Happy Full Moon: July 2015 – Releasing and Manifesting with Joy


Full Moon eve, June 30, 2015

Happy July!! Happy Full Moon!!

I love the month of July – the kids are off school, Summer Sun invites us to spend hours playing outside (in the ocean, at the local water park, in the hills) and I celebrate my birthday with something fun with the kids (usually I choose a morning hike and they go just to humor me and I’m okay with that!).

Although, with my son graduating high school next year, the three of us realize this may be our ‘last’ full July together so we are fully appreciating every moment together!

I read that we are opening July with a Full Moon on the first and closing July with a Full Moon on the 31st. This means that we have a quick cycle of energetically releasing what no longer resonates, creating clear strong intentions and living them, then releasing whatever residual came up as we did the inner work to center into and celebrate our intentions. What a powerful month!

(Which is why I am offering a July session of Manifesting with Joy).

In my work, I often talk about ‘tapping into natural cycles and seasons’. Moon cycles is part of that. Full Moon is wonderful for release while New Moon is wonderful for drawing in.

Of course, we may release and draw in, daily; however, choosing to intentionally understand and tap into the energy of natural cycles allows us to connect and create with that energy in ways that support ease, peace and power in our practice. 

In general, full moon energy swoops in to support us with an invitation to release all that isn’t resonant with our intentions and values.

In my personal practice I prefer to embrace that which lights my heart and feels amazing and resonant as fully as possible, allowing that which doesn’t light my heart, perhaps no longer feels amazing or resonant to naturally slough away.

When coaching clients, I offer guidance, support and encouragement for you to focus on what you want, celebrating each step along the way, so that which you ‘don’t want’ isn’t in your realm of being. This focus dissolves resistance to the newness while opening your heart with delight and joy. (win-win)

When we look to Full Moon, it’s a perfect time to breathe in the grace, peace, beauty, *magic* that is reflected to us and to breathe out all that isn’t resonant.

Links to Full Moon Readings 

While we don’t “need” readings, we may consider the astrological energies within a reading to act as signs and direction markers, if we wish.

Please remember when practicing presence and energy movement to turn all of that external information inward, exploring how it feels to you as you run it by your intuitive knowing and your heart truth. You have the choice to integrate that which resonates and release that which doesn’t.

Here are a few excerpts and links to readings from guides whom I trust:

“The Sun in the sign of Cancer, which suggests the need for emotional bonding and the Moon in Capricorn suggests the need for attending to responsibilities and the professional world.

“You need to strike a balance between the two opposites so that there is greater harmony and flow…” excerpt by Dipali Desai via Mystic Mamma Full Moon in Capricorn (to read the entire article, please click the link).

Chani Nicholas offers a thorough reading, including Full Moon horoscopes for each sign. I appreciate her direct approach in sharing insights and guidance. She offers so much guidance, it’s difficult to choose what to highlight to share with you here. Here are two points that speak to me (although something different may speak to you – to read the entire article, please click the above link).

“As an earth sign, Capricorn embodies the slow growth of nature. Though fully capable of rapid springtime sprouting, the earth has it’s own pace and refuses to be rushed through it. The earth is ancient. The earth is a complete medicinal kit, containing every aspect of its own cure.”

“…keep your own emotional reactions in check, remember that the only constant in life is change and watch for your need to win because you feel insecure.”

Here is an excerpt from Kara’s Soulstice Rising Newsletter:

All we have is this Moment. All we need is to be aware in this Now. Everything will be presented for us to either energize or release. Being in this space, we know exactly what to do…if we take the time to see what each Moment is trying to tell us. When we pay attention to how we feel, we will know. If you feel peaceful and expanded, that is a message that all is fine with where you are in this moment. If you feel doubt or if something doesn’t feel quite right, go deeper and see what your message is.

Dear Reader: I understand that is a lot of information! I invite you to breathe and center, then consider these questions and share your answers in the comments below:
Do you have any takeaway’s from this month’s readings? What are you open to releasing during this Full Moon energy? What are you open to fully embracing/manifesting in? (when you share, you inspire)

Much peace and abundant love,

If you enjoy moving, creating and connecting with intention, I have two July offers that might interest you:

My July Online Energetic Intention circle is open to add your intentions to through July 7th. There is a monthly and yearly paid subscription option.

As mentioned in the article, I am facilitating a July session of Manifesting with Joy. Registration is open through July .

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Comments on: "Happy Full Moon: July 2015 – Releasing and Manifesting with Joy" (7)

  1. Releasing Is SO important! I want to take the last 2 weeks in August to go through my house (The art center closes so I use that time to go home and clean and release!). I know there are many things that have never been used and never will be and I need to let them go. On an energetic / emotional level, I am pretty good at letting go of things that do not increase my energy or decrease it. I have to do that immediately because of the affect it has on my life and how I live it. The material things drain energy, too, but I am usually aware of that only after I have released them.

    And HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOY!!! So many of us are so grateful that you were born! <3 <3

    • Hi Jean,

      I wonder, is it easier for you to release in one huge ‘swoop’ when you are cleaning and organizing or to just do a little each day, keeping one corner clean and expanding upon it until the room is done?

      I love that you release so quickly on an energetic/emotional level. May you share a technique or practice or a bit of ‘how’ you do that?

      May you experience increased peace and joy as you continue to release!

      Thank you for the birthday wishes and kind words – I very much appreciate all that you share, I learn so much from sharing heart energy with you!

  2. You asked an interesting question, Joy. Or two :). I think I would love to have a month of cleaning and releasing and not have to do anything in the studio or classroom. I think what makes everything more of a challenge is that I let go of things and clean at the same time and it seems rather over-whelming! I have the feeling that if I could ONLY get the entire house clean at the same time it would be so wonderful. But I have not been able to accomplish that so far :) I can get one room of the basement done in several days but then I need to do some major work in the other side and that seems overwhelming. I always keept the bathroom and the kitchen clean but Bill’s “nest” is HORRIBLE because I never touch that—–I just keep the door closed! The process of letting go with the cleaning too, seems so hard. Well, at least I figured that out :) Thanks!
    And letting go energetically is easier because I have experienced NOT letting go and it just drags things out and I am one who wants to face what needs to be faced as soon as I can. I guess I know I will do it eventually so why not now? I hope that is helpful, Joy! Sorry this post is so dang long :)

    • Thank you for sharing, Jean!

      Energetically (and probably physically as well) cleaning and clearing is meant to *feel good* – to be an amplification of energy we’d like to experience. People feel overwhelmed when they are either attempting a *huge change* (like clearing and cleaning your *entire* house) or focusing on the overall project, instead of one step at a time, followed by celebration of that step, naturally amplifying the joy in the feel of spaciousness and freedom from cleaning and clearing. I can see why you’d feel overwhelmed!

      What seems to work energetically (and probably physically, too) is to clean and clear one small portion of one room. To thank yourself for cleaning and clearing it, and to keep it clean and clear, knowing that is the space of infinite possibility. Then, expanding from that direct space, out a few more feet and working with that space, each day/every few days/each week – whatever pace feels right. It’s a sustainable, ‘feel-good’ change, and that one small area and the feeling of it can change the feel of your life, and also be the inspiration to keep clearing and cleaning, with love and joy. It might take a while to do the whole house (as in weeks or months), but if your focus is on the feeling of what you have done, and how that shifts energy in all areas, then you might not feel so overwhelmed, you might even feel inspired!

      I love that you face what needs to be faced (energetically) as soon as you can! In my experience, quick release equals quick blessings/miracles/peace. I love the reminder, thank you!

      The length of your post was *perfect*!

  3. How refreshing, Joy! I will try what you are saying and concentrate on the feeling of joy in cleaning and releasing and celebrating each step. That is a lot of celebrating :) :)


  4. I will let you know, Joy! :) :)

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