When You Ask for Proof from Universe: An Experience of Magic in a Sunday Morning Sunrise Walk


As you may know, we are in Full Moon energy this weekend.

I had ‘big plans’ to do my release ceremony Saturday night – but after a day in which I shared a lot of energy, I chose to go home to rest and refresh.

I woke Sunday morning, with the intention of doing my Full Moon release practice on the beach at sunrise. The cloud cover was quite heavy, but my heart whispered ‘yes, please‘ so I went!

Upon arriving at the beach, I was greeted by crow (in the photo above).

Crow is consistently an animal guide for me – a symbol of ‘magic’, with the message of “transformation, supporting intentions and the power of alchemy”. Crow is also associated with trickster energy (something I was focusing on releasing in my ceremony – any residual from last year’s ‘scam’ experience).

I stepped onto the path, intending to go straight to ocean’s edge. Instead, I was nudged to turn around and walk to the harbor opening. I am so glad I listened!!

Here is a photo of this morning’s sunset over the harbor.


It feels to me very gentle yet very beautiful – a visual reminder of my essence energy. I have a soft voice and a gentle nature and sometimes I am criticized from people calling those traits a weakness, but I know and experience it to be a strength to honor our essence energy and use it as we create and connect. (Thank you, Universe for the affirmation!).

My heart lit with sunrise, I decided to go to ocean’s edge.

As I began my walk, I playfully asked Universe to show me a heart stone. I have only asked one other time in my life – a year ago – and I know it means I am wanting some sort of ‘proof’ that I am seen and supported by universal energy (which I usually feel, so for my heart to ask means that I am ready to embark upon an adventure). Tanya, aka Heartlady on Facebook, sees hearts everywhere, so I know it is possible, and I wanted to see one, too. I let my request go as I continued along my way.

I walked to the breakwater – the rocks around the entrance to the harbor. This is the spot that I do my release ceremony.

It’s a visual of strong cement and beyond that is the expanse of ocean – so it reminds me in a physical way that beyond the barrier is infinite possibility.


You can see one of the sunrise ‘rays’ over the cement behind me. I was listening to an abundance chant as I released extra weight and residual patterning that acts as a barrier between myself and the fullness of love and infinite possibility available in each moment.

To then put myself directly in flow, I walked in the space where ocean’s waves hit the beach.  As I walked, I poured out gratitude for everything and everyone in my life.

Here is one of the waves:


With my heart overflowing with love and gratitude, I continued my walk back, and….this is what I was gifted with:


 Seriously. That is how ‘affirmation’ works in my life – and can work in yours as well.

One more thing.

Upon my return home, as I was walking from the car to my living space, I had one little thing weighing on my heart. It seemed silly after such an empowering walk, but it was there.

I had a bill due today for $40. I know, it’s a little amount. What bothered me was that I had a check coming in for $40 but it was delayed (for reasons I do not know – it has always been paid on time in the past). I had money to cover the bill, but I didn’t understand if maybe the check delay was due to a barrier within me (to receiving money in).

So, I whispered to money and Universe – “I know it’s about trust and I trust you. I am sorry I was disappointed over an expectation. Please show me something different. Thank you.”

And, I went into my living space. Puttered around. Made breakfast.

When I turned on my computer to write this article, the first item in my in-box was a student signing up for I Believe in Magic – my photo course beginning January 1st – and the pre-registration amount is….wait for it…..


This is why I believe in, and practice, opening my heart to see, receive and celebrate magic. 

Upon review of my last year, my ‘mistake’ while healing was to stop sharing the universal magic that is real for each one of us, in a public way (as I had been previously). But, let me be very clear. Love doesn’t hurt. “Universal magic” doesn’t hurt. Being gentle and trusting in flow is not a weakness.

Sometimes, though, people want to feel that depth of love and magic and they attempt to ‘steal it’. They can’t steal it. They can feel it when they are with you, but it can’t be felt inside, at a cellular leve, unless they choose to open to the experience.

And you know what? There is always plenty – love and magic are infinite energies. Whenever we wish to tap into them, we may – just as we are, right where we are. 

Dear Reader: Have you ever asked Universe for proof that you are seen and appreciated by Source? If so, may you share a bit about your experience?

Is looking for ‘magic’ (light, natural beauty, something that speaks to your heart) familiar to you? May you share an example of when you were open to see and celebrate ‘magic’? (when you share, you inspire)

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,


I have two offerings beginning January 1st:

Savor the In-Breath – a *Free* Month-long Connection to, and Celebration With, the Power of the In-Breath. 

I Believe in Magic 30-Day Photo Journey.The January theme is “new beginnings, energetic flow and intention* via an exploration of windows, walls and doors. As you can see from the article above (and within this site) I do believe in, and share, *magic*.  And, it lights my heart to experience that magic through all that each participant chooses to share!

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Comments on: "When You Ask for Proof from Universe: An Experience of Magic in a Sunday Morning Sunrise Walk" (7)

  1. Jean Sampson said:

    I am always open to love and magic, Joy, and I ask to see it all of the time! One time I remember in particular was when friend and I were giving one of our “play shops” for women and we were walking around a big pond on the property. I was asking for arrowheads all of the time and I was finding them. Well I was asking that day, because I love being connected to the culture that was here before the European culture and I looked down and found a prefect white quartz crystal arrowhead—–I still have it! :) Yes, I am gentle and sweet and have been criticized for that, too. But I love being that way so it will not change :)

    • Wow, Jean – a perfect, white, quartz crystal arrowhead is *quite* the sign!!! And, to think – I ‘just’ ask for hearts and feathers!! The reminder to ‘ask and you shall receive’ keeps popping, very clearly, into each day – and here you are affirming that! Thank you!

      And, I love that you are gentle and sweet, so am glad you won’t be changing that!!

  2. Jean Sampson said:

    Hey, Joy, ask BIG next time :)—–Well, I know that you do ask big and little and that you do receive! You inspire me! :)

    • Well, Jean – that’s what I’m learning. I really don’t ‘ask big’ – I ask for *just enough* and usually for the kids or loved ones, not myself – so I am learning to open to something different / more / far more than plenty.

      *You* inspire me!! I am so grateful for your presence!

  3. Wow. It’s been ages since I’ve visited your site and reading this post makes me regret it. I also laughed because one of my favorite people in the world, JEAN, was the first comment I saw.

    Like your friend, I see hearts everywhere — mostly in nature, but I like the one you saw very much.

    I, too, believe there’s magic all around us. It’s the simple things, like watching two young raccoons run across my yard or seeing a pair of bluebirds checking out our box house…although I doubt with serious intent, given the time of year. Even so, just seeing them delights me.

    Your post reminds me to stop and take a look at just what the Universe has put forth for me to see today or tomorrow. Most of all, it reminds to take the time to LOOK.

    Happy holidays and an abundant new year to you:~)

    • Hi Sara!!!! I love that you chose to stop in – that feels like an affirmation of heart path! So many people love Jean – it’s so fun that she’s one of your favorite people, too!

      Yes to taking the time to LOOK!! It’s wonderful timing to read this today – as a reminder now to me to …LOOK – thank you for that!

      Thank you for the lovely wishes – I hope your new year is full of abundance in all realms!

      Thank you for the heart smile!

  4. jean sampson said:

    YEA! Hi Sara! So good to see you here! Stop by and hang out more often! :) I love the little things in Nature that you photograph—–and then ask what your readers see in them! So much fun!

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