The Power and Benefits of Energy Movement and the Practice of Inviting Specific Energy Into Your Space

Energy is always here for us to understand and work with. Even if we are unsure of what step to take next, have minimal physical resources or are feeling less than ‘prepared or empowered’ shifting energy can change the feel of an experience from constriction to expansion.

In general, people tend to be very action-focused and either aren’t aware of the power and benefit of energetic movement or hadn’t practiced it enough to understand how effective it can be.

Choosing to move with energetic intention in your daily life requires your focus and willingness to explore something potentially new. It’s relatively simple to practice and can be done in any space that you are in. One benefit is that it can quickly restore peace to your physical body – which means you can shift from reactive to creative mode, equaling less stress and more joy.

There are many ways to explore creating and connecting with energy. Because I love playing with energy (it’s life-changing!) I weave energy work into all of my offerings. One way to ease into the exploration of energetic intention is through my online energetic intention circle.

In this post, I will explain a bit about the process within that circle, as well as one piece of guidance that was consistent for this month’s participants, that I feel we can each benefit from.

A bit about my online energetic circle process

I facilitate my online energetic circle completely through email. The email format allows people worldwide to participate – we can each be present when it is convenient for us and feels good in our day. Anyone who would like to participate registers and submits their monthly intention during the first week of the month.

When that period is over, I gather the intentions together, create a space that feels comfortable and enlivening, then read each intention to feel into the overall energy of the group. I create a group introduction for the month, which includes something about my local external weather (to see what lesson it might have for us) and usually a link to a chant or something inspirational that I am listening to as I open that month’s circle.

(This month I listened to Nirinjan Kaur sing Sa Re Sa Sa – if you’d like to listen, please click the link to the YouTube video.)

I center, then return to the emails, opening and responding to one at a time, reading the words and feeling into the energy of the words to intuit what specific chakra energy to weave into the person’s intention. I respond to each intention with a personal email ‘reading’ that includes the group introduction, a reminder of the intention that was submitted, and an explanation of the chakra energy I chose along with guidance about processing the intention.

Throughout the month I will email a reminder of the person’s intention and their reading, so they feel supported in the unfolding of their intention and can tap back into the energy. After each email, the participant may respond with any questions and/or insights they have and I will reply.

At month’s end, I close the circle, the participant’s release their intention and we begin again.

Inviting specific energy into your space

What I noticed this month inspired me to write this article because I feel we can all benefit from applying the concept to our life.

Each intention submitted was radically different from the others.

Yet, there was one similarity in my response to each different intention, that connects the process for the participants (and for you and I): we always have the choice to invite energy into any of our spaces and to choose what specific energy we invite in.  

While the wording was different for each reading, the gist of this paragraph is something I shared in each one:

What if something doesn’t feel fun, joy, love or light-filled? You have the ability to shift that, by bringing fun, joy, love or light into it.

You have the ‘power’ (and choice) to invite love, gratitude, grace and universal energy into everything – changing how you feel about and experience it, without manipulating external variables (although you can manipulate external variables, part of experiencing an energy in daily life, is experiencing it ‘as life is’ first, then allowing that energy to naturally shift the variables in alignment).

What does this mean for you and I, in our daily life?

Well, typically, people spend lots of time, energy and resources manipulating external variables around to attempt to achieve a certain goal.

Often, they feel drained, emotionally and physically exhausted, discouraged, and un-appreciated, sometimes even resentful or angry because ‘things just don’t work out the way they want them to’ and life feels *hard*.

(Can you relate?)

One way to open that up a bit – meaning to feel a bit of peace, freedom, ease and joy – is to try something different.

When we work with energy, it helps to center, first, but even if you’re not fully centered, you can invite energy into your space and/or focus on specific energy. 

Of course, if what you are doing feels exhausting, draining or unfulfilling, that can also be a sign for you to make external changes.

However, to shift the feel of that experience, without manipulating external, you can choose to focus on inviting in energy that is enriching and supportive of the way you’d like to feel.

For example, if you feel tired because your to-do list keeps growing daily and you don’t see an end to it and you refuse to take a nap or rest, one way to shift the feel of the experience is to shift the energy you are focusing on.

In this example, there are a few different ways to move energy through it to shift the feel from constriction to expansion. Here are a few suggestions:

1.  If you want to feel appreciated as you work on your list, you can invite gratitude in and focus on feeling gratitude for each step as you take it. Meaning, thank yourself for choosing to shift the energy, then thank yourself for choosing to do part or all of one task and thank yourself for being kind and compassionate to yourself.

2.  If you want to feel more ease as you move through your list, you can invite gratitude in and focus on feeling gratitude for your ability to do the task, the resources to do the task, any support as you are doing the task.

3. If you want to feel energized as you move through your list, you can invite refreshment in by drinking fresh water, moving around a bit if you had been sitting or sitting if you had been moving around, opening the windows, or stepping outside for fresh air.

4. If you want to feel joy as you move through your list, you can invite joy or fun in by (I don’t know what is fun for you, so stretch with me, here *grin*) listening to music or something inspirational that lights your heart; lightening up your to-do list with paint, stickers or bold colors; building in a small reward after each task is completed.

There are many more energies to move through this example. I only listed a few to give you an idea of how inviting energy in works and can quickly change the feel of an experience.

Basically, when you invite enriching energy in, you also invite in peace and possibility. From that point, there are many options: you can choose to center, understand your patterning, vision/manifest/create something different, hold space for natural unfolding.

Understanding and feeling that you have a choice helps to shift helplessness to empowerment. 

When you feel like you aren’t sure what step to take next, or are so frustrated or tired that you can’t even think about a next step, energetic movement helps to change the feel of the experience so that you can open to something new, different, ‘better’, more.

Discussion Questions

Thank you for taking the time to read about, and consider the idea of the power of energetic intention!  

Dear Reader: If you have any questions about what I have shared here, please ask. As you feel into what I have shared, what can you relate with, what speaks to you? If you try this practice of inviting energy in, what is one space or connection that you will invite energy into, what energy will you invite and may you share what way you will invite it in? (when you share, you inspire!)

Much peace and abundant love,


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  1. I find that gratitude shifts things for me better than anything else. I like the idea of drinking water to help shift things—-will try that, thanks, Joy! And movement always brings joy into my heart! Lots of love to you! <3

    • Thank you for your presence and your comment, Jean! I enjoy amplifying gratitude together! Yes to more joy in our hearts!! (Right before I signed onto my site, I add the thought/affirmation to create with joy and gratitude – and here you are reflecting/reminding me of that – I love that synchronicity!). Lots of love to you, too!

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