Living the Power of Yes!


opening to flow and abundance

Even though your heart is ‘screaming yes’ and your body is leaning in, with anticipation, you sometimes find yourself saying *no* instead of ‘yes’. (Has this happened to you before? It’s happened to me.)

Saying “yes” can be scary – often depending upon what we are saying yes to, how familiar/comfortable it is and how prepared we feel we are. (Are we ever *fully* prepared ?!)

I believe in (and often experience) the power of *yes* – that when we say ‘yes’, it happens.

While these words flowed easily from my heart through my fingertips to share with you, I feel vulnerable times a trillion sharing them. I’m sharing through that vulnerability because *I believe in magic* and I promised myself I would be fully present to the magic in my life – so…oh yes!!!

As you read through my *oh. yes!* declaration, may you allow all that resonates to touch your heart and invite your ‘oh. yes!’ to arise.

Oh. Yes! to ‘spinning magic’ in the ways that light my heart and bringing infinite possibility directly into my every waking (and sleeping) moments, especially into each space that people have told me it just can’t be possible.

Oh. Yes! to celebrating my roots that reach right into earth’s inner core and my divine lineage of stardust, moonbeams and the magnificence of the sunset. (and yours, too – I love celebrating!)

Oh. Yes! to feeling my way through world. To exploring delight through my senses and allowing that pleasure to be my direction marker.

Oh. Yes! To loving (myself, my children, heart connections, this world, life, and all that is in it) with my whole heart, soul, being. Because that lights me up. And sharing gratitude, because that lights me up, too.

Oh. Yes! To judgment-free. Oh yes to discernment, resonance, alignment and energetic boundaries and to honoring them without explanation or apology.

Oh. Yes! to dark chocolate, bare skin, mimosas and berries and kisses that last all night long and feeling that delicious-ness at the cellular level then allowing it to infuse my connections and creations.

Oh. Yes! to full presence. To unfolding. To celebrating each step. To sharing. To receiving in far more than I ever have before. To exploring creative expression. To devotion. To the sacred-ness of being.

Oh. Yes!, indeed. 

Dear Reader: What *oh, yes!’s* would you like to share? (please do – it’s very inspiring!)

Note one: I wrote this during my first week of Hannah Marcotti’s magic-making circle – a gift I am reveling in. I love Hannah’s energy, message and way of sharing and I desired a guide, (very much so!) so I gathered my courage and asked for (then received) a scholarship. (It’s already been life-enhancing!) Oh. Yes! to asking for what your heart desires, opening to receive in that which one moment ago felt impossible and sharing the fruits of that with world.

Note two: My friend (a Facets of Joy subscriber who connected with me offline during her visit to So Ca) sent me this gift of a necklace that she made for me. I don’t wear necklaces but I love the thoughtfulness so I twisted it around my wrist as a bracelet. To me, the colors are symbolic of throat chakra, which is significant because using my voice brought this connection, and tangible gift, into my life. I have *always* wanted a mala strand to wrap around my wrist, and this is pretty close to that feel! I have very little attachment to physical items, yet this has become one of my favorite things -in the short time I have had it,  I have worn it almost daily! It reminds me, especially in times of doubt, that yes, sharing our voice does matter. Oh. Yes! To listening to our heart whispers (inner voice) and sharing creative expressions that flow from our heart and celebrating love in all of the forms it is present!

May you feel the power of *yes* in your life!

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,


Oh. Yes! Let’s ‘play’ with our food! This is not a diet, at all. It’s a choice of allowing the experience of a meal to delight your senses and enrich your life: 21-Days of Eating with Joy – begins March 22, 2015.

Oh. Yes! If you would like specific guidance and/or customized practices to feel into and work with hearing and living your ‘oh. yes!’, I do offer personal empowerment sessions, ranging from a 30-minute to one-month session (for information, please click the title link)

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  1. I’m saying yes to living from my depth, which means tapping into the infinite power that comes from surrendering control. I’ve been on this journey for years but it’s the first time I’m completely into opening up to God and my body is having some issues following me on the path. So I go gently and rest a lot. And reaffirm my commitment several times a day. Yes to letting things unfold. Yes to taking inspired action. Yes to creating from a place of divine connection. Yes to love in all shapes and forms. :)

    • Thank you for sharing, Maryse! I find your yes’s very inspiring and affirming. I love that you are completely opening to God – I cannot imagine what your life will look like or how you will feel even one week from today while living that *yes*! Wow.

      I wish for you peace, ease and joy as you practice unfolding, opening, creating and resting. May your body trust this newness and align with the energies you are drawing in (and being).

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