Facets of Joy Four-Year Anniversary and an Audio Gift: Celebrating Each Step as You Take It

Guess what?!

Today, Facets of Joy as a website and business is four years old!! Woo-hoo! It’s been a life-changing (sometimes a challenging stretch, always a wonderful dream come true) four years!

If you are familiar with the way I move through life, I tend not to notice or celebrate calendar events so this is completely different for me. (And, I like that!) I happened to be scrolling through my articles last week, looking for something specific when I noticed that the first article I wrote was on November 23, 2011. Whoa.

What was the article you ask? Oh, it was “The Power of You“. I am surprised, and delighted, with how much my writing style has changed – still flowing from my heart center, but in a different way.

Many of you know that I enjoy celebrating each step, so the next question might be “How did you choose to celebrate Facets of Joy’s four-year anniversary?“.


As you may know, I am a ‘sunset girl’ so seeing sunrise at ocean’s edge is a rare treat for me.

I intentionally went to ocean’s edge this morning to walk at sunrise, to open this new Facets of Joy year with light and flow. This photo is *the moment* that sun appeared to peek over the mountains. I love that the sun is yellow, which correlates with our solar plexus chakra – which stands for….*JOY*, personal power, confidence.

Thank you, Universe!!!

I took a short walk and thought about how much has changed in my life since Facets of Joy was born. I spent time sharing gratitude for where I was, where I am and where I will be – including toward everyone who I have met through Facets of Joy, all of the heart-energy and creative expressions that have been shared and the community that has been created based on a foundation of love, gratitude, peace, joy, ease, trust and faith.

It feels incredibly awesome to be sharing energy – life-changing energy – through a website! When I first began, I wasn’t sure ‘how’ that would happen or what it would feel like for me or the participants in my programs and circles, but here I am (we are) living this amazing reality!

I looked out at the beautiful, calm ocean and I made a very short (one minute) video to share with you – so you can feel into that serenity and the reflection of infinite possibility and also hear the glorious sound of waves gently rolling over the rocks on the shore.

I stood there for many moments, breathing it all in.

I invited all of this energy into the unfolding of Facets of Joy, my personal life and my life with my children.

I reviewed my intention for sharing through Facets of Joy and asked Source to bless it. I asked Source to guide me to do the work to gently, lovingly speak and create from my heart truth and to remove any obstacles or re-create any patterns that are obstacles to clarity and expansion of my heart truth.

Here is my intention, in case you weren’t aware or had forgotten:

My intention has always been, and is, to share practices of presence and energy movement that amplify peace and possibility, heal heart wounds and/or inspire or motivate you (and I) to keep enjoying the feel of walking a heart-path.

I asked that each person who has connected with me through Facets of Joy receive blessings in perfectly placed ways that are easy and fun to receive and process. And, that others who enjoy practicing and playing like I (and we) do, are drawn into this Facets of Joy community.

When, I returned home, I wrote a love letter to Facets of Joy. And, then I did something new and wrote a letter to myself thanking myself for continuing to open my heart and be present to this life-changing Facets of Joy journey.

In that spirit, I created an audio to share with you, as my *Facets of Joy Four-Year Celebration gift* Celebrating Each Step as You Take It/Each Moment as You Move Through It”.

The question I ask myself is ‘why in the world have I waited four-years to create this audio when this practice is one of my favorites and something I use throughout each day in my personal life and in my Facets of Joy work?’ No judgment, but I’m so glad I felt the nudge now!!!

Thank you so much for your presence to this celebration!

Dear Reader: To celebrate Facets of Joy’s fourth birthday, please share with me in the comment section how long you have been a reader and a ‘blessing’ you would like to give to myself and/or to Facets of Joy, if you wish. I would also love to know, what is something ‘lovely’ that you have experienced as a direct result of something I’ve shared in an article, ecourse or personal session or on social media.

With a radiant heart-smile and so much gratitude, I am so ready to experience the unfolding of this next year through Facets of Joy!!

Much peace and abundant love,


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  1. Thank you thank you thank you…. I don’t remember how i found you but i am glad i did. I remember Keli Cooper. I Have managed to over come years of abuse myself. Forgiving him was huge, however forgiving myself was even bigger. I Have 17 years of sobriety. If it was not for my loving GOD and a support network of other recovering people who knows where i would be. Don’t care I’m right where I am suppose to be even if it is not where I want to be.When I truly believe this and live it a day at a time oh how great my life is. Im learning how to think different you are a blessing in my life. I love getting a email from you. You are so loving. I hope some day I can learn to help other people like you have….. peace, love and joy.

    • Hi Donna,

      Please do thank yourself for coming out of abuse *and* doing the work to forgive him as well as yourself.

      Congratulations on choosing sobriety – may you thank yourself for that choice as well!

      God and support (which is all Love) are wonderful resources! What I believe in my journey is that I might not be where I want to, but I’m not where I was and that is the blessing. We have this day to live, and we can choose how we want to feel in it, and *that* is a blessing we didn’t have the luxury of when in abuse.

      I am so glad you enjoy my emails. I do believe that you *can* help others, right where you are – sharing your story and experience and the steps you took to step out of abuse inspires others in ways you might not even know *and* keeps healing and opening your own heart to possibility in your life. Thank *you* for your presence!

  2. Joy! I have been a reader since 2012. Although the style was a little unfamiliar to me at first, I felt drawn to sign up, read, study and speak with you.

    I am so glad I did :-)

    My life is inconceivably more joyful now; I am able to move through my day pain-free and my whole being benefits from the improvement in all my personal and professional relationships. This is interesting to me as, actually, my focus, through learning about your work, has been very much on self-love, gratitude, celebration and taking the time to appreciate the myriad beautiful things in daily life which can pass unnoticed. I have taken practical steps too, of course, but with the internal changes these simply appeared as ‘natural’ rather than dramatic, difficult or ‘not possible’ as they did before I began to embrace self-love and joy.


    For the moment I send you my heart-felt love and gratitude and … having just completed your (amazing!) manifesting course I hope to manifest something tangible to share with you as well :-)


    • Wow, Catriona- I hadn’t realized you’ve been a reader so long – thank you!!!

      I understand my style is quite different – people tell me this in life, as well. I am glad you chose to open your heart to connect even with those differences.

      Thank you for taking the time to share these words about your experience – I am so glad to read that you are feeling more joy, with pain-free days (wow!! – please thank yourself for the work you’ve done to feel this way!!).

      I feel your love and gratitude – I hope you understand how grateful I am for *your presence* and all that you share, which is inspiring and life-enriching to *me* and has changed my life in wonderful ways!

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