Grace, Forgiveness and Releasing with Intention


pale, yellow rose

Grace is the ability to lovingly, gently, and with gratitude….
open one hand to receive,
as you…
lovingly, gently, and with gratitude…
open the other hand to release.
Grace is a beautiful slow dance with flow.

The elemental energy of this weekend, with Full Moon/lunar eclipse and Passover and Easter celebrations, is about release, forgiveness and rebirth.

It’s a great time to be very clear about what you’d like to energetically release – things that you feel have become barriers to flow, patterns that do not resonate with your current energetic intentions, practices that no longer light your heart.

When releasing, I find it helpful to clearly state what you’d like to release, then to focus your attention and energy on fully embracing the ‘positive’ you are cultivating.

For example, if what you want to release is the feeling and being of ‘not enough’, be very clear with your intention (as in “I am releasing not enough from each of my spaces, with love and gratitude”).

Then, focus your attention and energy on embracing and affirming more than plenty and abundance in being in all spaces of your life (as in each time you feel and see more than enough in your life say ‘thank you more than enough for being in my life, more please, with resonance’).

The idea is that mind fears release, so naturally kicks up all kinds of doubts and reasons why it isn’t possible for you to release something. Focusing on release can feel constrictive and frustrating.

To loosen up that constriction, you can redirect  your attention to whatever you are choosing to embrace.

Engaging your mind in the process of embracing something, and moving into that embrace, allows those doubts to naturally slough away.

Embracing can feel expansive and joyful (especially when you have been clear with your intention about what you would like to embrace).

This is where grace comes in. (And why I chose to reprint the above affirmation about grace, today.)

When you choose to live with an open heart, you find yourself consistently in newness (including energetic and physical space, ways of practicing presence and sharing creative expression, changes in your physical body and depth of awareness and connection).

Part of practicing presence with an open heart is the ability to receive in (I add with joy to that because it’s easier and more fun to receive in with joy!) as you are sharing. If you are feeling attachment to something/someone/a practice or unfamiliar with releasing, gently, that resistance can interrupt the fluidity of your practice.

Practicing this release and embrace “lovingly, gently and with gratitude” allows your body to feel comfortable and safe, even in newness. The process feels good to your entire being (which means you are more likely to do it, because it contributes to the quality of your life).

I want to touch briefly on forgiveness, because it is sometimes interwoven with grace – specifically on self-forgiveness.

There are potentially heavy energies such as regret, shame and guilt that we sometimes carry when we feel we have done something wrong. The longer we carry those energies, the more heavy they become; eventually they build a block to flow (and wellness).

You may not even realize you are carrying them, because that heaviness has become familiar to you. Yet, when you focus on manifesting or on fullness of connection, you feel discouraged because you feel a barrier. You think it’s the way you practice, but actually it’s a sign that you are probably carrying regret, shame or guilt. Practicing self-forgiveness will lighten that up for you.

There are many techniques you could use to turn forgiveness inward. I love the Ho’oponopono meditation (there are many versions, please Google it to find one that suits you). To simplify the meditation, I write in my journal, daily, these four phrases (from the meditation) – usually two lines each: please forgive me, I am sorry, thank you, I love you.

When I want to focus on a specific experience, I write myself a letter, being very clear with my words about what I am forgiving. For example, I might begin with something like this – although here I am not using names or naming the action, in my letter I do: “Joy I forgive you for choosing this action that looking back now you don’t feel was resonant and may have caused you or another pain”… and always adding in “I love you, thank you for being you.”

When we think we have done something wrong, we often discipline ourselves – removing things like fun, abundance, heart connections from daily life; withdrawing our presence from specific activities and relationships; pushing our body through each day with little rest or refreshment. The result is an increase in tension, energetically and emotionally, which often shows up as physical pain in our body and chaos in some space in our life.

The practice of self-forgiveness reminds us that we are worthy and deserving, right now, in this moment, of experiencing the fullness of life. There is no need for discipline, natural consequences will unfold; it is a time to be kind, compassionate, gentle with your self as you process the dynamics of the experience.

In this downloadable pdf “How to Practice Forgiveness: Moving Through Tender Spots with Grace” , I share a practice of feeling into forgiveness. You may wish to read through and explore the practice.

I also like to practice a simple Full Moon meditation – looking to moon and breathing in the white light of grace while breathing out all that is not grace.

I took a one minute video at sunset last night that gives you a visual of th energies of grace and releasing with intention, while enjoying an embrace.

As I stood at ocean’s edge at sunset, barefoot in the sand, feeling the wind, with ocean waves gently washing over my feet, full moon was rising behind me. I wanted to share a bit of how that feels. It’s impossible not to remember one’s essence energy while standing there – regardless of what was in the day (or what wasn’t).

You can vision yourself standing here, breathing in the magnificence of sunset, releasing to ocean and basking in the grace and magic of the full moon.

(When you understand this is what I experience daily, and have for the last several years, you can get a feel for where my depth of presence and open-heartedness comes from – and how my understanding of, and connection with, elemental energy has naturally deepened.)

I hope you enjoy this video:

Dear Reader: How is grace showing up in your life today – in your thoughts and actions with your self, others and world? What does grace look like in your life today? How does grace feel? Is self-forgiveness something you practice often, rarely – or somewhere in between? (when you share, you inspire).

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,


I do offer Personal Empowerment Sessions. If you read this article and you find that you’d like guidance and support as you explore the idea of setting an intention; releasing shame, guilt or regret; working with forgiveness or self-forgiveness; increasing flow in your manifesting process or creative expressions, you may want to schedule a session. There are a variety of packages to choose from.

I also offer an online energetic intention circle. The April circle is open to add intentions through April 7th. There is a paid monthly or yearly membership option.


The next session of I Believe in Magic 30-Day Photo Journey begins April 18th. The April theme is an exploration of *sensual delight (experiencing world through our senses), flow of creative expression and joy*. I hope you choose to join us; I look forward to seeing glimpses of the beauty and light in *your world*!



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Comments on: "Grace, Forgiveness and Releasing with Intention" (2)

  1. Happy Easter, Joy! I looked at the beautiful ocean video again and it really is like being there for a moment if you let all of your senses play with it! I am letting go of fear, an ongoing process, and one that HAS to be fueled by both grace and vulnerability. I have, in the past, blamed myself for having fear, especially where others do not have fear. But now I just realize fear came in when I was really too young to keep it out and it will be a process to release it all—and I have made a huge dent in it, believe me! :) . I do say the Hawaiian chant often, many times when I am out walking as my CD player is on the blink and I am forced to be with myself without a “teacher” :) Probably a good thing because I am more present in the moment :)
    Anyway, thanks for the wonderful post and the beautiful video. Can I ask for more, please? :)
    Love you!

    • Happy Easter to you, too, Jean!!! I’m so glad you are enjoying the ocean video!

      Something that I understand about fear is that when you choose to live with grace and vulnerability, fear is ever-present – our body’s natural reaction to new, unfamiliar, potentially ‘risky’ space. So I am not sure one can ‘release fear’ although I am certain (because I experience it in my life, and many of my clients experience it in theirs) that one can release the reaction with fear, by noticing it and choosing to center and create with it.

      Everyone experiences fear. You may think others don’t have it, because it’s not obvious or they aren’t telling you about it. Sometimes, a person’s trust in the process and faith in Source means that when they are feeling fear they are moving along with it, or sometimes they don’t have that trust and faith and are simply ignoring it. So, please don’t judge yourself or compare to others (because that adds more pain to your experience).

      I know you enjoy ‘walking with your teachers’ and I bet your mind remembers much of their teachings, so even if your CD player is on the blink, your mind can focus on the teachings that resonate and process them while you walk. I personally sometimes take in ‘too much information’ before I can process and explore the practices – maybe your CD player is asking for you to attune to your heart whispers and inner knowing.

      We can *always* ask for more – I will see what I can do. Right now I’m having fun recording audios on soundcloud (using my voice in a different way), but I may include videos again moving forward.

      Love you, too!!

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