Building Rewards into Your Life Experience, Understanding Heart Whispers and Opening March with Intention


the morning clouds rolling in to open the month

Happy March! 

Yay for March!!! The month of March contains the energy of Equinox which is a wonderful time to center into the transitional elements of the season (Spring in the Northern Hemisphere and Fall in the Southern Hemisphere).

Many people have shared that February felt a bit heavy, in general.

If February felt heavy to you, I invite you to consider leaving that heaviness in February as you look forward (meaning focus your attention, energy, intention forward) to March and beyond. To be clear, it might be that some of what was begun in February will be carried over to complete in March – but, you can certainly choose to do so with fresh energy and light-ness of being.

Of course, you may always allow the heaviness to inspire you to make different choices.

If February felt light to you, I invite you to consider allowing the light to infuse your creations and connections – to inspire you – as you move forward into March.

Perhaps your February had moments of heaviness and lightness – as you center, that which is resonant will move forward with you and that which is non-resonant will slough away. In such a way, choosing what energies you center into can directly change the quality of life (or an experience in life) that you feel. 

I like to ‘play with energy’ so when opening a month, I build in ‘rewards’ to look forward to. I understand that when we practice presence, the idea is to be ‘here, now’ and I also understand that my mind has a tendency to look ahead, so I choose to give it something positive to look toward (otherwise, it might latch onto doubt).

The idea is to place these rewards with intention, after a ‘stretch’ or completion of a project – to celebrate my steps, refresh my energy, and encourage me to be fully present for whatever is ‘next’. These rewards can be as simple as an afternoon commitment-free or a morning sunrise walk with a friend.

Simply reading these words, I bet your energy feels lighter as you think about what ‘reward’ you could build into your month.  (What reward will that be – feel free to share in the comment section!)


balloons after a miracle –
I’m hoping for balloons again this month, too!

Opening a month or container of time with intention

When we open a month (or container of time), we can choose what we’d like to draw into the space and experience. Those choices invite anything not resonant to naturally slough away.  

You see, focusing on what we’d like to draw in / amplify is expansive. Our energy and being flourishes in that space of possibility. (Whereas focusing on what we don’t want is constrictive; our being and energy tend to feel malnourished in that space).

As we open this new month of March, I invite you to take some time to feel into your heart space. The amount of time needed is enough to center, then to open your heart and allow your heart whispers to arise.

Some questions to consider:

1. What messages (of direction, connection, creation) do your heart whispers hold for you this month?

2. What spaces are they calling you to explore, create, rest and refresh in?

3. What energies light your heart in connection? Are you being called to deepen existing connections? Are you being called to make new connections? How is your connection with you inner being and physical body? How is your connection with Source?

4. How do you want to feel as you are playing with creative expression? Do you want to experiment with resources and techniques that are familiar? Would you like to try something new?

5. How does your being and body want to feel this month – as you move through each day? What type of nourishment is your being and body asking for?

6. What does your heart wish to celebrate this month?

With all of this information, you are in a wonderful position to create and set energetic intentions for your month (or container of time). 

A few notes about heart whispers:

Heart whispers tend not to be about specific details, but they can include specific places, people, foods, resources that light your heart. For example, as I look to this month, my heart would like to make connections that understand working with the elements and honoring unfolding. I am not choosing specifically ‘who’ would I like to know, but clearly understanding this is the energy I would like to experience.

Heart whispers can sometimes be surprising and also feel vulnerable. Meaning, until you took this time to center and hold space for your heart whispers, you might not have known a certain energy resonated with you. For myself, personally, I sat with my heart whispers and felt the nudge to create a new class (while I love creating classes, the theme is new and different for me).

Sometimes mind reacts with judgment or doubt as you take time with your heart whispers. If that happens, simply breathe back into your heart space and listen. Understanding that you don’t ‘have to’ act upon what you hear, you are simply holding space, often quiets the doubts and brings peace back into your ‘heart whisper session’.

After I have taken the time to listen for a bit, I then like to paint or move my body in some physical way (like walking or dancing), or drum and sing. I do this with the intention of bringing that energy (those whispers) into my physical space and also physical movement seems to lighten inner energy.

There isn’t a right or wrong way to access heart whispers – it’s whatever is comfortable for you and supports this process of connection with your essence energy.

Of course, we can do this practice of listening to our heart whispers each moment we choose – it doesn’t ‘have to be’ at the beginning of the month. I do this daily, and often throughout each day.

And what if the month has begun and you hadn’t opened with intention? You may simply start where you are with this practice – open from that moment.

What is the benefit of opening a month (or container of time) with intention? If you believe that what you focus on, grows then choosing where to focus your energy is also choosing what you’d like ‘more of’ in your life. It’s a starting point of unfolding, manifesting and amplifying energy; an opening to possibility.

What is the benefit of planning a reward and choosing to celebrate steps? So often, we either don’t celebrate at all, or we wait until a ‘calendar holiday’ tells us to – leaving our body and being feeling drained and exhausted and many of our steps feeling painful. The energy of joy is naturally refreshing, heart-opening and healing so choosing to appreciate and celebrate your steps dissolves that tension and invites peace, grace, abundance and resonant light-filled energies into your space. Celebration can potentially shift your energy from wanting to avoid something or quit to excited to create and connect. 

Dear Reader: If you have any questions about the concept of heart whispers and/or feeling into them or about setting an energetic intention, please ask in the comments below. I invite you to try this practice and to share your experience and/or some of your answers to the questions asked above in the comment section. (when you share, you inspire).

If you would like support with your intention, I do offer an online energetic intention circle. It is open through the 7th of each month, for you to add your intentions. There are one-month or one-year paid options.

If you would like specific guidance and/or customized practices to feel into and work with your heart whispers, I do offer personal empowerment sessions, ranging from a 30-minute to one-month session (for information, please click the title link)

Thank you for your presence!!

Much peace and abundant love,


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