Happy Beltane / Full Moon / Wesak – May 2015


Full Moon through the trees in my ‘backyard’

Happy May!! Happy Beltane!! Happy Full Moon! Happy Wesak!!

This weekend (and week) is full of powerful *universal energy*.

If you are a person who enjoys creating vision boards, manifesting or setting intentions, it’s the *perfect time* to be ultra-clear with your thoughts and actions.

Full moon energy swoops in to support us, with an invitation to release all that isn’t resonant with our intentions and values. (As I write this, gusty winds are whooshing through my town – which amplifies this feeling of release, kind of like ‘let it go – let Wind carry it right away’.)

What this means, as we move through daily life, is that we can do the inner work to notice patterning that acts as a barrier as we set very clear energetic intentions and take the steps to create and connect in physical ways. With each step, while our attention and awareness is focused upon what we *want*, what we ‘don’t want’ will naturally slough away, as long as we allow it to.

The key to ease and peace is:

1. ‘allowing it to’ slough away – sometimes we cling, which disrupts the natural process of flow and unfolding.
2. focusing on what you want – and taking steps toward *that* – instead of focusing on what you don’t want and we getting stuck in processing *more* of it.

While we don’t “need” readings, we may consider the astrological energies within a reading to act as signs and direction markers, if we wish.

Please remember when practicing presence and energy movement to turn all of that external information inward, exploring how it feels to you as you run it by your intuitive knowing and heart truth . You have the choice to integrate that which resonates and release that which doesn’t.

Here are a few excerpts and links to readings from guides whom I trust:

“This Full Moon is tops for ritually marking a change. It’s a sign of healing, but in the Plutonian sense. The kind that means facing demons, walking through fear and embracing the whole range of experience.

“This full Moon emphasizes both kinds of roots, the psychic subterranean kind, and those that come from being parked in one spot. It’s timely for purging the excess, what takes you off your center.” by Molly Hall from Mystic Mamma’s Full Moon in Scorpio (to read the entire article, please click the article title link)

Here is an excerpt from Kara’s Soulstice Rising newsletter:

“Every event in your life, whether in a dream or waking life, has a message for you. Nothing is random. All is designed to move you forward. Resist nothing and go deeper within each event to receive your message. It could be what is still left to review and a choice to change or it could be a new way of being or a new direction.

Be the Compassionate Observer, detached from what your mind wants to do……put it in a box of old understanding or experience……and see what message you are receiving. All occurs for your highest evolution. Of course, it is your choice to disengage or to dive deeper.”  

This passage from Chani Nicholas’ “Renaming Blame: Full Moon in Scorpio” reading speaks straight to my heart. I invite you to read her entire article – she is thorough with her astrological insight and energetic guidance:

“Not all life is treated with the same respect, reverence or dignity. Not all life on the planet is given the same space to grow, the same protection to flourish under or the same encouragement to exist. Not all life is valued, and until it is there will be a wrath to reckon with and a righteous rage to reconcile. When lives are not protected, when lives are sacrificed to uphold supremacist ideologies, when lives are treated as if they are worth only what they can produce in the custody of the state or within the confines of respectability, there should be nothing less than the screeching howls of protest, a Mothers cry for justice.

May we shut down whatever does not support life. May we rise up in a collective declaration of love, truth and justice. May we be granted the wisdom to recognize the truth, the courage to declare it and the compassion to seek it for all.”

This article “The Wesak Festival” has information about the energy of Wesak, including a free downloadable PDF booklet and a video. Here is an excerpt from the article: 

‘At Wesak we can visualize the aspiration of all people of goodwill being fused into a concentrated invocation to the Buddha, the Christ, and all Enlightened Beings on the inner side of life. This is a time for dedication, a time to hold ourselves steadily in the light, and above all, a time to focus on the needs of our fellow human beings and the necessity of providing a group channel whereby the spiritual forces can be poured through the body of humanity.’

I enjoy viewing Kate at Daily Tarot Girl’s weekly video readings of the coming week’s energy. To view the video, please follow this link: Tarot Reading for May 4-10th

The cards Kate pulled are: Page of Pentacles and Nine of Swords. Kate shares her interpretation and some insights and guidance about the meaning.

Dear Reader: I understand that is alot of information! I invite you to breathe and center, then consider these questions and share your answers in the comments below:
Do you have any takeaway’s from this month’s readings? What are you open to releasing during this Full Moon energy? What are you open to creating with Beltane and Wesak energy? (when you share, you inspire)

Much peace and abundant love,

If you enjoy moving, creating and connecting with intention, I have two May offers that might interest you:

My May Online Energetic Intention circle is open to add your intentions to through May 7th. There is a monthly and yearly paid subscription option.

My small group ecourse “Connecting and Creating with Intention” begins May 21st and runs through June 19th. If you’d like to ‘play with energy’, in a comfortable, non-judgmental space, this is a wonderful way to open that door.

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  1. This part resonated with me especially, Joy: “…we can do the inner work to notice patterning that acts as a barrier as we set very clear energetic intentions and take the steps to create and connect in physical ways.”

    I have my list of inner patterning that I would like to move through and I’ll especially keep it in mind this week. Much love to you!

    • When we shift out of patterning that acts as a barrier to flow while creating practices (and patterning) that supports our energetic intention, we gift ourselves peace and possibility. I am so glad you aware and noticing your patterning, Sandra, so that you may continue to experience more peace!! So much love to you!

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