On Being Extra-Kind to Yourself, Especially When Grief is Swirling Through Mainstream Energy, As It Has Been This Week

This is your invitation to do something kind for yourself. What will it be? (please do share in the comment section below!)

Why today?

Well, in general, I don’t stay current with news – but, I do plug in to the biggest stories so I can understand the collective conscious energy. I use that awareness within my own personal practices of presence and while coaching clients, especially when people seem to be feeling the same energy pretty strongly.

It seems that the current collective conscious is set to grief. (However, it will absolutely unfold to something new within the next few days!)

While we hold space for that grief to unfold, turning kindness inward helps offset pain and amplify peace.

Why is grief front and center? Perhaps because of the: refugee crisis, suicide awareness campaign last Thursday and the remembrance of 9-11 events last Friday.

Adding in this weekend’s New Moon/solar eclipse energy, potentially intensifies the heart energy we are feeling most strongly.

(If you would like more information on the energy of New Moon, in general, please read this “Connecting with, and Celebrating, New Moon energy“.)

Of course, if you are someone who does plug directly into the news and the astrological readings around this month’s New Moon, you might be feeling overwhelming grief, especially if you are in any type of transition (which, in general, most people are, in their daily life as they move from intention or goal A to intention or goal B).

If you are empathic, then you might be feeling residual grief and wondering why because its presence doesn’t make logical sense with the current variables in your life (meaning, you are not currently in transition or processing a recent loss).

As this grief passes through your energetic field, you might find yourself in tears in unexpected spaces, feeling triggered by ‘old’ heart wounds, pushing away or resisting love or comfort.

Understanding that this might not directly be your energy, can bring a bit of peace back into your experience of this day/week.

(Please note: if you are feeling tears, please cry them out. Stuffing them in can create a barrier to flow as well as physical pain. I personally feel tears are heart barriers sloughing away in physical form, so I cry when my body/heart/being produces tears.)

Being present to grief

Let’s look at all of this from a point of being present to what is in our space.

If you find yourself feeling sadness or grief, even if it’s not directly yours (meaning you’ve tapped into the collective conscious energy), allow yourself to explore it.

Perhaps ask grief what message it has for your personally, as it flows through your space. Perhaps ask your body if you are holding grief from long ago someplace.

Then use the message grief has for you as:

  • an opportunity to heal residual heart wounds,
  • inspiration to celebrate the spaces you have healed from past grief or that grief has led you to ‘goodness and blessings’
  • to reach out to connect with people and resources to create something new/different that feels good to your heart and being.

To be very clear: grief is not ‘bad’, being empathic or feeling collective conscious energy strongly is not ‘bad’, crying is not bad. (Let’s remove judgment so we can all feel more peace around our feelings and experience with them!)

Please note: What I’ve shared here about processing grief can also be used with any other energy that is present in your space.

If you are feeling grief or sadness, and you would like some support and guidance in understanding what you are feeling and holding space for those feelings to unfold, I do offer personal coaching sessions.

Dear Reader: What energies are strongly present in your current space? What kindness will you be gifting yourself with? (when you share, you inspire)

Much peace and abundant love,


The next session of I Believe in Magic begins Sept 18th – the theme is an exploration of heart energy through poetry.

This photo class began a few years ago, when I was grieving. I would make myself look for something beautiful and light-filled in each day, through my tears and pain, to remind myself of what was possible beyond these feelings. I often took a photo so that I could look upon it later and physically ‘prove’ to myself in the moments that my mind doubted ‘goodness’, that yes, beauty and light existed and could inspire my heart to open even when my mind said ‘no’. Each participant has a different reason for wanting to see and celebrate beauty and light and that energy infuses their photos and words. You can see, it can be fun *and* a powerful practice far beyond the surface joy of seeing and celebrating beauty and light.

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Comments on: "On Being Extra-Kind to Yourself, Especially When Grief is Swirling Through Mainstream Energy, As It Has Been This Week" (4)

  1. What a perfect message for all of us, Joy! I did so much grieving for past losses in RC (Re-evaluation Counseling) that I feel like I have cleared (as much as I could then) a ton of past grief. So my “job” is to be very present to whatever comes now because I am one who tends to feel EVERYTHING and at some point, I learned to shut down somewhat when I felt too much. Yesterday, a little white parakeet was in our yard and I knew he was someone’s little pet and that he was in grave danger out in the big world—-and our nights have been cooler lately. I did what I could (he would not let me approach him) and put out a notice on our neighborhood on-line bulletin board, but no one responded and I have been sort of grieving and praying for the little fellow ever since. If I had had a cage and some seeds, I could have probably caught him and taken him to the SPCA. But I gave my cages away long ago. So I am feeling my grief about that little bird. I am actually glad that I can grieve for the little things in the world :)

    • Thank you for sharing, Jean!!

      I am so glad you experienced the release of grief in your RC experience – what a huge healing and heart-opening practice that is!

      I think we have each learned to ‘shut down’ when we feel too much – so, it’s a joy to now learn together to keep our hearts open to understand and hold space for what we feel.

      What a kind, thoughtful heart you have, Jean – to notice the little bird, take the time to put up signs and then to feel into grieving (although it may also be that he survived and is fine – ‘miracles’ like that happen, often! Shoot, I ‘survived’ some things that people said I probably couldn’t!).

      So much love to your and your kind heart!

  2. My hope is, Joy, that his owner came and got him from whichever tree he finally settled in—–I did ask the angels to look after him. I had little birds like that when I was little because of the allergies to dogs and cats (which I have had ever since my mom decided that what we had was NOT a cat :) —-gotta love my mom, she just could not let me go without having something I loved so much, even if it was a health challenge <3 But before that happened, I had parakeets instead of furry critters. And they do get away from people :( So if you survived, maybe he did too! :)

    • It would be lovely for both of them if his owner found him, Jean!

      I love that your mom decided ‘not a cat’ was okay – because here you are with a cat!!

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