The Power of Play, Along with a Reminder, as Holidays and Year-End Activities are Upon Us, to Enjoy What You are Choosing to be Present to

I posted this yesterday on Facebook, then felt the underlying message in it is probably incredibly important with the stream of holidays and year-end activities many people stress over, coming up in the next two months, so I’m posting it here, too (I’ve added more to it in this version).

The gist is *sometimes we make things so complicated, when genuine, abundant peace, joy and fullness of connection can be found in simplicity*.

I was reminded of that while playing with my favorite toddler.

My life lessons usually come through as I play – I think because I am most open, feeling joyful, and receptive – and my mind is engaged in whatever I’m doing and all of that goodness in feeling, so it isn’t erecting a barrier and the lesson can ‘swoop’ right in!

I thoroughly enjoy the energy of play! I’ve mentioned it quite a few times over the last several years in this space. I focus on weaving the energies of play into everything I can (even what people label the ‘serious stuff’). I feel much better in my body and find it easier to celebrate life and hold space for unfolding when my heart is light and joy-filled. And, I get that through being playful.

(How does that ‘work’ in daily life? I look at whatever I’m about to be present to and think ‘how can  I make this more fun?’ and then I follow through with action steps that make it more fun. Which means I spend most of the day enjoying life, even when external is less than enjoyable.)

I’ve been pretty quiet in this space as I process and heal from a trauma (I’m physically well and am working on energetically refreshing – which is coming along nicely!) and as I was present to my daughter’s surgery and her recovery.

Yesterday when we (my kids and I) woke, it *finally* looked like my daughter is recovering well so I decided to *thoroughly* enjoy the day. It was the first of a new month, and I wanted to feel the energy of new beginnings and infinite possibility (and leave that ‘old’, somewhat heavy energy behind), and one way to energetically do that is to ‘start fresh’. I like to start fresh with celebration!

I am aware -as you probably are!- that *everything* (as far as external variables and commitments) will still be there, and the day will unfold anyway, whether or not I choose to celebrate. So, why not celebrate as I move through my day, and enjoy the heck out of this gift?! (One benefit is that it makes it ‘easier’ to process and move through daily life, and when things are easier, they are often more peaceful and joyful.)

One way that played showed up in my day was while visiting my favorite toddler. (Really, all we do is play! And eat. And rest. Toddlers don’t mope!!)

I decided to dump out all of his wooden blocks. My intention was to make an elaborate fort for his play animals. But….he’s at the stage where once you put two blocks together, he knocks them down. We just repeat that cycle until he moves on to something else. (I understand the fun in that!) So, nix elaborate!! (Because if I insisted upon ‘my way’, it would mean I wasn’t honoring his stage and energy and that would be stressful for us both.)

As a side note: I also think Source looks at me like ‘I just built that for her and she knocked it down! Okay, let’s just build it again’…..and we repeat it for as many times as it takes until I ‘get it’!)

Back to blocks: My new intention was to stack a few blocks together to get the domino effect when you push one over. I thought I would use most of the block set, all over the kitchen, around corners. *grin* Reality was: I would get a maximum of four blocks in a row and he’d knock them over, delighted!!

After almost thirty minutes of stack 4, knock them down, re-stack 4, I got as far as twelve blocks or so, in straight line. Not ‘elaborate’ or impressive as far as block building goes….but he absolutely loved it!! And, that’s what I was going for – pure delight!

I posted my quick 8 second video of this on my personal Facebook page. Again, it wasn’t elaborate. But, it was fun. So, it wasn’t going to get many likes, due to its simplicity, but it was pure heart, and that’s what I share with world.

The reason I shared there, and here, is my ‘take-away’ from this playful experience.

What I learned from this play was (as always), I greatly enjoy when anything I do adds to the delight in someone’s day!!

And….there is *no reason* to go for elaborate anything, when the person you’re with prefers the joy of simplicity!!

I do notice, especially around calendar holidays and birthdays, that people get stressed out trying to create the ‘most perfect’ experience which usually has to do with layered food and beautiful decorations and gifts that one searched far and wide for and deep cleaning and lots of exhaustion in body, mind and spirit.

This is a reminder that if you choose to go the ‘elaborate route’ make sure it’s because it brings light and joy and richness to your life experience.

And, if it’s not bringing ‘goodness’ into your day, and is hurting you in some way, choose simplicity and allow yourself to *thoroughly* enjoy that which you are celebrating!!

As I reviewed this to edit it, it also occurred to me that there are probably a few times I didn’t host something that felt like it would be a fun way to bring my friends and loved ones together because the idea of it being ‘elaborate’ felt overwhelming. When, I could have kept it simple and enjoyed the connections. (not as judgment, as understanding.) Maybe you can identify?

I wish for you lots of simple celebrating as this month unfolds. 

As you read my words and feel into the energy, what speaks to your heart? When you consider one of your favorite celebrations, what stands out to you? (when you share, you inspire)

Much peace and abundant love,


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Comments on: "The Power of Play, Along with a Reminder, as Holidays and Year-End Activities are Upon Us, to Enjoy What You are Choosing to be Present to" (4)

  1. Amen to play and keeping things simple, Joy! I lead a classe now in which I am inviting several grown women to find and enjoy their inner children. Today we are going to go out and blow bubbles and then come in and make a journal page about how that was for them. Some will really enjoy it and some will feel like it was a silly waste of their class time, I expect. We shall see! I plan to enjoy it a lot! :)

    • Your class sounds very fun, Jean! Then again, I love blowing bubbles – to me it’s like sending my heart whispers up to the heavens.

      I love that the women who participate will be writing a journal page – what a great tool to clear their thought and open to understand their inner essence energy!

      May you thoroughly enjoy your class! Blessings to all who participate!

  2. Wow! I loved this! Did you know there is a book ” the power of play” yet it’s of course a bit of a different spin. I am a ” play specialist” having worked in the field for many years and blocks, dominos, bubbles, may seem simple but there is so much benefit in what you are doing I could go on forever! Thank you for inspiring me to possibly get back to my roots in play! I have not been working in the field for about 4 years, care taking instead and lay is good throughout the lifespan!

    • Hi Lori,

      No, I didn’t know there is a “Power of Play” book.

      I love that you are a ‘play specialist’!!! I believe in the power of play as a tool of: connection, healing, heart-opening, flow expanding, miracle ‘producing’, creative expression enhancing tool.

      I am so glad to hear you are inspired to get back to your roots! May you feel the blessings that flow through from your choice!

      Thank you so much for taking the time to share your thoughts (and play experience)!!

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