It’s Not Always Easy to Choose to Connect to Light, But it is Always Possible

Because I wish to live with my heart wide-open – even in the midst of collective chaos and pain – it’s imperative that I continue to practice connecting with light and all that lights my heart. 

Of course, it’s *easier* when all is ‘well’ and flow is felt.

It’s sometimes much more challenging (meaning doubt and fear arise and become barriers to my desire and willingness to connect), when my mind is questioning the ‘why’ of external or trying to understand how external looks like it’s going to align (in a way that feels like a stretch).

It’s not always easy to give genuine gratitude, when counting your blessings feels like it requires complete focus and attention – like combing a haystack for a needle.

It’s not always easy to come forward, to be present to connection (with source, people, flow of creative expressions) and open to share and receive, when your heart hurts or your mind is questioning.

I think accepting and understanding that it’s not always easy, makes it easier. “It” meaning choosing to center; to be present with love and gratitude to celebrate the gift of this moment, of life; to honor and delight in source and elemental energy connection; to create.

It’s common to withdraw your presence when you’re feeling vulnerable, afraid, in pain.

However, in times of vulnerability, fear, pain, Love’s invitation is to connect, plug in, be present, more deeply, more consistently than you normally are (when ‘all is well’).

You may certainly say ‘bug off’ to this invitation.

But if you’re one who walks a heart-path, who loves life and living it, who feels called to be light in this world, it’s likely that someplace within, your heart answers this invitation with ‘yes’.

What is being asked of you? That you show up, as you are, as the moment is, and choose to connect with something that feels light-filled to you.

And, then choose to do the same in the next moment and each moment thereafter as your day unfolds.

As you are considering what lights your heart, here are a few examples: Food, a particular clothing style for the day, an inspirational essay or song or piece of art that speaks to you, connecting with a loved one who brightens your heart smile, taking one centered step forward, doing practices that center your energy and open your heart, being mindful of self-care so your body feels comfortable and safe, choosing to share your heart whispers through prayer and blessings, physical movement that delights you, reaching out to one person to share whatever it is you feel called to share…..

Whatever it is that reminds you that light exists and/or amplifies that light in your life – do that. Then thank yourself for doing that.

And in the moments you feel that you don’t wish to make the effort to connect to, or amplify, light, that’s okay, too. Rest. Gift yourself fierce love and compassion. Breathe in peace. Do whatever you feel is right and good to bring ease and comfort to your body and being.

In these moments, when my dear country of the United States of America is acknowledging some deep wounding and heart pain is prevalent and we’re coming upon the holiday season where grief, loneliness and ‘not enough’ run rampant (amongst the glitter and celebrations), I’m here to remind myself and you (us) that light exists *and* runs through everything.

Light is the energy that connects us – however it is that we are feeling, whatever it is that we are thinking. Plugging into that is a choice. A choice we can make again and again, ‘ready or not’. 

Last night, I took my grief and went to the sunset at ocean’s edge. I gave it all to God/Source.

“Take these tears and use them for the benefit of all; may they water world’s heart garden and may something beautiful blossom.”

This was the response:




As I walked at ocean’s edge, I splashed water over my bare feet and calves, praying, sending gratitude to those who love my kids and I and healing energy to those who don’t. I skipped a few stones (sending my concerns out with the surging waves).

I thought about what I ‘can’t change’ and am not liking the feel of and I breathed in peace and possibility. I thought about what feels ‘good and right’ and I breathed in joy. And I wrapped it all in love and gratitude.

I left feeling refreshed, remembering who I truly am and what I’m made of. Full of the strength, power and beauty of elemental energy.

All of which I invite you to feel into and breathe in, if you wish.

May your heart feel a moment of relief, refreshment, peace and joy. 

Dear Reader: As you feel into the energy of what I’ve presented here, what arises within? What is one of your favorite ways to connect with light (within, with source, in others, in world)? (when you share, you inspire)

Much peace and abundant love,


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Comments on: "It’s Not Always Easy to Choose to Connect to Light, But it is Always Possible" (4)

  1. Hello Joy!

    I am still here and often read your messages. This one talks to me pretty well…hmm?…I hear some raindrops coming down,,,because I have been concentrating on gifting myself with healthy choices in diet and exercise and creativeness. Of being happy with who I am without the sugars, alcohol, fats, cholesterol, etc. I look out upon our country and see so much fast food, drugs, alcohol, gambling, violence, materialism, etc. Now I know that I am not perfect, but it’s the addiction factor…the extreme factor of all this that concerns me and to be honest I am sick and tired of its growth in me…others…and the world!

    I had this pretty sore left knee that I believed was from a strain of a ligament during work. So I finally established a primary doctor being that I have had full medical coverage for the past ten years. It took a full physical to get me on track. Having my doctor tell me what to do and not what to do. It was just his confirmation of what I already knew that really has got me focused.

    Just the same as with your post here Joy!

    I for one love you and your children…many others also do!

    I just shared some love with two friends online by sending them this link of a delicious Vietnamese Chicken Sticky Rice Soup. It’s a good one for cooler weather and fun to find the ingredients make it (99 Ranch Market or Asian Market).

    Here is the link:


    • Hi Rand,

      I’m glad you are making choices that feel healthy and good to you and that you are feeling happy with who you are!

      It’s also great that you have a primacy care physician to help heal your knee and that you trust your doctor’s medical guidance!

      Thank you for the love – so much in mine and my children’s lives has changed but the constant is the love weaving into our individual and family experiences.

      I hope your friends enjoy ‘your’ soup recipe and may readers of Facets of Joy who choose to follow the link you’ve provided also feel delighted and ‘warmed’ by your suggestion!

  2. Joy,

    I *love* your photos of light at water’s edge here! Thanks for sharing these along with your words of compassion and grace. Always uplifting!

    Something prompted me to check in here before bed tonight, though it’s been some time since I visited last, and this is what I found…
    Words to warm my heart. Love to guide me out of my doubt into peace and prosperity…more and more each day.

    Much love to you and your family,


    • Thank you for your kind words, Molly!

      I like that you felt a nudge, listened and followed through! May that practice always result in ‘blessings’ and light.

      It’s my intention that each time someone ‘checks in’, here, that they find warmth, love, light, peace and joy. So, I’m glad this is what you felt!

      Thank you for your continued presence and for the love!

      Blessings, love and light to you!

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