Learning How to Experience Physical and Energetic Peace in Your Daily Life #internationaldayofpeace

I wasn’t raised in peaceful circumstances or in a peace-filled home, but I craved the fullness, joy and abundance I knew that living centered in peace would bring.

While I was (and am) a peaceful person (meaning I would never intentionally hurt another and I always viewed life through a lens of compassion, love and kindness so I was often a mediator and holder of space for understanding and connection) I had no control over my external space until I moved out of my family home for college.

Then, I kept repeating patterning. Peace as a consistent experience of life felt impossible for me – it was so unfamiliar, I didn’t know how to create spaces for it to stay in and I definitely didn’t know how to experience it in my friendships.

I may have remained caught in that cycle, but when I chose to become a mother in my late 20’s. I wanted my children (and myself) to experience peace and possibility, in our home and in all areas of our life, so I made it my goal to learn how to create this for us.

At the time, there was lots of research and resources on how to live peace ‘out there’ – for example, on retreat, in nature, in a sacred space where spiritual practices and rituals are held, on vacation.

I wanted to know ‘how shall we experience peace, here, now, as we are, in our bodies, in our home and as we move through our daily lives, individually and together”?.

I began to study different modalities and to play with practices of presence and energy movement as I moved through my day (I still do -it’s fun for me!) Eventually that intention and passion naturally evolved to my current career as an energy facilitator and coach, because I chose to share these practices with others (you) through this site and my way of being in life and interest in these practices (and guidance on customizing and using them) grows.

Peace is available the moment we choose it

What I know from experience is that *peace is available the moment we choose it.” 

Your mind might say ‘not always possible’. To that my heart would tell you I know it to be possible, because I have experienced (and still do experience) it.

It sounds simple but absolutely requires intention, awareness and focus (your fullness of presence) to experience: the key to peace is to choose it

Peace won’t come flooding into spaces, relationships, projects, your body or daily life unless you are either centered in love *or* you ask it to, have invited it in and are open to experience it.

It might wish to be present, but energetically, peace is not naturally resonant with energies such as: fear, judgment, ill-will, anger, pride, hatred.

Conversely, you can be in a room full of those energies and still feel peace if you have intentionally centered into it, and you have unplugged from the drama and chaos and plugged into energies such as: love, compassion, acceptance, trust (in Source/flow/universal energy), joy and gratitude.

Let’s be very clear: you may also, always, remove your presence from less than peaceful spaces and connections (and if you are in abuse, please do remove your presence – you are worthy and deserving of whole-body wellness!).

Two Types of Peace: Physical and Energetic

It is possible to feel (and be) peace in external that is not peaceful because you have control over your thoughts and your response.

Physical peace is peace in your physical body and in physical spaces in world as well as direct engagement with other people.

Energetic peace is your experience of feeling peace, regardless of external.

When your body is physically at peace, it’s easier for energetic peace to be present.

When you energetically feel peace, it’s easier for you to calm your body’s natural reaction to external variables.

When your body is physically at peace and you energetically feel peace, that is perfect alignment and peace naturally flows into all that you do, as well as the spaces, projects, relationships you are present in. 

Energetic and physical peace work well together. If you choose to center your energy, you can shift your physical reaction into a space of connection and creation. If you choose to care for your physical body by meeting its needs (and add in lots of love, kindness and gratitude), you can center your energy quickly and to great depth and range. 

Notice this ‘peace experience’ is very much about *you* and not at all about external variables.

Peace is an inside job.  

The Quickest Way to Experience Energetic Peace

The quickest way to experience peace is through love and/or gratitude. You can choose to center your energy into love and/or gratitude. You can choose to think a thought full of love and/or gratitude.

When you are feeling love and/or gratitude, peace naturally comes swooping in. 

There may be times that you neither love nor feel grateful for the space you are in or the people in it and that’s okay.

However, you can still feel peace in that, as you love and accept this understanding and feel grateful for your awareness.  

Experiencing Physical Peace

I didn’t put ‘quickest way’ in the title, because there isn’t a ‘shortcut’ to physical peace.

Optimal peace in your body is a result of your basic needs being met: drinking adequate fresh water, eating food that delivers nutrients to your cells and systems, some sort of physical movement that you enjoy, lots of deep sleep (daily), some sort of learning for your mind to engage in, some sort of practice for you to center your energy (and for your heart to open through).

Optimal physical peace can also be enhanced by having shelter, money and transportation. (Although one can feel peace without these, it requires *lots* of awareness and trust!)

When your body feels comfortable and safe, your personal foundation is peaceful; you naturally radiate peace (and amplify the peace in each space you are in as you move through your day). 

Choosing to Compromise Your Peace

Often, people choose to compromise their peace to ‘keep the peace’ with others. You can see, from the short bit we’ve shared here, how that choice can ripple out through your life, affecting your entire quality of life in all areas.

When you compromise physical peace, your body only knows how to communicate with you through discomfort and pain. It’s really hard to experience a flow of ease, joy and ‘goodness’ from such a space.

When you compromise energetic peace, you open the door for less than supportive energies to come in – thoughts limiting possibility flood your mind creating barriers to flow and connection. It’s really difficult to experience trust, healing, expansiveness and abundance from such a space.

Making Sure to Create a Foundation of Peace Before Turning it Outward

Sometimes, especially as heart-centered healers and barriers of light, we care for others (gifting them peace and possibility) before we care for ourselves (gifting ourselves peace and possibility).

We create peaceful spaces for others, listen to them and speak with kindness and care, share food or money with those who ask, support their well-being in a myriad of ways. That is all awesome and good. (If you are one who shares and/or receives in – thank you for sharing and receiving!!)

What often happens is that we feel under-appreciated, frustrated, discouraged, overwhelmed, burnt out, disconnected from potential. (None of this is peaceful, by the way, so we haven’t increased peace at all – we’ve essentially ‘given it away’, shifting the ‘void’ from someone else to ourselves.)

I understand, because I used to operate this way.

But, I realized: I am not ‘healing’ if my body becomes ill or my home or life feels less than peace-filled.

This peace experience needs to start in our physical body, hearts and home, then let’s allow it to naturally radiate out to include others, then world.

So many healers are sharing peace and possibility but not experiencing it in their life.

I’d like to remind us that heart energy isn’t ‘either/or’ it’s *all*. Meaning: we *all* (including ourselves) have peace, ease, joy, possibility, love, flow, comfort, abundance.

What Does Any of This Have to do with World Peace?

Great question.

Creating a base of peace in our body, heart and home gives us an abundantly peace-filled foundation to create and connect from. What we then share is naturally full of peace and possibility, from this overflow of optimal energy that pours forth from our foundation. 

It’s ever-present, ever-flowing, enriching energy.

From this foundation, people around you, in your daily life, receive that energy as you move through your day. That peace radiates out, in the myriad of ways you and others choose to share it.

Of course, you can choose to share peace in a concentrated way, together, within community – either energetically through thought, prayer and intention or physically through action. 

By being and choosing peace, you *are* ‘the change’.

The Power of Thought and Choice: Increasing the Peace in Your Life

Please remember: peace is a choice that begins with thought.

If you think peace is possible, and you choose to center into, cultivate and celebrate peace, you will feel and experience consistent, daily peace in your life as you move through world.

If you think peace is impossible, either in a specific space in your life, your life in general, or in world and you choose to believe that and react with fear instead of center and create with love, peace will most likely feel elusive to you.

So, the first step to increasing the peace in your life is to notice your thoughts and choices.

Thank yourself in the areas your thoughts are supportive and encouraging. Thank yourself for the choices in creation and connection that you make that support your well-being and the flow of goodness in your life.

Thank yourself for noticing the areas your thoughts might be critical or judgmental. (See, there is always space for gratitude!!). Then, do the work to understand where that thought originated and create a new one that feels good to you. Do the work to choose again.

Taking a Moment to Thank Peace for Being in Your Life

I invite you to take a moment to thank peace for being present in your life. (That you have the time and energy to read this article, shows us peace is present somewhere in your life.)

Perhaps, think about all of the spaces and connections that peace is showing up in your life and thank peace for its presence there. 

Perhaps, as you are thinking of these spaces, feel into the energy of peace as it is there and invite your self to love that feeling….to love the way you feel with peace as well as the feeling of peace, in your life. (And, then, if you wish, thank yourself for opening to love.)

Facets of Joy Resources

I specialize in peace and possibility. I do offer personal coaching if you are interested.

And…I offer many free resources.

  1. If you type ‘peace’ in the search bar on the sidebar on the right, you will see there are many articles you can read.
  2. For International Peace Day in 2012, I created this free, collaborative eBook “Pearls of Peace“. (Please click the link for more information about the book and to download it.)
  3. Here are a few of my articles that speak about peace: “Understanding is the Key to Peace“, “Freedom, Beauty and Peace in the Darkness (and Hard Conversations)“, “A Simple Practice to Cultivate and Celebrate Peace When One is Extremely Busy“.

Dear Reader: What is one space that you currently feel peace in your life (and, if you’d like to share, how does that peace feel)? What is one space that you aren’t currently experiencing peace but would like to invite it in? (when you share, you inspire)

Much peace and abundant love,


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Comments on: "Learning How to Experience Physical and Energetic Peace in Your Daily Life #internationaldayofpeace" (4)

  1. This is so beautiful and complete (to me, anyway), that it is a perfect and clear blueprint for inviting peace into your life. I am still working on being in peace when everything is in chaos around me, but, because you do it —-with much work and intention—-I know it is possible :)
    Love and peace to you, Joy <3

    • Thank you so much, Jean!

      Learning this depth of peace at first required tons of awareness and intention *and* is a practice of one step after another. I found if I gifted myself a bit of peace each day, my body became familiar with it, I began to love the feel of it, and then inviting peace into each area of my life refreshed and strengthened my heart connections and flow of creative expressions, along with my faith.

      So, continue thanking yourself for the moments of peace you do feel and let that gratitude and joy grow your practice!

      Love and peace to you, too, Jean!

  2. What a wonderful primer on finding peace, Joy. Driving home tonight I had such a strong feeling of going home and there was a sense of peace in that feeling.

    I liked this point in particular: “It might wish to be present, but energetically, peace is not naturally resonant with energies such as: fear, judgment, ill-will, anger, pride, hatred.”

    I do manifest fear as a result to trauma at times. I see peace is not possible if I’m in fear. But I’m aspiring to move from those traumatic spaces into more peace.

    • Thank you for sharing, Sandra! I can feel the beauty and joy in your description of your drive home. This is how I wanted to learn to feel in my physical ‘home’ of a body – and has been the basis of much of my personal inner work.

      While peace is not naturally resonant with fear, we can hold both at the same time. If we are centered and feeling peaceful, fear can arise as a natural physical response to an external variable or energetic response to opening to connect through vulnerability. To keep the foundation of peace requires that we center back into it, even while we are feeling fear.

      We can also bring peace in to a fear-filled space or experience by choosing to center into it.

      However, both practices require *lots* of intention, awareness and compassion. And, all of that shifts us away from the natural energetic dynamics into an energetic field that we have intentionally created. Understanding this might allow us to feel less disempowered when fear is present and more open to possibilities beyond our natural reactions.

      First, understanding the natural flow, as I have presented in this article, helps us to then make choices about if we want to manipulate it, and how to manipulate it in ways that are gentle to our system.

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