Full Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse energy and “Big Strong Magic” with Elizabeth Gilbert and Brene Brown #bigmagic

I was all set to write about the Full “Super Blood Moon” Lunar Eclipse energy…. but then, I listened to this *Big Strong Magic* interview between Elizabeth Gilbert and Brene Brown and I scrapped my original intention (and article).

People are interested in the energy of this specific moon because it is full of “big, strong magic”. (I can definitely see why this interview was part of the unfolding of my day – and is now part of yours!)

The magic spoken about in the interview mentioned above differs from moon’s magic in topic, but they are similar in theme.

When we release (which is what full moon invites us to do), we are then able to embrace the fullness of connection and the flow of creative expression in daily life (spoken about in the interview).

It’s a beautiful moon, and a rare opportunity, so I invite you to take the time to step outside to view it. To ask Moon what it would like you to know, what message it has for you. To bask in some of the energy to remember your Divine DNA and invite it into the spaces and relationships that you would like to feel expansion and fullness of connection in.

Links Explaining More About Full Moon’s Energy

If you’d like to read about Full Moon energy, in general, here is an article I wrote “Connecting With and Celebrating Full Moon Energy“.

If you’d like to read about the specific energy of this Full Moon/Eclipse, there are many articles to choose from. One I love is Full Moon in Aries and Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse by Mystic Mamma.

Here is a reading from my friend and peer Jenny Griffin of The Power of Change:

Please remember, this energy doesn’t dissipate when the eclipse event is completed – it’s strong stuff and is there for you to tap into and create with for the next several days.

*Big, Strong Magic* with Elizabeth Gilbert and Brene Brown

How does this moon’s energy relate to the *Big, Strong Magic* interview that spoke directly to my heart (and I think will speak directly to yours, too)?

Well, this moon’s energy is about reviewing our relationships. Elizabeth Gilbert and Brene Brown talk about our relationship with creativity – what it means to them, some common blocks to flow and so much more.

In their conversation, they speak about ‘art scars’ given when people didn’t approve of our earliest creative expressions, the idea of failure, the importance of self-forgiveness and empathy and the idea of “owning your story”.

As I listened, I began writing notes to share with you, but then I realized I was pretty much transcribing the entire conversation!!!

Here are a few points that I noted:

Brene Brown shared that she feels ‘creativity is an expression of my soul’ (me, too!).

Brene Brown shared that she feels ‘unused creativity is not benign’ (interesting to think about and feel into!).

They both spoke about receiving criticism when they put their work out to mainstream and Brene Brown said ‘she feels criticism is a small price to pay for doing what I love and being whole’.

They both speak about ‘what happens when you jump and the net doesn’t catch you’ and the idea of failure (goodness! I thought I was the only one this happened to and their words of wisdom helped heal a bit of my residual tenderness around this).

Brene Brown said she asks herself this question “what’s worth doing even if I fail”? (powerful question!).

And, Brene Brown, who is an expert on shame said ‘the antidote to shame is empathy’. (oooh…that’s good!!).

I invite you to listen to their interview. It’s about 35 minutes long and chock-full of wisdom and insights that might kindle your creativity spark and inspire you to experiment with, and share, your creative expressions.

Elizabeth Gilbert and Brene Brown on *Big Strong Magic*:

Speaking about patterning

In order to release or shift patterning that isn’t working for you, you first need to understand it.  You know it isn’t working for you because you feel stuck, constricted, like you’re spinning your wheels, as though you’re putting in tons of effort but not seeing results.

When you wish to understand your patterning, it’s best if you can so do from a centered space with no judgment or criticism of how your patterning came to be, or what was created/experienced with it.

Your intention is to understand a specific pattern and how it relates to a specific area in life (for example relationships, the health of your body, your money flow). Then, after you have worked with this pattern, you can apply your understanding and practices to other areas of your life.

You want to keep your process of understanding clear and simple, because that increases the potential effectiveness of the process.

Try not to let this awareness intimidate you.

Because this patterning was created, you know that no matter how deep you think it runs, or how strong it is, it can be uncreated! Hopefully, that will bring some peace into your exploration!

If you’d like personal support or guidance in understanding, shifting or releasing your patterning, I do offer personal coaching. As an empathic, intuitive clarity and energy facilitator, I naturally see patterns and different threads of energy in an experience and can feel how to shift them, in ways that are gentle and easy for you to do in your daily life.

Dear Reader: May you enjoy the Full Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse! If you choose to celebrate Moon’s energy, I invite you to share your experience. If you listen to the interview between Elizabeth Gilbert and Brene Brown, I would love to know what your ‘takeaways’ are – what speaks to your heart? Please share in the comment section. (when you share, you inspire)

Much peace and abundant love,

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