The Energy and Benefits of Blessing an Opening (Like This New Calendar Year)

As you open this new calendar year, may you take some time to bless:

  • yourself as you center and open to connect and create,
  • the sacred container of this year of 2016,
  • each space as you walk into it,
  • the people you pass as you move through your day and the heart connections you choose to be present to (and with).

“Blessing” can be as simple as saying *thank you* – either silently within or in spoken words – and sending love and gratitude.

When you keep your practices of presence simple and easy, you are more likely to do them. The more consistent you are with your practices, the more likely it is that you will see them ‘work’ in your physical life. 

What if you miss blessing something (like the new year) as it unfolds? Then, simply thank yourself for noticing the opportunity and bless it as it is, where you are. Let this moment be your ‘new beginning’.

What if you are already deep in the midst of an experience (like a relationship) and you hadn’t known to bless it at the beginning because that was years ago and you have learned so much since then, but it feels wonderful to your heart now? Ah, then, simply thank yourself for noticing the opportunity and bless it as it is, where you are. It is *always* the right time to share love and gratitude.

(What if you don’t feel like blessing it? Then, don’t!)

The Benefits of Blessing an Opening

What you focus your attention on, grows.

If you open a block of time or an experience by blessing it, you are essentially ‘planting seeds’ of love and gratitude.

If you believe in energetic resonance – that like-energy draws like-energy into the space – this blessing then sets the vibration of the space to that of love and gratitude.

It hasn’t ‘cost you’ anything, except perhaps a few moments of your time and a few intentional thoughts.

This practice can change the way you feel as you step into a space (centered, empowered, open to the fullness of blessings and possibility – regardless of external); the way the space feels as you step into it (which allows you to remain tapped into flow as you feel into the energy); and the overall feeling of life as you live it.

Blessing the opening can direct (or re-direct) your attention to the flow of love and light, peace and possibility which then increases the likelihood you will experience a connection with love, light, peace and possibility.

The Logic and Energy in Thanking Yourself

The idea of ‘thanking yourself’ may be new to you. It’s a really powerful practice of turning love and gratitude inward – acknowledging that you have made a choice and offering your own support (to yourself) as the energy of the choice unfolds. (If it turns out the choice doesn’t feel good or isn’t working like you thought it would, you’ve already thanked yourself, so you’re less likely to criticize yourself and more likely to simply make another choice that feels better!)

When you thank yourself for each step as you take it, you feel appreciated at base. When you feel appreciated, that opens you up to the energy of appreciation in all realms of your life and it naturally increases the peace you feel in your body, being and life, as you are, as it is. 

Energetically, there is a possibility that you may feel less drained as you take each step – but there are many other variables that play into that feeling beyond self-appreciation (such as being in spaces of non-resonant energy or making choices out of obligation).

So, I can say, turning love and gratitude inward gifts yourself a base of love and gratitude which then changes the way you feel at inner core as you move through your day (and if you’re in non-resonant energy or being present due to obligation, at least there will be threads of peace woven into it so it won’t feel as heavy).

Examples of Phrases I Use When I Bless an Opening

I share practices of presence that are gentle and easy so that when you play with them in your life, you increase that ease. It’s essential, then, that you don’t overthink this.

You can use any words you choose as you bless something. There aren’t ‘right’ words or phrases. As long as what you are feeling is genuine gratitude and love, that energy will be conveyed through the words and phrases you choose. And, if words fail you, then a smile sharing your open-hearted energy will do!

I keep it very simple for myself. Here are some phrases that share with you the gist of what I might say as I bless an opening.

When opening this new year, I say something like “Thank you, 2016, for the gifts I will experience while being present as you unfold.” or “Thank you, Source, for the gift of being present here on Earth to open 2016 with my children and loved ones.” or “Thank you, Joy, for being present to opening 2016, with love and gratitude.” I follow these phrases with “please may I be open, with love and gratitude, to experience the fullness of connection and flow available to me energetically and in my physical life as this year unfolds.” So it is, so it shall be.

When turning love and gratitude inward toward myself, I say something like “Thank you, Joy, for being present with an open-heart, centered in love and gratitude, to this moment. May you feel consistent, abundant peace and possibility as you move through this day (experience, year).”

Before I step into a new space (new as in I hadn’t ever been but also new as in transitioning from my home to a restaurant to my friend’s house), I say something like “Thank you, Source, for this space and what I will be experiencing in it. Please show me the possibility, aligned with (whatever energy I wish to feel). Thank you, Joy, for being present to this space and the blessings in it.”

I send love and gratitude to people as I move through my day, specifically for whatever they are sharing with me that is inspiring or lights my life in some way and also in general for their presence.

For example, if I am at the grocery store and I see a mother being kind and loving with her child, I send love and gratitude for the reflection that is affirming and healing to me (and if it touches my heart, I will take the time to tell her ‘thank you for being loving and kind to your child, I noticed and it touched me’).

Another example, is if I am physically with a person I know, I tell them how their presence lit my heart that day.

Technically, I center into love and gratitude, then move through my day and I keep centering throughout the day and all of this ‘blessing’ feels like a natural outpouring of that love and gratitude.

When I first began practicing years ago, something like blessing a space took time, intention and attention and because it was unfamiliar to me then, many times I didn’t bless something as I opened it. After enough practice, it became more familiar and I remembered to do it more (and I liked the feeling that blessing brings so that was my motivation to keep remembering!). And, now, it’s just a natural part of my life – no longer requiring the thought to bless (but I absolutely put thought to be intentional with my words, energy and presence!)

Dear Reader: I invite you to try this practice of blessing the new calendar year and/or something in your life and to remember to thank yourself for the blessing and let me know how it goes!!! Let me know what you chose to bless, how you felt during the process and how you felt after. (when you share, you inspire others!)

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,


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  1. Thank you for this beautiful message, Joy! It always helps to be reminded to bless everyone and everything in our lives at all times. I equate gratitude with blessing and I am always being thankful for EVERYTHING! Blessings to you and your family and to everyone you touch (there are so many). I do need to remember to bless myself so thank you for that reminder! Lots of love and many blessings to you and your family, Joy! <3

    • I can feel so much joy in your words, Jean, as you share your experience with blessing! I think sometimes, in general, in mainstream people have become so used to complaining or criticizing that the art of blessing falls to the wayside. Yet, as you share here, it’s so powerful. Including ourselves in that blessing is naturally healing and heart-opening – which usually means we are open to blessing more (and to receiving more in!).

      Loads of love to you, Jean, and may you receive back into your life the perfect physical placement of blessings that are easy and fun to receive and celebrate and life-changing in wonderful ways! <3

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