Happy New Year: Set Your Life on Fire!


I took this photo of sunset a few nights ago.

It was ultra-chilly (for us here in So Ca) and a bit windy. There were very few people on the beach -those who were there, soon left.

But a long time ago, while participating in a photo course facilitated by Catherine Just, I learned this “don’t leave before the miracle happens.”

So, I sometimes stay – far beyond the moment everyone else leaves. (In all areas of life, not necessarily the beach at sunset).

I center into what my heart knows to be true, and I wait. Patiently.

And, I am often blessed beyond what mind can imagine or heart can ask for with something as magnificent, delightful, *awe*some as the beauty in this photo.

To receive in the fullness of the gift being presented requires that we be:

  • *there*
  • open,
  • willing to embrace and celebrate a delightful surprise,
  • as ‘ready’ as possible to experience infinite possibility.

What inspires a person to ‘stay’? 

Trust in flow, Source, magic, love…..

The knowing that ‘it’ all works out, even if you don’t know how it’s going to work, and often far better than you could plan. 

Today, as you open this new year, I wish for you: trust in your heart truth; patience as you allow the moment to unfold; abundant magic, joy and delight in all realms; and the ability to live infinite possibility, right here, right now, as you are.

Dear Reader: What does your heart wish to experience in 2015? And when you feel into the energy of the Rumi quote and photo, what arises within for you? (when you share, you inspire)

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,


I currently have two January offerings:

Savor the In-Breath – a *Free* Month-long Connection to, and Celebration With, the Power of the In-Breath. I’m going with my heart on this – combining pieces of art and reflections from various artists (the list of collaborators is on the information page) because I want this to be a celebration of heart energy that inspires each one of us to experiment with creating and dreaming and tapping into that energy in daily life. Registration is open through the month of January.

I Believe in Magic 30-Day Photo Journey – an exploration of new beginnings, energetic flow and abundance. I hope you choose to join us; I look forward to seeing glimpses of the beauty and light in *your world*! Registration is open through January 3, 2015.

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  1. Dear Joy,
    Thank you dear heart for this photo and it’s power. It’s life reached into my “memory banks” and reminds me of a story. Wisdom indeed…. do not leave.. give up…turn you back to the offering, the miracle awaits at each turn of the wheel of life. In 1990, I recall sitting “with” the Grand Canyon, just hanging, literally, with my legs draped over the edge, awe-struck and in the moment. In the last 20 minutes before the sun set, car and bus loads of tourists filed in to view the setting of the sun over this planetary wonder. On schedule the sun fell behind the rocks as applause and cheers rose from the gathered crowd. Mission accomplished, they turned and left in their vehicles. Again we were but a few watchers. A photographer said to me” they are missing the best part of the show. Wait and you will see”. Quietly, as dusk fell the sky colors awakened. The sunset began painting a vast and brilliant portrait of endless rose-gold, fire red, ripe orange and passion purple. It created pictures and emotions in an endless depth of color. This play of unimaginable color I felt was Creator’s symphony saying … Thank you for waiting for the best and the rest …YOUR MIRACLE!!! Happy 2015 a year of treasures and blessings. With Love and light…Barbara

    • I love you, Barbara!! Thank *you* for taking the time to share this memory – as I read, I felt as if I was there, feet dangling over the Grand Canyon. *Creator’s symphony* is such a beautiful phrase – the title of a creative expression straight from the heart.

      Yes!!! to miracles, treasures and blessings each and every day!!

      Thank you for the heart smile!

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