How I Process, and Hold Space For, Intentions in my Online Energetic Intention Circle

Earlier today, I emailed the check-in’s to participants in my Facets of Joy Online Energetic Intention circle.

The check-in’s offer powerful amplification and support in the practice of holding and supporting energetic intentions.

For the check-in’s, I reflect back to each participant, via email, their original intention along with my original reading and guidance in response. I also add something about the current energy we are in or a link to a meditation, article or resource that I found helpful in my personal practice.

For example, the links I shared today – that you may enjoy as well – are:

1. A link to a free workshop “Waxing Moon & Getting Grounded“on first chakra energy. The workshop, hosted by Anne Hayman (I trust her as a guide and attend as many of her workshops as I can) includes a short meditation, and lots of first chakra information.

2. A link to a guided meditation I used before sharing the check-ins “Awaken to Love“.

As I went through the ‘check-in’ process, it occurred to me that I hadn’t ever written about the circle or what happens in it, here.

The Process within the Online Energetic Intention Circle

I would like to share with you a bit about the process within the monthly online energetic intention circle.

You can feel into the process I am sharing to see what interests and resonates with you and then apply it to your own practice of creating and holding space for your intentions.

Each participant submits an intention they would like to experience within the month. I don’t read the intentions as they come in, I simply keep them for the day I open the circle.

On the day that I open the circle, I prep myself and my space. I make sure there is ample time to process the intentions as a whole. I feel it amplifies the cohesiveness and energetic ‘power’ within the sacred container I am creating and this (cohesiveness and sacredness) is woven into the energy of my personal response to each individual intention.

By prepping ‘myself’, I mean that I center and do my practices of presence that open my heart. By prepping my ‘space’, I mean that I smudge my personal working space, light a candle and choose a stone or crystal.

I then tap into the natural energy of the day, taking into account whatever astrological energy applies, as well as the external weather.

From this centered, open, empowered space, I write an introduction, which is the same for each participant, explaining what I chose to do to center, along with any insights or reflections on the astrological or natural energy that I feel nudged to share. I often include a link to a chant, song or meditation that I used while centering or that I was using the past week, that I feel fits in with the overall energy.

With this introduction complete, I then open each intention (submitted via email) and work with one at a time until my response is complete and sent. Then I open the next intention and so on, until I have finished responding to each. This process usually takes around 2-4 hours depending upon the number of participants and the clarity and strength in their intentions.

I believe and practice that what I see strongly in another is a reflection of me. This process of opening the intentions, thinking about the meaning of the words they share and feeling into the overall energy, is heart-opening for me. I turn it all inward and process it as my own. Most of the intentions are completely different from the other, as a whole touching upon different areas of life. You can understand, then, that turning it all inward can be a *huge* stretch!

I feel that it is a blessing and an honor to create a sacred container of a space and to hold the energy in it, so people feel comfortable sharing their vulnerable heart whispers and dreams via their intentions. My heart fills with love and gratitude as I open the circle and process the intentions!  By the time I am finished, my heart is wide-open!!

To be clear, while I turn the intentions inward as a tool for growth and expansion in my personal inner work, I don’t take or hold any of them as my own. It is my role to hold space, feel into the energy and offer support and guidance.

Within each personal response, I include the introduction (as I mentioned above) along with a direct response wrapping chakra energy around the intention. I explain why I chose specific chakra energy then offer guidance about how to best hold space for that intention to unfold, focusing on that chakra energy. I offer words of encouragement. I close with a suggested affirmation.

Within the wording, I often ‘invite’ a participant to consider something or feel into the energy and customize it so it feels good to them. I offer suggestions. I may offer a bit of coaching. I don’t ‘demand’ – it’s not my way of being in world; I find inner work can already feel ultra-vulnerable, and an invitation allows mind to engage without feeling fear (or with less fear) than a demand would bring.

When I have completed each personal response, I bless it all by reviewing each name and sending love, light and gratitude.

I ask that each seed that was planted, continue to root, sprout, grow and blossom into the reality of what is being asked for, in wonderful, delightful ways.

If you told me it was possible to facilitate an online energetic intention circle, I wouldn’t have believed it! This circle is a direct result of listening to my heart whisper and honoring unfolding within organic growth as I create for my business.

I love the feel of offline circles and this circle naturally evolved from that love. Over time, what I offer within the circle has organically evolved (as far as structure) into the current form. I keep holding space for fluidity and expansion within the circle and it grows on its own.

I realized, though, that I don’t share much about my work with this circle directly through this site.

I don’t have ‘physical, finished products’ like a visual artist would have but I do have the joy of connecting with heart energy and observing as it works it’s ‘magic’ in other people’s lives (and mine!).  And, I have words to attempt to describe that energy exchange (which I am sharing here).

Examples of Affirmations I created within the personal readings

While the intentions are confidential, so I can’t share them with you, I can share a few of the affirmations that I created within the individual readings this month.

I create these affirmations for each participant, after feeling into the energy of the month and season as well as the energy in their intention.

I am abundant love, joy, magic and beauty and I draw into my space complementary energy that inspires, uplifts, enriches and enlivens my essence energy and all areas of my life!

I am the beauty that I see and the beauty I see is a reflection of me!

I love my whole-body and being and the feeling of whole-body wellness! I am appreciative of the sacred container of my physical body that holds my divine essence energy!

Dear Reader: What is your experience with creating and holding space for energetic intentions to unfold? Is this a practice you use? And, as you review the affirmations, do any of them speak to you? Is there an affirmation you are currently using in your life? (when you share, you inspire)

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,


For more information on my circle, you may follow this link: August Online Energetic Intention Circle. The circle is open to add your intentions through August 7th. There are paid montly and yearly subscriptions.

I am also facilitating a new session of Manifesting with Joy beginning August 1st. For more information, and to register, please click the link.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your process here (quite a beautiful one). I love and appreciate so much all that you do to hold intentions with us (me) and I am seeing the manifestation of those intentions in various ways in my life. In fact, I actually expect the intentions to manifest and keep on honing them down until they are (or feel) exactly right. Your affirmations are usually right-on for what I need to affirm :).
    Thank you again for such generous and helpful support <3
    Lots of love to you! I guess one of my bottom line affirmations is that I have what I need exactly when I need it! That includes money, ideas, love, help, food and shelter, time, and so much more!

    • Wow, thank you for your kind words, Jean! And, thank you for your presence in the energetic intention circle – and my life! I love taht you expect the intentions to manifest – I have seen miracles occur through your experiences and am inspired and encouraged by that!

      I love your ‘bottom line’ affirmation – knowing that your needs are met allows you to feel greater peace, trust and comfort (and less worry about basic needs) so you can focus your attention on the ‘fun’ of creating and connecting and enjoying the process as you do!

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