New Moon / Solstice Hike and Celebration: Unfolding and Allowing the Kids to Lead

In yesterday’s article, I shared this in reference to New Moon/Solstice energy:

“’s important to remember to actually honor and celebrate the energy in our own life, in our own way. To not simply read about and research it but to experience it in daily life.”

I took that reminder to heart and decided that I would connect with elemental energy with a hike in the hills with my children.

My children no longer enjoy hiking as they once did so we hadn’t been as a family in a long while. And, as teens, they both have individual interests and friends so large blocks of family time are rare (and precious). My heart was delighted that they both agreed!

I chose a different way of connection with earth energy (instead of our almost nightly walks at ocean’s edge) because my intention for this solstice season as I open the new year is to experience different ‘results’.

I firmly believe in the power of choosing different external variables to explore and experience in order to experience ‘something different’ physically and energetically. 


this is certainly different from my beach walks!

We planned to do a short loop together – less than an hour so I could then participate in a guided meditation that I had been looking forward to.

However, it was so nice to be out there together, and we were all three tapped into the flow of the day, so I ended up choosing to prolong our hike instead of attend the meditation.  (One of the benefits of practicing unfolding together is that decisions of ‘release’ and *embrace* happen quickly as a family.)

I then let the kids lead as far as allowing them to take turns choosing the direction.

About allowing the kids to choose the direction and to lead: that was intentional and an empowering experience for them. I didn’t survey the land and give input, I just listened to their explanation and followed (even when inside my mind began to kick up doubt). I literally, physically followed their lead.

I imagine there will be much more of that (trusting their direction, even if I don’t understand it) in the new year. 

(This is an example of how parenting with presence works with us – far more effective than words, is the physical experience of doing the action that many simply talk about. It builds trust for each of us – trust in the process of tapping into flow and also in each other.  We can also turn this inward and treat our inner child with the same patience and understanding, and depth of presence with love.)

There was another ‘lesson’ about honoring our own pace.  Sometimes one or the other walked further ahead or behind – and none of us felt rushed or less than lovely about our individual choices. Sometimes we walked step in step, sometimes spread out over the hillside – and it was all ‘okay’.

Usually I was ‘behind’ because I like to bask in the energy of my surroundings and stop to listen to the birds or feel the wind or look at the sky. (But I didn’t feel ‘behind’.) And, there were points on the path that whomever was ahead waited patiently for the others to catch up. 

My personal ‘best’ of the experience (besides being there together and connecting with elemental energy) was the experience of climbing a steep, challenging part with my son.

There was a point where we had a choice in path: a steep, challenging climb or a flat, but long hike. I wanted to do the steep climb; neither child shared that desire.

My heart said ‘yes, please’ and my son saw that in my face, so he agreed to go with me while my daughter waited for us.  Our goal was to walk up, enjoy the view, then walk back down (I just really wanted to experience that steepness – an ‘impossible for me’ climb – because I knew energetically that would open doors).

We got halfway up and I began to think about how horrible it was going to be to get back down so I stopped. And turned around. My heart really wanted to go to the top but my mind was focused on why that was ultra-challenging.

I figured we were halfway up, so close to our goal, so we might as well complete it.

(Seriously – in your life, has it happened to you that you were *so close* to that which your heart desired, but you felt…tired, not quite ready, a bit doubtful about how it would feel….so you stopped?)

We climbed to the top. My daughter took a photo and we came back down.


we both agree that it doesn’t look challenging in the photo
but it was to experience

 My ‘second best’ was this: 

Toward the end of the hike, when we all felt pretty much physically maxed out, we had one more little climb. My daughter went up ahead. As my son and I reached the top and rounded the corner, this is what we saw (it was so unexpected that I busted up laughing – I couldn’t breathe enough to laugh, but c’mon, who would expect this?):


My daughter sitting on a bench with a view that spanned the city and the vast expanse of ocean! (Who knew there would be a bench?! We were ‘toiling away’ and she was taking in the scenery *grin*)

Gorgeous view. Lovely laugh. Spectacular finish.

Dear Reader: May you share, what was one of your ‘best’s’ from this past weekend – whatever it is you chose to celebrate. And, what is something that unexpectedly delighted your heart? (when you share, you inspire)

Much peace and abundant love,


My first ever *sharing love and light* greeting card is now available – a visual reminder that *yes, sharing love and light does matter and is appreciated.*

The next session of I Believe in Magic 30-Day Photo Journey begins January 1st – an exploration of new beginnings, energetic flow and abundance. I hope you choose to join us and look forward to seeing glimpses of the beauty and light in *your world*!

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  1. Hi Joy, I stopped by to wish you a wonderful xmas and new year, and was delighted to find this post. I am looking forward to walking in presence with my own kids these next 2 weeks with no school or other activities competing for our time. Clearly you made the right choice skipping that guided meditation;-0 XOXO – Lisa

    • Hi Lisa,

      Thank you for the well wishes!!!

      It is *your* meditation that I missed – so this feels like quite the affirmation of my choice!!

      I hope you enjoyed the 2 weeks with your children and that your new year is full of all that your heart desires!

      Thank you for the heart smile!

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