Love Patiently Waits as Fear Dissipates


Love patiently waits, as fear dissipates.

Horrific Beach Scene {Trigger Warning}

Last night, as the kids and I walked to one of my favorite ‘sunset spots’ on the beach, we discovered something tragic (and horrifying to me).

Right at the beach entrance, there were two shrines set up with flowers, candles, notes and trinkets of appreciation. That space was where a homeless man who had been sleeping, was set afire by what officials think are three young adults attempting to be initiated into a gang.

(For perspective: Because the temperature is warm year-round and because there is lots of open space on the beach our homeless population is increasing. And, we are far enough away from the city that gang activity is minimal, so this is quite a surprise to those who live in this quiet, quaint beach community. It’s not the ‘norm’ here.)

Someone nearby called 911 and assisted the man as best as possible. The man is currently in the hospital, with second-and-third degree burns.

My mind cannot fathom. There are so many levels to this experience.

Turning Toward Sun

I didn’t want to feel that energy. I didn’t want to walk past where the man had been. Many people were gathered, reading the article on the shrine – sadness, shock and anger were prevalent and I didn’t want to be part of that, either.

But, I know that turning away is a fear-based reaction. And, my life’s goal is to live love-based connection and creation.

So, I turned my face to sun and I brought it all to Source at sunset.

Some people say that focusing on light and love in a ‘less than optimal’ moment is a way of avoiding pain. I don’t agree.

I was neither ignoring nor avoiding pain – I was allowing my entire being to feel raw and completely torn open while inviting the light to transform fear into empowerment (through grace).

I allowed sunset to touch all of the vulnerable spaces – I practically begged sunset to *move me*. And it did! (Look at the photo above.)

Maybe sunset was extra magical because it knew it ‘had to be’ – for each one of us who had chosen to walk beyond the unfathomable.

An Invitation to Be Love

I’m sharing this with you, because sometimes this is what love feels like. It’s looking at the unfathomable and not understanding it at all, but choosing to wrap love and light around it, because we believe in a connector energy and we know hatred can’t burn it away. 

It is understandable and common to be enjoying life and then be exposed to something that hurts your heart, so you place blame and turn away – because the alternative is to feel it and you really don’t wish to / think you can without suffering in some way. This happens as individuals, families and communities.

There is a photo, I am not going to share, of the charred cement blocks by where the man was laying. I wish I didn’t see it. But, I did see it and I can’t erase the visual from my mind.

I am sorry for the man. I am sorry for whomever did this to him. I am sorry that pain, fear, hatred exist in this world. It’s real.

But, we can’t allow it to close our hearts, to snuff out our desire to connect and celebrate.

We cannot say ‘this is part of life’ and walk away.

We cannot use an experience such as this (that happens in so many different ways in each of our communities) as an excuse to turn away from believing in something sacred….like love, peace and possibility,

We have to do something different. We have to allow the unfathomable to open our hearts just a bit more, and to inspire us to center further into love and turn toward (and embrace) the light.

If you read this and feel ‘helpless or hopeless’ I would like for you to understand that being love is as simple as: sharing a smile as you pass on the street, sharing words of kindness and encouragement with your inner being and all whom you connect with as you move through your day and taking the time to truly listen to what is being shared and to reflect back understanding and appreciation.

Each time you choose to be love, it matters….Absolutely. And please don’t allow fear to tell you any differently.

Dear Reader: What is one way you can choose to be love as you move through your day – with your inner self, as well as all whom you connect with in each of your spaces? (when you share, you inspire)

Much peace and abundant love,


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  1. Hi Joy:

    I heard of a violent story yesterday that also hurt my heart. I chose to be love by giving witness, honouring the feelings and then returning to beauty by taking photos of sky and what looked like an angel appeared in the clouds. People ask me how I stay positive when challenges surround me. Your blog post reminds me that the beauty of Source is never ending and each sunrise and sunset is a way to refocus and begin anew. Thank you.

    • Thank you, Tanya, for reminding us of the power of *giving witness*. Sometimes what is very healing is to know that someone is there, physically or in spirit, willing to hold space in the presence of pain.

      Staying positive is an empowering choice; one that enables you to offer healing by simply sharing the beauty that you see – that reminder that *angels* do indeed surround us, in all realms Thank *you* for sharing!

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