Happy October! Opening This New Month with a Creative Surge


Happy New Month of October!!!

My body woke on its own, super early this morning – as in 4am early!

I knew not to resist it, so I decided to do some work. I was sitting at my desk in the pre-dawn hours, when I saw vibrant pink streaming past my window!

So, I ran outside pre-shower, still in my night-time clothes, to stand under the sky, feel the energy and bask in the beauty!

Because I was so fascinated with the stunning sky and the radiant moon, I wasn’t concerned about the neighbors judging me (and I wasn’t judging myself, either!). I simply chose to be present, with lots of love and gratitude!

It changed the feel of my entire day! I felt the magic in the moment, right where I was. That magic wove it’s way into my day in an unexpectedly wonderful way (as you will see in the next section of this article).

What a delightful surprise! What a wonderful way to open a new month!

Yes! to lots of delightful surprises for each one of us, as we move through our daily lives, present exactly as we are!

I didn’t have to ‘do anything‘ to receive this loveliness, I was simply being, and it was presented to me.

Taking the time to appreciate and celebrate the present then brought that magical element directly into my physical life! 

I love October because here in So. Ca., where I live, it’s our ‘summer’ – the sun shines daily, it’s the time of year where sunsets over the ocean are intense and dramatic, and I dip into the ocean almost daily! While the rest of the country is putting on layers, we are taking them off.

What I love most about October is celebrating Harvest, the deliciousness of pumpkin, the color orange, and the buffer of peace and joy between the transition to my kids school schedule in September and the beginning of the holidays in November.

Manifesting with Joy, in Daily Life: A Free Conversation Series

My offerings and services through this site grow organically from my heart whispers.

Some people ask ‘how I can whip up a class or an offering’ *just like that*. Well, when my heart whispers, it’s a joy to create. Yes, it takes time to do the technical work, then switch over to let creative expression flow from my intuitive self, but nothing about it is draining, even if it takes several hours of presence to start the project.

Feeling this morning’s magic, I created something today that I have wanted to create since opening Facets of Joy a few years ago.


Manifesting with Joy in Daily Life: A Free Conversation Series.

Basically, I love manifesting!

Coming from a childhood of having my voice and creative expressions squelched (and being disciplined in the moments I had the courage to choose to explore and share them), living infinite possibility in my daily life, now, feels like a miracle! (It is a miracle – each and every day something new is manifested in and I am in wonder, awe and extreme gratitude!)

While I understand the value of learning through study and application, I personally learn best from listening to people’s real-life experiences.

If you explain how something works in your life, I can think about and feel into it and customize it to apply somewhere in my life.

While we might hold a common interest in manifesting, we each practice in different ways. Finding affirmation in our similarities and being exposed to the differences and considering using new techniques in our personal practices, is very expansive, in a gentle, joyful way.

I created the information pages for this series, today. I recorded my first conversation this morning (with Jenny Griffin from The Power of Change). I am recording my second conversation tomorrow (with Jennifer Hillman from Jennifer Hillman.com).

Tomorrow, I will issue invitations to my peers to participate in these conversations.

I have more prep work to do….but….what was this morning a quiet heart whisper, is now, this evening, a reality. And, *that* is a perfect example of the ease and joy of manifesting in my daily life!

Dear Reader: What do you love most about October? And, as you feel into the energy of my manifesting example, I’d love for you to share what your heart is asking you to create and what is one step you can take to begin that process? (please share in the comment section – when you share, you inspire!)

Much peace and abundant love,


The October Online Energetic Intention circle is open now through October 7, 2015 to add your intentions. There is a one-month and a one-year subscription membership. For more information, please click the link.

If you prefer personal, one-on-one support and guidance in your manifesting practice, listening to your heart whispers, honoring flow of creative expression or anything related to energy movement in your life, I do offer personal coaching.

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