An Act of Kindness in the Checkout Line (and smiles all around!)

Yesterday morning, I was in the checkout line at the store. The cashiers were working as quickly as possible, but they were far outnumbered by people waiting to checkout. And, it was hot – which meant people weren’t as patient as they might normally be.

While I had only a few things, the man behind me had two, so I asked him if he would like to go ahead of me.

He was so surprised and very appreciative! He went from bored and maybe annoyed at the long wait to smiling – his whole being lightened up!

As he stood in front of me, handing the cashier his two items, he turned to me and said ‘I’m going to pay in all pennies’.

Pause (when I didn’t react).

‘My item doesn’t have a price on it, so they will have to pause and go check it.’

Me: ‘Okay.’

Him: ‘I’m kidding. But that’s usually what happens when you’re nice to someone. Something bad happens to you and you regret being nice.’

I understand he holds this belief and I understand mine is different. While it’s not my job to try to convince him to change his belief, I couldn’t let that energy hang in the space between us.

Me, with a smile: ‘It’s okay if you pay in all pennies or they pause the line, I’m still glad I gave you the chance to go ahead of me because you’re smiling and joking.’

He was so quick to say ‘I’m kidding, I’m kidding.’ Moving his hands to ‘brush the energy all away, erase his comments’. Still smiling.

He really did not want me to be offended (I wasn’t!).

I replied ‘sometimes bad things have happened when I’ve chosen to be nice, but really so many good things happen, too. Blessings and miracles and it feels good so I’m going to do my best when I can’.

He said ‘so many blessings to you. I hope you have a great day!’ (still all smiles), as he left the line and exited the store.

And I wish for you the same sir.

A small, what I thought was common, courtesy and for a moment the man’s heart opened.

That’s how kindness ‘works’. Easy, joyful, fun.

I felt nudged to share this with you, in case your heart needed/wished to hear it.

(Speaking of heart opening: I hadn’t written in this space since May 28th! I have been sharing sporadically via social media, and my weekly Facets of Joy “Monday Magic” newsletter, but not here. Each time I thought ‘it’s time’, I’d feel incredibly vulnerable – for, what do you say when you’re busy holding space for a big family shift into a new chapter, other than ‘I’m busy holding space for a family shift that was far bigger than I could have known?‘ I love this space, I love my experiences and connections through this space – I am blessed beyond measure with all that has unfolded and is unfolding through this space. So, here I am. Kindness brought me back *grin*.)

So much love to each of you and gratitude for your presence, here, and via your comments, emails and Skype calls!

The question is, then: How might you choose to be kind today? With yourself (that’s important!) and with someone in world? And, as you feel into the different beliefs about kindness that I shared in this short example, which can you relate with? (May you feel comfortable sharing – it’s a judgment-free space; when you share *you* inspire! – that’s an act of kindness, too!)

Much peace,


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