the ‘yoga sculpture man’ –  was featured on this week’s cover of the local paper I mentioned to him!!!  I read the article online, then got the hard copy paper to save (as inspiration).

Here is an excerpt: 

Stacking stones became his sole preoccupation. The physical labor of moving large boulders around was satisfying, and the contemplative nature of balancing and composing his sculptures fed his soul. Often, he doesn’t know what a sculpture is going to look like until it’s finished; he enjoys the way the rocks, wind and ocean waves work their own magic on him. Something else came to him down in that boulder field: a sense of purpose.

“It was a hard time in my life because I was homeless,” he explains. “But it was also a really nice experience in my life. Because I found something.”

Cisneros spent so much time building cairns that he soon had a large collection that attracted the attention of people on the beach. This public reaction caught him by surprise. “People who saw the rocks, they really liked it,” he recalls. Cisneros, an affable guy with a ready smile, enjoys chatting with the folks who come up to him while he’s building, and is happy to show them a demonstration or talk about his art. “The most important thing is when you can make other people happy. I’ve had so many people say ‘You made my day!’ ”

To read the rest of the article and view some beautiful photos, please click on this link to VC Reporter: “The Accidental Artist“. 

As you consider all of this, may you find inspiration to encourage you to explore and share whatever creative expressions your heart is nudging you to. 

(I recently just did this, creating a new offering “greeting cards of love and light” to create a visual reminder of the power of love and light. It’s fun to create and feels ultra-vulnerable to share, but what I enjoy – and why I am sharing the cards – is hearing about people’s smiles when they receive them!).

Dear Reader: What is your ‘takeaway’ from Mr Cisneros story and experience? What creative expressions do you enjoy exploring and sharing? (when you share your experience, you inspire!)

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,


I have two offerings beginning January 1st:

Savor the In-Breath – a *Free* Month-long Connection to, and Celebration With, the Power of the In-Breath. I’m going with my heart on this – combining pieces of art and reflections from various artists (the list of collaborators is on the information page) because I want this to be a celebration of heart energy that inspires each one of us to experiment with creating and dreaming and tapping into that energy in daily life.

The next session of I Believe in Magic 30-Day Photo Journey begins January 1st – an exploration of new beginnings, energetic flow and abundance. I hope you choose to join us and look forward to seeing glimpses of the beauty and light in *your world*!

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