Affirmations that Celebrate The Extraordinary Gifts of Your Open-Hearted Self (Including a Guided Audio to Use Daily)


To celebrate the power of love, I created these affirmations to *celebrate the extraordinary gifts of your open-hearted self*, including your empathic nature, compassionate actions, generous kindness and abundant sharing of love.

I created an audio version so you can listen and speak along with the affirmations.

I’ve written it out here, so you can read the affirmations, if you prefer.

To open, I will share my personal intention and way of being so you can think about and feel into it and hopefully relate to it in your life.

I want you to understand you are not alone in your desire to live an open-hearted life.

My ‘superpower’ if you will, the journey of my becoming, is around the energy of open-hearted joy.

My intention is to keep my heart open in each moment, to notice and celebrate the blessing of the gift of this moment and to center into, connect and create with, and celebrate, love in each moment. I do the work to learn how to be this love, in daily life, to keep my heart open and to hold space for unfolding in my life and in others with love and gratitude, and to move with compassion, gratitude, kindness, in thought, word and action, It’s a practice of one intentional step after another. It’s a practice I usually enjoy being present to.

It’s not always ‘easy’ engaging with world from such a vulnerable, heart-centered space. Sometimes there is external criticism which stirs up my own internal doubts or touches a previously wounded space and adds to the pain. Often, though, as long as I’m centered into the energy of love, that criticism or those external doubts aren’t resonant and will roll right through as I continue being love.

As an empathic intuitive, I naturally see and sense/feel, a person’s inner-core feelings even if that is not what they are presenting in the moment. I hadn’t always considered this a blessing – and I’m sure many of you who are empathic or intuitive can relate. However, I’ve many years honing my skill and learning how to keep my heart joyfully open with it – honoring my empathic intuitive nature as the gift that it truly is, wrapping it in love and allowing it to guide me through life.

Sometimes, people around me don’t understand my choices, as I follow my heart whispers and choose ways of gentleness and grace or create something that takes time and energy just for the pure joy of it. Because I do want to be understood and appreciated, when I find myself being not understood and/or criticized or receiving in unsolicited and very non-resonant advice or opinions, I might feel a pull (from my mind) to either stop being so open-hearted or to stop sharing my journey (both of which cause disconnect and are in direct contrast with my open-hearted joy mission).

Many of the heart-centered people around me have experienced something similar. Since you’re here reading (or listening to the audio), I’m guessing you’re either open-hearted, someone who really enjoys sharing love, empathic and intuitive and you can relate with much of what I’ve shared.

I hear from clients and friends their doubts and challenges about choosing this open-hearted way.

It helps greatly, as far as inspiration and encouragement to ‘stay on this path,’ to have words of affirmation that feel good and ‘ring true’ to center into to refresh your energy and remind yourself of the power and of the joy of love.

I have created this short audio to be something you can do in the morning and throughout the day, whenever your heart asks you for a little more love and a little more support being love.

As you begin and as you read (or listen to the audio), please repeat the words, either in your mind or saying them out loud.

You may wish to take deep, cleansing breaths throughout this short audio.

You may wish to find your heart-beat, your pulse of love, by placing your hand directly over your heart, or one of your pulse points either on your wrist or neck.

May you allow yourself to feel the love, gratitude, joy, peace, grace and spirit in, and woven through, these words. May you allow yourself to remember that the love that you are and choose to be is a gift. Thank you for being you!

One note: I always open and close an experience with gratitude inviting peace and possibility in – which you may notice and feel as you listen in and speak these words.


Let’s begin:

Thank you, love, for being in my life! I feel you weaving into all of my connections, through my creative expressions, inviting me to follow your thread as I move through my day.

I trust you, Love and I joyfully invite you, Love – your healing and heart-opening elements – into every energetic and physical area of my life – including, but not limited to, my body, being, home, work space, relationships, bank account, car, sacred spaces (and not so sacred spaces), shadowy corners and radiantly open chambers.

I am grateful to myself for my choices, for sharing Love, easily, joyfully in each space I am in, with each person I come in contact with! Sharing love lights my heart and lights each space I move through as well as the hearts of each person who wishes to receive love in.

I understand that Love is a connector energy – yet some people or spaces are not willing or able to receive love in . Their deflection of the energy of love is not a rejection of me and the love seeds I’ve planted may very well blossom (and often do) within them in the future in ways I can’t possibly fathom.

Each time I choose to be, share and celebrate love it matters, within my own being and life (naturally opening and healing my own heart further) amplifying the goodness in each space and within eachheart it touches. I may see the immediate effects of the power of love and in some cases, I may not know what love is growing, but I know it matters so I keep on sharing it in ways that are fulfilling and delightful.

Feeling the energy in a room or person is a beautiful gift that I am thankful for. I know that feeling allows me to understand human nature and the dynamics of energy at a level that can’t be taught which allows me to naturally share love and its complementary energies of grace, compassion, and gratitude in all spaces, with all people. What a beautiful gift for myself and all who experience it!

I enjoy sharing light and love-filled words, gifts and acts of kindness with others! It lights my heart to share what I have with the world and I trust the energy of love to guide me on where and with whom to share.

I also remember to turn those light and love-filled words, gifts and acts of kindness inward, so that my own heart, my own being can feel the power of love.

When I feel discouraged or depleted, that is my sign to center back into Love and, from there, to take care of my base physical and energetic needs, making sure I share from this overflow of love coursing through me.

It’s not my ‘job’ to determine who might ‘mis-use’ love – I don’t believe one can misuse love – it’s powerful wherever it’s shared. I do create and honor boundaries in my life, to amplify the ease and joy of sharing love – remembering love will go where it’s needed and I’m not meant to sacrifice myself by depleting my own resources or causing internal pain attempting to hold or heal the pain of another.

Love will do its work as I share it from the abundant flow in my life!

Choosing to be love amplifies the feel of ‘magic’ in my daily life! I experience synchronicity, blessings in all forms, signs of affirmation and encouragement and physical manifestations of love in wondrous ways beyond what I could imagine or ask for. I joyfully receive all of this love in and am thankful for its presence in my life.

Thank you for all of the Love I have received, am receiving and will receive in my life!

Thank you for all of the Love I have been blessed to be, am being and will continue to be in my life!

Thank you Love, for opening my heart, and blessing my life in all of the ways you have!

It is an honor, a blessing, a joy, to live this open-hearted life, feeling as deeply as I do and receiving that love back ten-fold into my life.

Thank you self, for being the open-hearted, empathic, compassionate, kind, generous person that you are and for sharing love in all of the ways that you do.

In closing, I invite you to take a cleansing breath and to feel the power of love working in your life.

Dear Reader: The question I ask on the audio that I’d love to hear your answer about is ‘from the perspective of mindfulness, what do you love most about your choice to live an open-hearted life, being and sharing love as you move through your day?

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,


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