Honoring Your Home as A Sacred Container: Sharing a ‘Blessing’/Practice of Presence and Energy Movement for You to Experiment With


I love these windows – when sunshine, or moonlight, pours through, it lights the entire space and feels magical!  (Sunshine is not pouring through this morning because we are in “June gloom’ – due to a seasonal, heavy marine layer here, we get most of our sun in late afternoon and evening.)

The Idea of Honoring a Physical Home as a Sacred Container and my Current Challenge with This Practice (can you relate?)

Even though I use the concept of a sacred container in all areas of my work, I sometimes have to remember to apply that practice in specific areas in my personal life.

I’m wonderful with honoring my bond with my children, my bank account, this Facets of Joy site, my body and this day as sacred containers.

I find it challenging, though, to consistently honor my home as a sacred container. Energetically, each day, I feel the energy in my home as sacred and lovely but, physically, I sometimes don’t think of it as such until I center and really deepen into the practice.

I notice that when my schedule is overflowing and the kids and I are ultra-busy doing our own things during the day and family activities at night, my physical home can become a bit ummmm…. untidy.

While I have sacred spaces (that some might call ‘altars’) in each corner, when our home is untidy and I scan the room, my eyes see the: unmade beds, clothes we decided not to wear today piled high wherever we left them, dishes in the sink, and my creative supplies scattered across each previously empty surface (I am participating in a 30-paintings in 30-day challenge which explains the temporary creative supply ‘mess’).

Judgment arises and my mind says “this really isn’t what one would call ‘sacred’, Joy.”

Can you relate?

Learning to Feel Love and Gratitude for What Is

In my practice of presence to unfolding within organic growth, I am learning to love, and feel gratitude for, each stage (of life, of unfolding within life) as it is.

I find it pretty easy to feel genuine love and gratitude for my home when it is neat and everything is well-organized – our little space feels like infinite possibility ready to be experienced.

This stage of ‘untidiness’ is a bit of a stretch for me. It requires lots of concentrated thought and intention for me to feel even a smidgen of peace and possibility in it.

I understand that the kids have year-end school projects and exams that they are being present to and I have Facets and personal work I am being present to so, if we do have a free moment, we just need to refresh our energy. That understanding doesn’t equate to fullness of peace for me though. *And*, it might be another full week before we can attend to the organization of our space.

My being thrives in peace, so I decided to make the time to ‘bless it all’ this morning.

Yes, I could have cleaned, but I wanted to experience this ‘loving and feeling gratitude’ for what is’ today, in my home.

So, I chose to create and be present to this blessing.

(I – and you – could apply this concept to any area of life we wish to feel peace in!)

After the blessing, I then felt such immediate peace and joy, that I sat down to write and share the idea with you! That ease and joy in the flow of creative expression (even in untidiness) shows me the blessing ‘worked’. I like to share ‘what works’ in my personal practices with you, so you may feel into it and experiment with it in your life, if you wish.

(Also, in my personal life, I am focusing on celebrating the ‘imperfections’ and connecting with them, instead of working on attempting to make it all ‘perfect’ before I share. Here I am, sharing the ‘imperfection’ of my untidy living space. It feels vulnerable but also quite freeing.)

A “Blessing” / Practice of Presence and Energy Movement to Use in Your Home

I created this ‘blessing’ spur of the moment, it’s a work in progress – which is what many of my practices are. I like to play with my practices of presence and energy movement (because if I feel the fun in it, I’m more likely to consistently do them *and* it naturally increases the daily joy in my life – ‘win-win’.) I’m more about amplifying the ‘positive’ feeling and energy of a space or experience and less about capturing the specific wording and potential linear steps of a practice.

I like to smudge, so I lit a bit of fresh sage and lavender on a smudge plate, moving it over myself first, then into each corner of each room – gently weaving the smoke over our unmade beds, the piles of clothing, the sacred spaces.

As I smudged, I thought of the love the kids and I share and how wonderful it is that we feel the bond we do. How awesome that we each enjoy restorative sleep. How it lights my heart to share meals together. How much it means to me that when I paint, my kids will paint, too, and when I struggle (because I am not a naturally gifted painter) they share encouraging words. As I moved the smudge plate holding the sage and lavender through our home, I felt that love and I felt deep gratitude.

I took my time walking around my home. As I walked, I began to thank my home.

I thanked my home for: holding our energy, the comfort and safety we each feel, being a place we each enjoy returning to and leaving from each day, the love that it allows me (and us) to experience.

I thanked my home for the ‘systems’ that work so well that allow us peace and comfort  – such as electricity, running water and the physical structure that holds it all.

I thanked my home for being affordable.

I thanked my home for hosting guests.

I felt all of that love, along with so much gratitude – I literally smiled.

Remember, I hadn’t tidied – nothing external had changed. But I could (and still can) look at all of it and feel the gift of each pile.

All of that earlier judgment naturally dissolved and was replaced with joy. I felt (and feel) incredibly blessed to be me, in this home.

With that, I opened the windows in each room to invite the fresh air in – not with the intention of ‘cleansing’ but more of like a celebration. I heard birdsong, which lights my heart and added to my feeling of gratitude. I lit a candle as a gesture of appreciation.

I sat down and wrote a letter to my home. In that writing, I realized I had felt ashamed of our ‘mess’ (and really if you were to come over you might see the joy of creating and connecting and three lives well-lived and not even notice the ‘mess’ that I see).

I understood that my judgment dissolved the sacred feeling.

That sacredness was there all along for me to notice and celebrate. That sacred feeling has nothing to do with tidiness and everything to do with how the three of us feel about our individual lives and life together as a family sharing this space. That is something I (and the kids) can tap into, each moment we choose.

I kept writing. I apologized to my home (and myself) for my shame. I thanked shame for the lesson and it dissipated.

I continued to write, thanking my home for all that it allows my children and I to experience and asking it to continue to draw in energy (in the form of people and experiences) that resonates with our heart energy.

I’m going to keep cultivating and celebrating that energy while I am home today. I love chanting so I have soothing chanting music in the background. When I pass by the artwork on the walls (some is our own work, lots are from friends) I am sending love and gratitude to the artists.

This practice took less than thirty minutes.

I didn’t plan it – I simply honored the unfolding, giving it ample space and time.

This practice changed how I feel about being home today and being in my home at this time in general, as well as how I feel about myself and my family.

This practice changed the feel of my work – as I shared above, creative expressions are flowing, with ease and joy.

(And, of course, in the near future, we will tidy – then celebrate that extra spaciousness when we do.)

Thank you for taking the time to read about this experience!!!

Dear Reader: If you have any questions about what I have shared here, please ask. As you feel into what I have shared, what can you relate with, what speaks to you? I invite you to share the ways in which you ‘bless’ your home space. If you do experiment with my ‘blessing’ in your home, I hope that you share your experience with me. (when you share, you inspire!)

Much peace and abundant love,


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  1. Wow, Joy! I really needed to hear this today! My little house needs attention and I do keep the kitchen and bathroom clean BUT the piles of books and mail and stuff I want to do something with have grown again and ask me to deal with them :) I love that you apologized to your home! And I used to smudge but am afraid of setting off the smoke alarms :) so I haven’t smudged in years! But I will “bless my mess” and know that it will get attended to sooner or later. Thanks for giving me a positive way to look at it all. PS, the studio got straightened up and organized yesterday—-and next week I will start another big painting, possibly a sunset seascape :)

    • I’m glad I wrote it then, Jean! To be clear, when we want to increase flow, peace, comfort and clarity (in general, in life) it’s a good practice to keep the spaces we are in (energetically and physically) as clean and organized as possible. *And* while it is ‘messy’, we can bless it, which opens up a bit of that energy.

      I am so glad your studio is ready for you to come in and create more sunset seascapes – which is kind of funny to me since, with the marine layer hanging around, I won’t be back to consistent sunset photos until August! There you will be an entire country away, painting them, inspiring *me*!!!

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