An Example of How Unfolding and Understanding Naturally Amplify Peace and Joy and Reflections from Shattered Glass

Today’s ‘reflection’ is about the practice of unfolding and an example of ‘how it works’ in my life. And, also about interpreting signs as they are placed and how to use the meaning to expand your understanding.

Unfolding and understanding both increase peace and joy (without changing external) as you move through daily life.

I hadn’t been great, recently, about sharing my daily life via social media (in this space or any other on the web) because I’ve been ultra-busy remembering to breathe (really – it’s the key to peace for me!) and doing practices throughout each day to hold space for unfolding during a really busy span of a few months full of change. But, I personally learn so much more from what people share than from reading in a book, so I’m sharing in case there is something in my experience that speaks to you, in yours.

With that….

Currently, my Saturday mornings are full. I drive my son to his aerial class, bright and early – the same time we leave for school during the weekdays – then, I don’t return to get him until early afternoon. Which leaves me with a large block of time – too long to wait there, not long enough to do anything that requires focused attention and presence.

Over the past month, a Saturday routine has naturally evolved. After dropping my son off, I run ‘errands’, then come home and make a smoothie (for me) and something delicious for my daughter (who is usually waking by the time I get home and put groceries away). Then, I do something creative that lights my heart (the activity varies but the intention is always to play with creating). Then, I might take a power nap or read a book before picking up my son.

After he rests and refreshes, if we are all home together we do a family activity.

It’s taken a month or so of holding space and keeping my heart open to possibility, for this flow to evolve. I couldn’t have planned it, I just stepped my way into it and after a bit, it happened on its own.

By ‘step my way into it’, I mean the first few Saturdays I made smoothies and breakfast and that felt great. Somewhere in there, I decided to see how grocery shopping felt after dropping my son off – it felt awesome, it’s so early the store is clean and organized and very few people are there. After a few weeks, I incorporated creative play and a nap or reading and that felt wonderful. In such a way, my Saturday morning flowed into what it is now – which is a blessing (one I thought ‘not possible’ initially!).

At first, when I found out I had to drive early on Saturday morning, I was frustrated because it ‘took away’ my favorite morning of the week. In the past, the kids would both sleep in (as teens tend to do) and by the time I had to drive my son to afternoon class, I had connected and created at home and was glad for the break of being out and around.

(I want to note that it’s okay to feel frustrated. I don’t manifest well nor do I feel much peace in frustration, so that was my sign to open to something different. Which I did. But, I do allow myself the full range of feelings – choosing to create with them, and allowing them to naturally shift to something else.)

I originally resisted this change, although pretty quickly I opened to experience the possibility in it (only because I am very much about living infinite possibility – it’s become a part of who I am and my way of being). Now, I love the feel of my ‘new’ Saturday mornings! (And, I also know it will be morphing into something new because my son is graduating aerial – and high school – in the next two weeks, so his schedule will be changing into something we currently have no idea about!)


*This* Saturday morning, as I was getting ready, I dropped my compact and the little mirror inside of it shattered.

What *I* understand about the energy of shattered glass is that it represents your dreams shattering. It energetically means “something you thought to be true, isn’t”. And, it’s also a great reminder that one might be rushing – so slow down, be mindful with your actions and energy and move with ease through the moment.

I like the symbolism and it *very much* fits the current stage in my life. So, I said ‘thank you’ and put it aside to photo it and write an article about. 

However, when my daughter woke and saw the mirror she said ‘Mom, that’s seven years bad luck’. Which is interesting because until her words I had been feeling great about my ‘sign’ (and sometimes, that’s what others beliefs and opinions do – ‘bust our bubble’ unintentionally and unexpectedly). To be clear, she had no desire or intention to convey anything ‘negative’ – it’s just what she had heard and been conditioned to believe.

While I was considering this, I read a few emails. One stood out to me, because the energy seemed to be speaking to this experience. This is a short excerpt from Anne Hayman’s newsletter this morning:

“Waning moon allows you to stand back + see the big picture in your life. Notice what is working + what needs to go. It allows you to notice what really lights you up. What you feel passionate about.”

When I put this together with my shattered mirror, I think what it’s saying is ‘center and really feel into and understand the energy that you are and the energetic dynamics in your space – not what you think you see, or have always seen, but what is there now, as it is’.

This fits because I am working on ‘upleveling’ my life – as I focus on healing wounds from years of abuse, I’m no longer settling in many physical areas of life, I’m taking action steps, so my physical experience can align with the energetic flow, connection with source and centeredness I practice and feel (and am).

Sure, my ‘dreams were shattered’ – but that doesn’t have to be a negative thing. Maybe those dreams weren’t the ‘right’ fit for who I am becoming (because I keep centering, my energetic vibration changes – opening, expanding and shifting into newness). Maybe those dreams weren’t totally ‘mine’ (I am sure my children’s wishes and desires and loved ones wishes and desires had weaved their way in). Maybe, like the unfolding of my Saturday mornings from something I resisted into something I thoroughly enjoy and love, those dreams were far less than the magnificence Universe wishes me to experience.

It might ‘feel’ negative if I cling to my dreams, or spend time thinking about the past instead of celebrating the gifts of the present  or curse something (source, myself, the mirror, life).

Perhaps you can identify? (which is why I’m sharing this with you!).

Currently, in life, I don’t label things ‘good or bad’.

I do believe and practice there is source energy running through everything and I’ve trained (am always training) myself to naturally see that – especially in spaces others don’t.

I also, as I see that ‘source energy’, see what is contrasting with source energy – so I understand what the message is on a physical level (which sometimes differs from an energetic level).

Dropping my mirror and seeing that shattered glass was neither good nor bad to me – it was interesting.

I noticed it, so took that to mean there was a message in it for me. And I did some work to understand the energy in it beyond what I’d been ‘taught’ or those around me think. I didn’t think ‘oh, shoot, nor did I think woo-hoo’ – I thought ‘I wonder what this means’.)

And, I also thought of Annie Lennox’s song “Walking on Broken Glass” – which seems to fit as well.

As long as I don’t judge myself for breaking the glass, and I keep my heart open to the possibility in it – all will be well. (And that’s pretty much how I’m approaching this life-changing month of June with so many changes, most of which are out of my control but impact my life directly.)  I even have ‘be kind and gentle with myself’ on my daily business mastermind list, it’s *that* important for me to remember to do and be!

(^^That last paragraph is as much a metaphor as it is literal!)

Dear Reader: Thank you so much for reading! As you feel into the energy of what I’ve shared, what stand out to you (as it applies to your life)? When you feel a sign is for you, and that your interpretation might be different from another’s, how do you find clarity in it? (when you share, you inspire)

Much peace and abundant love,

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Comments on: "An Example of How Unfolding and Understanding Naturally Amplify Peace and Joy and Reflections from Shattered Glass" (4)

  1. Hi Joy. Thank you for sharing this. What I got from it was that there are several ways of looking at something like a shattered mirror. Yes, the old traditional way that your daughter has heard, but what came to my mind is the many facets of life Facets of Joy/Life that we are invited to explore. Right now, I am experiencing a shattering of my peace because of an ear problem that does not seem fixable, at least by normal medical means. I go back and forth between feeling that I can live with it, and feeling like it is going to drive me nuts! :) What I do not like is that it isolates me and makes me unable to hear most of what people in crowds are saying. So I am still trying to heal it, adjust to it, and not give up hope that something can be done/will happen to make my ear be at peace again. The other thing is that I am experiencing what many people who cannot hear well live with every day. But I will continue to seek healing and peace and try to stay on the hopeful side of things. Lots of love to you!

    • Hi Jean,

      Thank you for sharing your perspective about the shattered mirror and also your current experience.

      Something to consider is that while your ear ‘problem’ is bothering you at a physical level, and ‘shattering your peace’, you can balance that a bit by increasing the peace you gift your physical body in other ways. So for now, you may not be able to fix your ear, but you can provide more physical comfort, rest and refreshment to your body in other ways, increasing overall peace, even with your ear challenge. It might not heal your ear, but it might change the way you feel in a moment/day.

      I understand why you might go back and forth between acceptance and annoyance! Please be really kind and gentle with yourself as you process this.

      While it’s great to celebrate other’s experiences who may have hearing loss and live well with it, I’d only do so if it inspires you. If there is any comparison or judgment (like “they live with it, I should be able to, as well”) I would disconnect from those stories because they aren’t amplifying your peace. Right now, I’d plug into everything physically and energetically that does amplify overall peace for you. Maybe that’s part of what the wanting to isolate is about – giving your body a ‘safe’, comfortable, sacred space of a container to heal in.

      It’s also okay if you aren’t feeling hopeful, because in general you have great faith, and will quite naturally come back around to hope, again. I do believe feeling not hopeful probably correlates to the intensity and length of duration of pain you are in (probably when you are feeling less pain, you are overall more hopeful – also understandable!).

      So much love to you!

  2. Dearest Joy,

    You never cease to inspire me! The part that resonates the most is about shattered dreams actually being the perfect unfolding for whom you are becoming. I am experiencing much frustration right now as my body refuses to yield to the pace I would like to sustain. I feel stuck resting and resting again. You remind me that there is purpose and beauty in everything life offers me. Thank you! ?

    • Hi Maryse,

      Thank you so much for your kind words!

      The thing about our physical being is that it will push through to a point (‘push through’ meaning maintain a pace that is not it’s natural one) and then it won’t, that’s simply the body’s natural wisdom stopping us from adding pain to our experience of life. It’s a blessing, although when we want our way (more pushing) it doesn’t feel like a blessing. And, lots of people rail against that – it’s natural.

      If you are feeling a ‘shattering of dreams’, there is a grieving process that goes along with that. You have a great sense of awareness, so you probably already understand this inner need for more rest has more to do with grief than it does with ‘pace’.

      For me, personally, I love rest. I feel it helps me to be most centered, most open, most on-purpose, most patient and I can share numerous manifesting experiences that happened when I did the work to ‘plant seeds’, open and then literally sleep. I think because when we sleep we aren’t ‘doing’ something just to feel productive (which can at times be akin to undoing because we’re moving pieces into spaces that don’t belong) and that’s the perfect time for Universe to step in and connect some perfectly placed dots.

      May you feel the purpose and beauty within, and in all of the ways it shines through you!! Thank *you* so much for expanding my awareness of beauty through the photos, words and experiences you share!

      My “PS” would be: if the pace you’re wishing to sustain is for a short duration of time, I’d pour in lots of words of appreciation and extra rest and refreshment, because in relationships (like the one you have with your body), love and gratitude go a long way towards peace and joy (even in a push).

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