Blessings, Prayer and Good Energy to Nepal and 6 Tips to Help You Process the News #NepalQuake


I am sending my love, prayers and blessings to Nepal and I invite you to join me.

Nepal’s Earthquake 

To give a bit of understanding as to what has happened:

You may be aware that this past weekend, a huge earthquake (reports measure it between 7.5-7.9) struck Nepal, killing over 1,000 people, injuring many and causing physical destruction.

To give you an idea of the physical parameters and feel of the quake area, I am sharing this video with you “Nepal Quake: A Google Earth Tour of the Destruction“. From the video’s description: “this video by’s Andy Carvin gives a Google Earth tour of the #NepalQuake, from the UNESCO World Heritage sites of the Kathmandu Valley to Mount Everest.’

I have seen many different links – corporate and personal – asking for donations and sharing information on how to donate to the current relief work. This link is pretty comprehensive as far as vetted charities:
How to Help Nepal: 7 Vetted Charities  Doing Relief Work Following the Earthquake.

My Earthquake Experience

I care deeply. Beyond the fact that my heart hurts when others are in pain, having lived at the epicenter of the 6.7 1994 Northridge, Ca earthquake, I understand the trauma associated with earthquakes. You don’t expect your world to be physically shattered to pieces and no amount of training or practice evacuation drills can prepare you for the reality of the huge structures around you crumbling or the shakiness of the earth under your feet.

When you are in it, the continuous aftershocks make it extremely challenging to regain your center and trust. The pain of what you personally lost and what you can see your community has lost, plus the fear of not knowing what the next aftershock will bring to you, or your community, or when it will end, can make it difficult to concentrate on anything other than basic survival – attempting to find safety and/or helping with recovery efforts in your immediate vicinity.

Although I have never visited, I feel spiritually connected to Nepal – many of the teachings from Tibetan Buddhism, and the understanding of the energy of Hindu Gods/Goddesses, are interwoven through my own spiritual practice, creating the foundation of my beliefs and the way I choose to be present in world.

An Invitation to Center and Allow External Pain to Pass Through

I understand that you might be feeling all sorts of things as you process the news around Nepal.

I’d like to offer you a bit of peace as well as a few tips on moving your energy through this processing in a centered, empowered way (because centered empowerment allows you to share energy and support from a perspective of healing and creation, that is far more enriching than sharing from a reactive panic).

Please remember, we can feel the pain of those directly affected by this earthquake . We can also allow that pain to pass through us – not attaching and creating internal damage to our inner core essence energy; instead, inspiring us to share in do-able ways that feel good.

We can also allow this to remind us to take some extra time to share love and gratitude – turned inward, turned outward to Source, our loved ones and World.

Please also remember that it’s okay to feel joy as you look around and feel how much you appreciate the life you have and all that is in it.

Your joy raises the overall collective vibration and gives someone else a chance to tap into it and feel that refreshment and relief. 

6 Tips to Help You Process the news of Nepal’s Earthquake

There are many variables that weave together into your personal experience of processing experiences. What I am presenting to you here are general tips that you may feel into and customize to use in your life.

Remember that you have a choice as to where you place your attention. Please do not feel obligated to give either time, attention, donations or energy to Nepal.

If you are going to choose to plug into the information regarding Nepal, here are a few tips:

1. Before you plug into the news or sending energy or physical donations, it’s helpful if you can first center with practices that are familiar and comfortable to you. This gives your physical body a rootedness into safety (and Source). Centering brings your energy into your body, which creates a strong space of empowerment for you to share from. 

This is an important step – especially if you are empathic or highly sensitive –  because it prepares you to open to potential external pain and allow it to pass through you instead of latch on to your energy. (Pain is fear-based, and if you are not centered, fear-based energy latches onto your fear, creating pain for you. If you are centered, fear-based energy passes through *and* if you’re very centered you can wrap love around that fear as it passes through).

2. Create a boundary for yourself of a block of time that you will honor for you to research the news and/or relief efforts and/or send energy and prayers.

It’s really important that you honor this boundary of time that you have created. If you find that you want to extend the time, center and refresh, then create a new block of time to be present in.

Exhausting yourself won’t help relief efforts in Nepal and will add pain to your being. And it will mean that what you share isn’t the full potential of what is possible for you when you are centered.

3. Understand that if earthquakes, physical devastation and energetic pain are triggers for you, it’s time for you to be ultra-gentle and kind with yourself. If these are trigger points for you, you may find that your own healing feels as if it is regressing or you feel like you are reliving your own trauma. If so, then please take ample time to do your healing practices to restore your balance and energy.

Please do not blame or criticize yourself for feeling triggered.

Please do not compare your ability to process and handle this experience with anyone else’s ability.

Please do understand that each person has different skills to share in different spaces and if you are unable to (or choose not to) share energy or donations in this experience, that is okay. 

4.   If you feel you want to send prayers, love, light, blessings, energy, please center, set a time boundary and please do share. Then, please remember to thank yourself for each step.

Understand that sending prayers, love, light, blessings and energy is a wonderful gift and it absolutely matters. 

5. If you feel you want to donate money or tangible items to the relief effort, please take the time to center, set an intention, understand what you can afford to give, and research organizations so that you feel great about what you are giving and how you are giving it. You may also bless your donation as you give it. Then, please remember to thank yourself for each step.

Understand that donations are a wonderful gift and any amount that you donate absolutely matters. 

6. If you find that these events are affecting your quality of life – meaning, you find yourself feeling triggered and your practices of presence and energy movement aren’t seeming to restore balance and refreshment as they usually do – please seek support.

Of course, you may use these tips in any area of life in which you are processing news.

Dear Reader: I invite you to share your experience of processing the news around the earthquake in Nepal. I also invite you to share a blessing or prayer, if you wish.

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,

My small group ecourse *Worry-Shift* begins this Friday, May 1st. I understand that worry might be a part of your life. This ecourse is not about attempting to ‘not worry’ – it’s about learning how to process worry when it is present in your life, to alleviate any pain it brings so you can feel more comfortable being present to creating instead of reacting.

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  1. Thank you for this special support, Joy. Naturally, I am deeply concerned for the people of Nepal. I’m relieved to know that the spiritual masters I’m connected with are safe as are their people and temples. But I know so many more are suffering.

    I’m doing spiritual practice everyday for the people of Nepal. I do the mantra of the Buddha of Compassion (om mani peme hung) for the people who have died and I do other prayers to remove obstacles for the people who survived, but have multiple challenges and the trauma to cope with.

    • Thank you for your presence, Sandra – here and also with mantra and prayer for the people of Nepal!

      How thoughtful of you to include ‘removal of obstacles’ in your intentions!

  2. I will send love, prayers and light to these people and their land, Joy, Thank you for giving these guidelines as to how to process and respond to this devastating event. It is almost too much to imagine!

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