Manifesting “a little something extra” with Ease and Joy


Lagniappe – the name of the boat in the photo – means ‘a little something extra’. 

I saw this boat, yesterday, docked across the way from the local farmer’s market in our harbor. The boat is extraordinary – in size and design – and stands out in our little harbor. The massive size drew my eye to it, as if it wanted to be noticed. You can see the hotel in the background – which gives you perspective as to the size of this boat (um, the sailboat the kids and I lived on for five years could fit on 1/3 of one deck – and we thought that was big!).

(Yet, I wonder, how many people didn’t notice this boat?!)

When we got home, I enlarged the photo to read the name of the boat: Lagniappe. Then, I looked up the name and found this site “Lagniappe Charters” which includes stats and photos about the boat. It is a luxury yacht including five staterooms each with a private bathroom and a few of the amenities include: a formal dining area, sky lounge and a liveaboard staff. This is not the type of boat typically found in my harbor – it’s really the kind of yacht that the ‘who’s who’ in the world’ would charter. Yes, a ‘little something extra‘ *grin*.

Perhaps your idea of a little something extra isn’t quite that extravagant. (I love the word extravagant, though – to me it means that someone has said a whole lot of ‘yes’s! somewhere in life and I find that inspiring, even if it’s not what I aspire to experience.)

That fits right in with what I want to share with you today: the idea of asking for/drawing in *far more than enough* as you manifest/create in your life. (I find it wonderful affirmation that I was playing with this idea over the weekend, then this boat was placed right in my vision, to illustrate the point in a physical way. I love when Universe sends affirmations of process in such a clear way!).

You have probably heard about the powerful manifesting energy happening right now, directly following last week’s ‘planets really are aligned’, March Equinox, new moon, solar eclipse shifts and openings. All of that energy is around the idea of carefully centering into intention and directing your energy into focusing on what you want to create, manifest, or draw into your life in all realms.

Of course, we can practice centering into intentions and manifesting any moment we choose but it’s much easier when tapped into a natural energy surge that supports our practice. 

In my personal practice, I first look at this block of time as a whole (the new season of Spring for me, Fall for others) and choose what in general I’d like to feel and what experiences I’d like to have (not the specifics of the experience but for example a fun spring break with my children).

I then narrow the parameter to finishing this one month. Each day, I make a new intention to create as well as to open to receive in resonance with the overall month and season’s goals. This leaves room for unfolding and organic growth (which I practice) and for Universe to swoop in with some ‘magic’.

I make sure to celebrate each step I take, each time I open, as well as the cleaning and clearing of inner blocks and patterns that constrict. That celebrating is a step many people miss or skip over but it’s so important – it builds trust, dissolves doubts and opens our space to more.

My manifesting practice is pretty much on-going as I move through my day, month and season but it doesn’t feel exhausting, it feels wonderful and fun!

As I center and get very clear on my intentions, I understand I have this pattern of asking for/creating ‘just enough’ in my life. I have these associations for myself with ‘more than enough’ that become a barrier to abundance (money, but also experiences, synchronicity and flow of creative expression). While I hold these associations for myself, I celebrate when other’s manifest or experience overflowing more than enough in their lives.

I don’t want to ask for ‘just enough’ for one season – it’s exhausting and it’s not quite fun. (can you relate?!) *Just enough* keeps my body in survival mode and constricts my energy, so that it takes a bit more work to center into creation and open to more than what I am used to (it’s possible, but it takes more focus, intention and awareness which is why it can feel draining).

(So you see, this boat speaks right to my heart in a way I can understand – and I bet that is how the signs placed in your life speak to you; that is one way ‘we know’ a sign is meant for us, it’s clear and easy to process.)

As I set my manifesting goals for this season, then, I am stretching to ask for far more than enough. And including things beyond my necessities (of rent, groceries, car repair) which felt were luxuries until I saw this boat. *grin* Then I realized I hadn’t broadened my scope much at all (not that my goals are anywhere close to this boat, but they also weren’t much bigger than what I was living).

I share this with you, because maybe you hold associations with ‘more than enough’, as well. And if you do, perhaps you might consider tapping into this energy and creating something ‘bigger’, opening to receive ‘more’ in your life.

One way we can open through our barrier of ‘just enough’ is to practice asking for and receiving ‘a little bit more’. Each time we have the experience of ‘ a little bit more’ it builds trust and we are then able to naturally open to ‘a little bit more’ than that.

When I set my season’s intentions, I leave them be for a bit, then from a centered space, I return to them and made them a little bigger. Now, as I receive anything into my life that is resonant with my heart whispers (from a smile to sunshine to something tangible) I say to Universe ‘thank you, more like this or better, please.’  And, then I do the inner work to open to more. (My inner work is around clearing blocks but also celebrating, almost all day long, with gratitude by saying ‘thank you’ and sending blessings in return, which naturally heals and opens).

You see, there is this perception that inner work is hard, or it hurts – and our fear of potential pain stops us from trying something new.  But, it can be as easy and joy-filled as the suggestions I have shared here.

In my last article “Living the Power of Yes“, I pointed out that ‘saying yes can be scary’ – we have each experienced that during our life. So, it’s possible, then, that we also share in common that we don’t set manifesting goals for ‘beyond enough’.

Energetically, it’s good to understand that when you say ‘yes’ to more than enough, it doesn’t take away from anyone else. Your ‘bigger yes!’ also gives you more resources to share (if you like sharing) without taking away from your basic necessities (some heart-centered people – myself included – tend to give away what they truly need to live from, then feel drained).

Having more means your needs are met which gifts your body and being the feel of peace and joy, allowing you to create and share from a centered state of abundance. (Which means the energy of what you share then, is also peaceful and abundant.)

To be clear, this ‘little something extra’ that I am inviting you to manifest/create/draw in doesn’t have to be money, it can be more: whole-body wellness, depth of connection, frequency of travel, gourmet food, time with your loved ones, moments in nature, art supplies…..

The idea is to play with the energy of more, especially during this powerful manifesting time. 

Dear Reader: I would love for you to think about, feel into and share your answers to these questions:

What if you knew and experienced inner work to be *easy*, that you could open, connect, create and share with delight and joy?  What would you ask for, focus your attention upon, open to receive in, create to share?

Are you comfortable sharing, as well as asking for and receiving in, ‘a little bit more’?

As you feel into the energy of the boat, is there a message in it for you? (And, do you practice asking for and receiving signs in your life?)

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,


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