Free, Downloadable PDF: Choosing to Center into Connection with Love and Gratitude During ‘Crisis’


When you choose to practice presence and/or play with energy, it sometimes happens that:

  • external shifts in ways that might not feel quite so lovely as it is shifting.
  • you find yourself in spaces you’d rather not open your heart in (even if opening your heart is an intention you hold).
  • you feel uncertain about the ‘result’ of opening your heart, trusting in Source so have the urge to temporarily disconnect (for a moment).
  • your body naturally reacts as you step into new physical space and open to new energetic space.

We each experience the above variables, regardless of how long we have been practicing presence and playing with energy. The difference is in the quality of life that we feel as we are processing the variables.

I’m here in this space (and in world) to encourage us to keep opening our hearts – even in, and through, external that might feel less than optimal / lovely.

Because choosing to close your heart causes a disconnect that can be painful; may become a barrier to flow, manifesting and re-patterning; and may continue to dissolve your trust (in Source, yourself, world) which adds more pain and tension to your experience of life. 

I am not at all saying that choosing to keep your heart open is painless and ‘easy’ (although it can be) but, I am saying it is a viable choice and I’d like to share about ‘how’ one might do this, if one chooses.

What you are likely to experience, when you choose to keep your heart open, is peace and possibility – regardless of external –  and that is a portal to abundance in all realms. 

You may apply this practice to any crisis or moment you receive in news that you don’t love or understand, as well as any time your faith wavers…

I share my practice with you, not because it’s ‘best’ but because it works for me and for many clients whom I have customized it for.

I am ‘known’ for my ability to peacefully move through external while keeping my heart open and celebrating the blessing (even in what some might call ‘poop’). As you read, I ask that you consider what is being presented, explore what resonates and release what doesn’t.

Here is the document for you to download “Choosing to Center into Connection with Love and Gratitude During ‘Crisis’ / “Less Than Lovely External” – Why One Might Make this Choice and “How” One Might Do It.

The Sections include:

  1. Full Presence and Centering
  2. Practices of Presence
  3. Initial “Space” of Crisis and Reflections about Awareness and Labeling
  4. Understanding Our Body’s Natural Reaction
  5. Holding Space for the Physical Reaction
  6. Centering Into Source Connection
  7. Timing of Asking for External Support
  8. When Uncertainty and Doubt Arise
  9. Understanding Patterning and Placement of the Crisis
  10. Concentrating on, and Celebrating, Each Step

Please feel free to share this link with those whom you feel would benefit from the material.

Dear Reader: May you share with us an experience of when you chose to open your heart to move through something ‘less than lovely’ externally?What is a practice or technique that you used? (when you share, you inspire)

Much peace and abundant love,


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