If I Were a Crayon…..

If I were a crayon….

Well, shoot *why* would I be a crayon?! I’m having trouble thinking about being in a box, hoping someone would open the cover so I could get some fresh air, then choose me so I could have fun adding to the picture.

But…if I were a crayon…I would know I had chosen to be a crayon and/or events aligned in Universe for me to be in that particular box and I would be the best crayon I could be!

I would probably choose to be a green crayon because green is the color of heart energy in the chakra system and I’m all about *sharing heart*.

(Or, I might choose to be the yellow-ish orange crayon because it’s a color of joy and we can all use more joy in our lives.)

I am certain I would be a glittery-crayon.

I would make sure to wiggle enough to draw attention to my entire row in the box so that the person coloring would choose all of the crayons around me, too.

I would manifest in a great, open crayon container so we could all breathe fresh air in between coloring sessions and we’d be out in the open, somewhere that we are seen daily so we get plenty of color-time.

I would be a magical crayon so when the person colors with me, they feel heart-energy and joy in their physical realm of being, as they create on paper and in life.

I think I might prefer to be in the home or space of a person feeling emotional or energetic pain or sadness like an elderly person without local family or a wee tot with parents who are ultra-busy and not fully present or someone who has just lost a loved one (to life’s unfolding); has just learned of a medical issue; is in some sort of life transition that has them questioning their beliefs and wondering if love truly matters.

It does!!! and somehow together we would color that knowing right back into their lives.


I am sure it doesn’t matter what we color: blank sheets of paper, pictures in a coloring book, sketches we have drawn.

I am sure it doesn’t matter how we color: pressing down hard on the paper and scribbling away, with a light swish, great focus and precision staying within the lines or mixing colors as we go.

I think it matters only *that* we color – for creative expression is a flow of heart energy, naturally healing and heart-opening as we are present to it, whether we are in the loveliest of moods or not.

I would beam encouragement to each person who colored with me and/or experienced my crayon energy through whatever I’ve contributed to – dissolving self-judgment and criticism (in creative expression and also in life) while amplifying self-love and grace.

(Huh, maybe I am a crayon!)

If I were a crayon, I would understand that my part in whatever was created was ‘perfect’ and it’s not for me to attempt to manipulate the quality of what was created or change the shape or form in any way.

And, although I would radiate love, peace, joy and encouragement, I would understand that some people might not choose me to create with *and* they might cover up my color with darker shades thinking it was ‘too much’ (too vibrant, colorful, bold, shiny) to leave as is. I’d be okay with that and I wouldn’t interfere with the process (although I would keep on radiating in my ‘joyful crayon’ way).

If I were a crayon, I would understand that there would be a risk that someone might push too hard and I would break and maybe they’d tape me up or maybe they’d leave me in little pieces…..or they might peel my wrapper off…..or drop me in the dirt …..and then be less than enthusiastic about creating with me from then on. It’s okay, I’d still wiggle enough to be noticed again, because I’d want to be out and around sharing my colorful energy and when I wasn’t chosen I’d be beaming energy to the crayons that were and to the person using them.

If I were a crayon, I might be concerned about the longevity of my job – some people think there is an age-cap on coloring, and there are a myriad of wonderful creative tools to use. I would know, though, that the heart energy that flowed lives on forever and I would be glad to have contributed to that flow, in my own ‘little’ way.

Whew, that was a quite a stretch – thank you for your presence as I participate in this week’s Finish the Sentence Friday (click the link if you’d like to know more about this free, fun blog link-up group) hosted this week by Alyssa from Babies, Bloodhounds & Booze, Oh My! and Kristi from Finding Ninee (their blog links are to their responses to this weeks “If I Were a Crayon” prompt – links to the other bloggers articles are at the end of theirs.)

Dear Reader: As you read my response to “If I were a crayon”, and consider the energy of what I’ve shared in your own life, what arises within? And, what is one of your favorite colors to create with?

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,


I am not offering ecourses in January. I am, however, offering personal sessions, which are available in different packages via email or Skype. I specialize in positive parenting (a child and/or your inner child), heart healing, understanding your patterns, shifting energy into a more expansive space, manifesting in a specific area, moving as peacefully as possibly through a life transition and dream-tending. For more information, please click the link.

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Comments on: "If I Were a Crayon….." (14)

  1. :) I definitely know you’ll be my favorite crayon, even if I won’t recognize the color accurately, I would love it because I would just “know” it!

  2. I would choose to color with both of you! :) :) And I am with you, Joy——I want to be one of the glitter crayons! Probably a red glitter crayon to help the world feel warm! Can you tell we are in 2 feet of snow right now, which was so pretty this morning because it looked like someone had dumped silver glitter all over it, just like the glitter cotton that is put under Christmas trees :). I am just going to chill today (literally) and enjoy doing nothing :).

    • What a fun coloring group it would be, Jean!!

      A red glitter crayon, amplifying warmth would be very much celebrated!

      I am glad you are finding beauty in the snow and hope your week continues to unfold with more beauty, chillin’ and joy!!

  3. I just learned that the City has cancelled school so my class is cancelled and I am happy about that! I have made peace with classes starting a week late! :) And we adults would enjoy the holiday festival coloring sheets that I give kids to color during Christmas! :) I have thought about sending packets of them to the kids in our hospitals at Christmas along with a packet of crayons. Might have to do some fund raising for it, though (Angels, are you listening? :) I don’t think we ever out-grow coloring, do you, Joy?

    • I am so glad you are happy and feel peace about the rescheduling of the beginning of your Winter class session, Jean!!

      I am sure Angels will support your desire to share coloring supplies with kids in hospitals (maybe there is already a program for them?).

      I don’t think we ever out-grow coloring – although some people weren’t encouraged as kids or didn’t have the resources, so coloring as an adult might not be in their realm of knowing. I do know that in my spiritual circles, coloring books (mandalas, meditative, contemplative) are currently *very* popular.

  4. I love your take on this prompt! Green is the color I would choose, too. I love the freshness of green.
    I also love what you said about how it matters *that* we color, nothing else. True. And that can be applied to so many things – such as love.

    • I agree, Lisa; after reading your comment, I was walking the beach at sunset and I had this clear desire *I want to feel the matter (and mattering) of love in all realms of my life*. Thank you for the inspiration!

  5. If I were a crayon, I would like to be in an open crayon box with you! It doesn’t matter how we color, just THAT we color. So true. I remind myself that about writing, too.

    • Thank you for the heart smile, Dana! Yes to open boxes, coloring, writing and making sure that we are present to the flow of our creative expressions!

  6. Here’s to coloring our worlds the way we need to and thank you.

  7. Great post! Ha, I sent my oldest daughter off to college with a brand new box of 64! She was the hit of the dorm! So get out those crayons, and color away…it is quite therapeutic! I think I shall start with the green one today! Aloha!

    • I love that something so simple was a ‘hit’, Vicki! What a powerful reminder, thank you. *grin* Let’s color lots of green into the world!

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