#Reverb15: Lists and Prayers

This is my response to Day One of Reverb 15: Lists and Prayers

In her seventh ever blog post, all the way back in March 2003(!), the inimitable Andrea Scher wrote: “Maybe lists are like prayers.”

What sorts of lists do you have on the go at the moment? What do they suggest you are praying for?

I don’t love lists.

I practice full presence to unfolding within organic growth. If I write something down on a list, it’s like declaring it *has* to be done/experienced/completed and through the action of writing, the energy of the item is then brought directly into my physical realm of being.

I feel it as a weight, an obligation, a constriction to the infinite possibility that I love to live. How can I be open to the delight of surprise if there is a list?

Using my Daily Business Mastermind List to Support my Practice of Unfolding

So, it may surprise you, then – because it definitely surprises me! – that I have been participating in a daily mastermind group for three years and this practice includes creating and sharing a daily list. (For three years!!! what?! And, I am present because I love it!! Here is a shout-out to my mastermind partners: Jody MacDonald – Visual Artist and Lisa Call – Textile Paintings, they make it easy and fun to show up!)

What is absolutely important to me and non-negotiable is my desire and ability to be present with love, gratitude and joy to everything/place/person I choose to share energy with, so I create my daily mastermind list to support this intention and with the awareness that it can all be ‘chucked out the window’ because my heart led me down a different path that day. (At first, it took a lot of courage to check-in with a list full of unchecked items and say “I chose unfolding this day” but it’s my truth and something I couldn’t ‘un-practice’ at this point even if I wanted to!)

To support my intention, I include my practices of presence on my business list (since my business revolves around sharing my practices of presence, this makes logical as well). These daily practices include: journal writing, walking, meditating, tapping, a 5-minute business meditation (inviting source in) and reading for pleasure. Some days I add ‘drink plenty of water, get a good night’s sleep and/or eat foods that nourish and delight’ to my list. Depending upon Moon’s cycle or the transition of natural seasons, I will add in a practice to celebrate that.

To round out my daily items: I facilitate a few different Facebook forums, so I add each individual one as its own list item. If there is a Facebook forum for a class that I participate in as a student, I list that individually as well. I also include social media and Instagram because I love engaging through those platforms.

The rest of my list changes per day, but consistently includes: driving my kids to and from school and their activities, spending time with them around school, anything I would like to do to set the energy of our house, and specific business items with a deadline for that day (client sessions, facilitating a class, interviews, article writing). And, then I include stretch goals – but if they aren’t done within a few lists time, I delete them, with love, because rolling them over to the next list doesn’t feel very light-filled.

That and my grocery list are the only two physical lists I have going.

Something very important to me (that I live and teach) is to celebrate each step as I (we) take it – which is especially helpful when looking at my physical list.

This practice of “celebrating each step” directs our focus toward what we *did* do, and gives us the opportunity to appreciate that, instead of judge or criticize ourselves for what we didn’t do. 

Energetic Lists

I’m more of an energetic list person. I love intending how I’d like to feel in this day/experience/block of time and how I’d like that day/experience/block of time to feel as I’m in it.

I have energetic lists of how I’d like to feel in my body, heart, business, mothering dynamic with my kids, heart connections, sacred connections, as I walk on the beach, as I play with creative expressions…..how do I want to feel and how can I be love as I feel it?

FullSizeRender (2)

A real-life example: this list hangs from a shelf on my desk by my work space

And if it’s not on my list, show me (Universe). Show me a word that describes an energy that will enrich my life in some way and/or my understanding of life in some way. 

My Prayer

It feels to me as if my prayer through my lists is very clear: May I feel physical and energetic support, abundance in all realms, as I center into love, gratitude and joy and open to creating and connecting through (and beyond) any limitations of my patterning while moving through each day. Surprise me with delight, teach me with bliss, flow through me with light. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

I just joined the Heart Wide-Open 365 community hosted by Marthe and Saar. By ‘just’ I mean, I’m on days five and six – which happen to be an exploration of lists. Something that we were invited to do was to allow ourselves to be first on our list – whoa! That is so new to me, but I like the feel so I’m going to play with it.

I love that this Reverb 15 prompt and the Heart Wide-Open prompt were presented to me on the same day! I get the message!

For more information on Reverb 15 hosted by Kat McNally – so you can participate if you’d like – please click the title link (this session’s theme is Alchemy, which spoke straight to my heart!)

Dear Reader: What is your experience with lists? Please do share!

Much peace and abundant love,


The December Online Energetic Intention circle is open now through December 7, 2015 to add your intentions. There are one-month and one-year subscription membership options. For more information, please click the link.

If you prefer personal, one-on-one support and guidance in understanding your patterning and how it affects your current quality of life, listening to your heart whispers, honoring flow of creative expression or anything related to energy movement in your life, I do offer personal coaching.

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  1. I enjoyed reading about your dance with lists Joy. As a mostly non-list lover myself, I’m always striving to give a right-brain spin to what’s basically a left-brain task. Sounds like you’re mastering that as well. And I certainly love your understanding of what your lists are calling forth.

    • Yay for ‘right-brain spins’, Deborah!

      I love to understand and celebrate the ‘lesson’/message in things, because then I can experience fullness in it. Thank you for your kind words!

  2. “Celebrating each step”….. I love that. It feels wide open and marvelously energizing. I’m so glad Kat’s Reverb has brought me to your blog.

    • Yes! to all that feels *wide open and marvelously energizing*, Corinne – because then we are living infinite possibility, right in our daily lives! How fun! I am so glad you came to the blog to read, visit and join in the conversation – thank you!

  3. I think you’re absolutely right: one has to allow oneself the freedom to ignore or discard as much of a list as necessary for it to be useful. I love your prayer!

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