It is Important to Clearly Ask for What Your Heart Desires so that Your Wish May be Granted


My son gave me permission to share this with you. (I always ask for permission before sharing family experiences and photos).

For three years, we have been arriving at school at 7:45am.

Yesterday, while driving to school, my children were talking together about the optimal time to arrive. They both agreed that 7:35am is best – that is when their friends arrive and they could socialize a bit and feel leisure before beginning the school day.

I heard them talking so I asked if they would like to arrive at 7:35am.

My son said for this entire time he has wanted to arrive ten minutes earlier but he didn’t ask because he thought it was impossible. 

(Understandable – there are days that, for whatever reason, we each unexpectedly choose to get up late, meaning that we have 20 minutes to share one bathroom to get ready. One might logically conclude that leaving any earlier would be impossible.)

I pointed out, if he didn’t ask for his heart’s desire, there was absolutely *no way* it would happen.

(Because I’m an empathic intuitive, but I don’t read minds – especially those of teenage boys *grin*)

The three of us decided that it was worth it to work together to see if we could still honor and experience flow in our morning prep *and* get to school ten minutes early.

It would require that we each commit to waking at our set time, all choosing to center into flow and to moving with intention. 

This morning, we all woke at the appropriate times to get ready. I even had time to make home-made crepes to celebrate this newness! (Seriously. Who knew that was possible?!)

We did it!!!  When we arrived at school, they walked right up to their circle of friends. The kids were both so happy!!

That shifted the experience of ‘having to get to school on time’ (which is kind of heavy), to *wanting* to get to school to open the day with heart connection (which is light). The entire school experience is changed with a shift of ten minutes!!

My son was correct. This experience was not previously possible because I had no idea that is what was desired!!!  As the ‘director’ of our family experience, I do need to sometimes be told very clearly of one’s wishes – especially logistical stuff like this.

When he clearly shared his wish, it was ‘granted’. 

Let’s look at this, so we can each turn it inward and apply it to a space within our own life:

My son held this desire in for *three years*!! On the day he clearly stated his desire, change happened and the very next day, he experienced that which his heart wished for (that his mind had previously thought was impossible).

He experienced this with peace and flow – meaning no ‘mountains had to be moved’ / struggle or pain felt.

1. An invitation to us to be *very clear* and open about sharing our heart whispers (at least with Universe and the people who can support our desire).

2. A reminder that something is only impossible because we think it is.

3. A reflection that change can happen with ease and flow – it doesn’t have to involve pain, tension or struggle.

4. There is joy when we support each other’s heart wishes – working together with intention, to create an experience that is new and different.

5. Remember to celebrate the placement of the blessing / miracle / change. (Crepes are a ‘weekend treat’  but I wanted to bring a little festiveness to the change, so that it felt ‘good’ as we were making it. Plus, the kids had extra time with their friends and all of that changed the feel of their entire day.)

6. The ‘little’ changes can have a big effect on the quality of the experience we are in – shifting energy can be done with one step (it doesn’t have to be a big stretch).

Dear Reader: As you think about and feel into this experience, what arises within for you? Is there something your mind currently thinks is impossible, so you hadn’t shared it with Source (or friends /family /peers) yet? And what is one step you could take today to experience more peace and joy in an experience that might currently feel heavy (or not as light as you wish it to)? (when you share, you inspire)

Much peace and abundant love,


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