The Energy of Winter Solstice (in the Northern Hemisphere) 2014

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afternoon sun – December 19, 2014

Wow – my email in-box is overflowing with information about the Solstice energy of December 2014 – which technically begins December 21st at 3:30p (pt) – and invitations to participate in various energy circles and meditations.

While I love learning and I appreciate the invitations, it’s important to remember to actually honor and celebrate the energy in our own life, in our own way. To not simply read about and research it but to experience it in daily life.

May you consider this a reminder, as I pass along to you a few different tidbits from my favorite Solstice reflections: read through whatever your heart nudges you to, consider what resonates, release what doesn’t and then allow yourself to feel into the energy of the day and celebrate it in ways that align with your beliefs and inspire and encourage you to create and connect as you move into, and through, the new calendar year.

In Heather Plett ‘s recent newsletter (available when you join her community), she shared some thoughts about ‘Going Dark’.  As you prepare your being and space to create with solstice energy and to celebrate year-end, I invite you to consider these words:

It seems ironic, and even problematic, that we have created a culture that requires us to step into high gear at this time of year. All around us (at least in the Northern hemisphere), the world is slowing down and getting darker.

The animals are going into hibernation, the trees are settling into their dormancy, the snow is covering the earth in a blanket of softness, the sun is moving further and further south and leaving us with longer hours of darkness… and… what are we doing? We’re spending more and more time in brightly lit shopping malls, filling our homes with noise and light, and over-filling our schedules with parties and concerts.

What is that about? An avoidance of darkness and stillness? A denial of the way that we are connected to the earth and its seasonal cycle? An attempt to establish our control over our environment? […]

If you feel disconnected from yourself in this busy, light-filled season, find your own way to “go dark”. You may not be able to step away for a few days as I had the privilege of doing, but you can begin by carving out some quiet time this coming week – an hour, an evening, an early morning – and sitting quietly in the darkness while you listen for what the silence wants to tell you. Step outside under the stars on a clear night, turn off the lights at twilight and watch the light fade from your home, or have a hot bath by candlelight. 

When Heather speaks to the busyness of this season, I agree. I practice presence to unfolding within organic growth – so, when I tap into December’s energy, my body asks for lots of naps, warmth, fresh air (because artificial heat is usually on consistently), hearty soups, and time to simply be.

I don’t want to run at ocean’s edge, I want to meander – that is the ‘right for me’ December and January pace in all areas of my life. But, my children and friends are in ‘busy holiday mode’ so I do feel that pull to ‘keep up’ (although I honor my pace, it takes a bit more courage and trust to do so now than during other times of the year).

Here is an excerpt from the current edition of Ascension notes by Kara from Soulstice Rising (Kara also shares a candlelight practice – if that interests you, follow the link so you may read about it):

When things transform, there is a period of uncomfortable shifting, as we well know. Yet the shifting brings a beautiful New World. So you are encouraged to use the Power of the Soulstice to shift your view into seeing the Beauty rather than the destruction. As you shift your perception, you then are one of the many who are bringing Heaven to Earth.

The Soulstice (I use this term to suggest that the Solstice is more of a merging with Soul, which it is) brings about an energy in which our ‘inner” creates our “outer” in a more powerful way. It is true that who you are inside is what and how you experience your outer world and this will be more powerfully obvious in 2015 and what this Soulstice Gateway helps with.

The Soulstice is a Gateway of the culmination of the old (death/rebirth)…as long as we keep our focus and attention on the New. It brings more Balance; a coming together of Spirit and form, Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine, and a “flying off point.” I picture each of us jumping off a cliff while our wings unfold, giving us flight. During the Soulstice, ponder what you want to create and how you want to live. The Soulstice also is during the New Moon, which as you know, is a perfect time for choosing what you want to bring forth.

I love the idea of seeing beauty rather than destruction. Our society tends to look at what is ‘falling apart’ or ‘dissolving’, instead of what is being created or amplified in the experience. I focus upon the light in the experience and opening to allow that light to guide me. I also naturally see, and celebrate, the natural beauty in each space of life (which is what my I Believe in Magic 30-Day photo-journey is about).

I took the above photo because I am always fascinated by, and delighted with, the reflections of sky. In this photo, I am drawn to the idea of the way the brilliant sun and clouds work together to create texture and depth – a visual reminder that light and darkness have much to teach us.

When I focus on seeing and celebrating light and beauty, external doesn’t affect my intentions or the quality of my experience of life – even if it looks like external is shifting as ‘old’ falls away and I learn to embrace ‘new’. 

I *love* this via Kelly Rosano from Mystic Mamma’s New Moon in Capricorn and Solstice article:

Pulling your Higher Consciousness into your choices will empower you to live an authentic life. You will live from love not fear.

You are a great spiritual being. You are having a human experience. You are a powerful creator. You are creating your reality. You do this from your thoughts, words and behavior. What do you want to create in the New Year?

And this via Cathay Pagano from the same Mystic Mamma article:

This is a great time to take your ART out into the world. Change things through creative action rather than violent action.  And whatever those breakthroughs and breakdowns, be creative with your response!

Yes!!!! to ‘taking art out into the world”!  This week, I created something new to share with you (and world) my first ever greeting card (sharing love and light via greeting cards!

And, I am celebrating art with my (free) collaborative ecourse beginning January 1st “Savor the In-Breath“. My heart asked me to celebrate the power of the in-breath in January (which is different because typically in January people are setting intentions and goals and planning for the new year) *and* to ask several of my ‘artist friends and peers’ to contribute a prompt showcasing their particular talents and skills via a piece of art they have created.

I also feel that art doesn’t have to be with certain resources – art can be the way you arrange your food on the plate, apply your eye makeup, hug or smile a certain way, drive your car on your favorite road, the way you walk, your practice of visioning or manifesting….the list is endless.

Dear Reader: When you think about sharing your art, what do you enjoy creating? And what is an area of creative expression that you would like to explore as you move into the new year? 

Also, may you share a practice of presence that you use to honor and celebrate Solstice energy (whether you are in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere)?

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,


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