We Are All Doing the Best We Can


I love today’s daily affirmation from Louise Hay!

This is a wonderfully refreshing, well-placed reminder for me, today. I felt it might be so for you, too, so I’m sharing it. (If this looks familiar to you, I shared it on social media this morning but I also added in some thoughts, here.)

I think especially in this month of year-end review and holiday gatherings – which can be potentially vulnerable for many people –  this affirmation is a reminder of the power of compassion, grace and kindness (inward and outward).

If we all held this understanding, how peaceful, joyful and expansive connecting (with Source, our inner self and others) would consistently be!

Instead of being afraid of being different, we would be open to sharing our heart-truth. That sharing would draw others into our space who understood and also felt in similar ways. We would then potentially experience a fullness of connection that usually isn’t available if we are hiding or not sharing our heart-truth.

We would understand that if we want to experience something *more*, better than or different from our current experience (in any area of life), we have the ability to open to learn new skills, practices of presence and/or healing tools in fun, delightful ways, from a centered space of love and gratitude.

Perhaps we might even be more willing to ask for support and guidance in spaces we could use it. Instead of feeling discouraged or frustrated, we would then feel universal support, right in our space.

While I naturally extend understanding, compassion and grace externally, sometimes, my challenge with this is to remember to apply it inwardly. Maybe you can identify with this?

I have been working on this in my life – speaking with my self in ways that are encouraging and supportive and loving myself as I do my children. (It’s life-changing stuff – one benefit is consistent peace and joy, physically in my body and also in life.)

Also, this compassion shared externally opens the door to peace and possibility in daily life. The way we speak to (and often about) each other would be more caring, more kind as we held space for centering and opening to understand, respond to and learn from differences of opinion and ways of being instead of react or close down.

And, we might also understand (from a space of love) that someone might have a different level of awareness in this moment so honoring our boundaries would be a practice we embrace as an amplification of love instead of shy away from (which lots of heart-centered people tend to do).

We might also give our physical body and energetic being plenty of rest and refreshment, instead of consistently attempting to push beyond our limits and edges.

We might remember to celebrate each step as we take it, to savor the gift of this moment as we are in it, to appreciate the blessings in each day, without attempting to fix or change something about ourselves or the moment we are in.

Dear Reader: What are your thoughts and feelings on this affirmation and/or on what I’ve shared?

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Much peace and abundant love,

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  1. I love this post, Joy! It is the goal, really, to be in full presence and acceptance of self and others. Such a great reminder – thank you! xox, Reba

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