Understanding Physical Changes as a Result of Doing Inner Work to Shift Patterns and Experiencing Daily Magic


This morning, I flipped to my I Believe in Magic 30-Day Photo Journey page to update the registration date for the next session (I changed it to June 18, 2015) and I saw this graphic:


I believe and practice that what we focus on grows.

I hold an intention to be ultra-present to words and phrases that feel positive and naturally amplify positive energies (so what I grow, then, is ‘positive’). When I am offering reflections and guidance through my Facets of Joy materials, I focus on, and share, words and phrases that uplift, encourage and inspire.

When I created the graphic, I chose this Roald Dahl quote, that is pretty well-known, to go with one of my favorite sunset photos from my personal collection, but I didn’t realize until today what a disconnect the energy of the quote could create.

If you don’t believe in ‘magic’, it’s still there – waiting patiently for you to see and celebrate it. I don’t believe you will ‘never’ find it, although it could be true for you that if you aren’t looking, you might not see it and that might contribute to you feeling that it doesn’t exist for you (or at all). 

Often, magic ‘pulls’ your attention toward it, in a way that delights your senses and opens your heart, sometimes *especially* if you don’t believe in it or aren’t looking!

That graphic felt very much out of alignment. I re-framed the words to something more positive and put them on one of my other favorite sunset photos (last summer’s sunsets were truly phenomenal, as you can see!).

The new graphic (which is the lead-in photo above) captures the essence of what I experience in my personal life, and share knowledge of through my ecourses and personal sessions, so I made it the current header on my personal and Facets of Joy community Facebook pages.

Of course, when I added the new graphic to the ‘old’ page, the page then felt out of alignment, so I re-wrote it.

I couldn’t have planned any of that – it naturally (and quite unexpectedly) unfolded, with ease, from my first action of opening the page, to this article. Feeling ease was possible because I made it a priority to make ample time and space to honor this unfolding by re-arranging a few of the logistics of my day to do the work of creating and writing.

Shifting energy: physical changes as a result of doing inner work

I also understand that this clarity is directly related to my being sick for two weeks last month, during which I felt ‘gutted’. All of that release was most likely the ‘non-resonant stuff’ of limiting thought and patterning that sloughed away as I kept showing up to ‘do the work’.

I hadn’t been seeing anything external shifting, and didn’t understand why not – yet, here is external shifting!

Let’s look at this energetically and turn it inward to apply to the process of doing inner work. 

When you are doing inner work – holding an intention, centering your energy, understanding your patterning, opening to newness and celebrating your steps – so much of what is ‘shifting’ is invisible to you, especially when you first begin.

It can feel frustrating and discouraging to keep *showing up*, doing your practices, being as fully present as possible yet not see any external shifting, or ‘results’. (Please be aware that you might be holding an expectation which could be a barrier to you seeing anything other than, or beyond, that.)

Sometimes, within this stage, you might be tempted to quit, to stop practicing and opening, because you don’t feel it’s working.

You wonder if *magic* is real. 

(That is absolutely understandable!!! Everyone feels this at some point while doing inner work.)

Maybe something external (*wink* like a good coach) inspires you to keep being present to your practices, to open through this feeling of vulnerability and uncertainty. Maybe you really want to experience this change, so you find it within to center deeper and practice consistently.

And, then, it feels like ‘all of a sudden’ but you know it’s been a rather long period of time, something clicks within and it brings with it a bit of peace. However, you begin to notice that some things that previously felt wonderful in your space, no longer feel so wonderful.

You might find yourself exclaiming ‘nothing fits, or feels right’ and it might be confusing, especially if what you are looking at has been in your life for years.

You might clean ‘for no apparent reason’, rearrange furniture and donate items that you hadn’t used in a while. You might wear your clothing in different combinations from what you previously chose. You might experiment with your methods and techniques of creative expression. You might try new foods, explore different places and make new heart connections.

You might resist it all because it doesn’t make logical sense. Or you might be soooo happy to finally experience ‘change’ that you embrace it fully, with your entire being! You might vacillate between resisting and embracing as the day unfolds.

The reason for all of this change is that external is aligning with whatever internal shifts have happened as a result of your inner work. (Yay you!)

Understanding this, allows you to see that, if you choose to resist this shift but still show up for your practices of presence, you are sending a mixed message (‘I am open to  – and joyfully cultivating – possibility and *oh my!* this is scary stuff – I am closed to possibility’) to your being and to Universe.

When your mind understands the energetic dynamics and physical shift, it is more likely to approve of your being present to your practices and any resulting change, which means it will stop the flow of fear-based thoughts, bringing peace back to your being.

If, as you are reading this, you realize that you had stopped being present to inner work and/or some of your favorite practices of presence, you can use your current understanding to ‘start again’ if you’d like.

What does this cycle have to do with magic in daily life?

Well, sometimes as a reaction to a heart wound, we stop looking for, and celebrating, the magic in our daily life. You can understand when we stop looking, we aren’t likely to see it (which is what the Roald Dahl quote is saying).

When we focus on magic – cultivating, feeling and experiencing it, celebrating it – it weaves into each area of our life, amplifying the ‘goodness’ that is already there and drawing more in as we celebrate it!

What I find in my life, if I am doubting the presence of magic, is that World works extra hard to get my attention to show me the magic that is in it. Strangers smile and offer a helping hand, blessings are perfectly placed in ways I can easily receive, signs of affirmation and inspiration are placed right in my path, support comes from unexpected places, energetic doors that I thought were bolted closed open.

When I am certain that magic exists and feels like it is at my fingertips, I experience all of the above, plus infinite possibility become my reality, right there in daily life. There is abundant joy, peace, love, gratitude as I open my heart to share and receive the magnificence that World wishes to share.

When I am present to daily magic, I experience it!

Discussion Questions

Thank you for taking the time to read about, and consider the idea of the power of energetic intention!  

Dear Reader: If you have any questions about what I have shared here, please ask. As you feel into what I have shared, what can you relate with, what speaks to you? Do you believe in, and experience, daily magic? What do you experience as a potential barrier to this belief and experience? (when you share, you inspire!)

Much peace and abundant love,


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