Heart Guidance and Tools for Those who Might be Feeling a bit of Energetic Heart-pain Regarding Donald Trump as the new President of the US

All of the energy work I do flows from my interest in heart healing. I understand that heart-pain left alone, or stuffed down, can become a barrier to flow and cause physical pain, as well as surface chaos in life. I also understand that working with heart-pain feels incredibly vulnerable and sometimes people prefer to leave it be or stuff it and deal with the ramifications.

If you are reading this, as a member of this Facets of Joy community, or someone who came across this article through another means, you are likely a heart-centered, love-based person who enjoys living a life of peace and possibility *and* if you are feeling heart-pain/triggered/discouraged, you desire to understand and heal it.

With that, I am feeling a nudge to share some tools for those who might be feeling a bit of energetic heart-pain regarding Donald Trump as the President-Elect, as his inauguration weekend is upon us, here in the US.

(I understand my Facets of Joy community is international and if you are currently living outside of the US, you might want to browse through this because it can potentially expand your understanding and compassion.)

To be ultra-clear, I am not open to ‘debate’ political views.

I understand you might be thrilled that Donald Trump will be sworn in as President of the US. I understand you might not care.

*And*, I understand that you might be feeling an entire range of emotion that is less than lovely to experience. I’m here to guide you through that a bit. 

Managing Your Energy and Processing Your Feelings

I invite you to take a breath.

And, to be super kind and gentle with yourself (as you read this article, but mainly as you move through your day/weekend/Donald Trump’s Presidential term).

Just keep repeating that: breathe, be super kind and gentle with yourself.

However you feel is okay. Please know that. Your feelings might change as his term unfolds – might deepen, might shift. And, it’s all okay.

Please don’t judge yourself for how you feel. (That’s important.)

When you notice you are feeling tender or triggered, that is a sign to withdraw (for the moment or for many moments) from the source of pain, and direct your attention to that which amplifies your whole-body peace.

Practically speaking, this means if watching the news, or scrolling through social media, or talking with a specific person or group is the source of pain, withdraw. As a gift to yourself. (Not as avoidance, which is different.)

Allow yourself ample time to understand how you are feeling and to provide your physical being comfort and the feeling of safety (as much as is possible in your current circumstances) as these feelings unfold.

Try not to lash out with a reaction, but to wait until you have calmed your system and feel more centered, more open to respond, with what you are feeling.

Make sure to then direct your attention and awareness to something refreshing to your energetic and physical being, faith-building, heart-healing. 

I’m simply reminding you that you have a choice on where to place your presence.

If you’re going to plug in to something that causes you pain (for example, watch the inauguration ceremony, scroll through Facebook, discuss politics with a loved one with a different view than you) it’s best for your energetic being if you can buffer that potential pain by centering deeply and doing practices of presence that amplify your faith and your trust (in light and love) before *and after* being present to that pain-source. And that you do something that cleanses and refreshes your energy after being present to that pain-source.

Again, breathe, be super kind and gentle with yourself. Keep repeating. 

If you currently are struggling while in (or have been in) a narcissistic relationship and/or you have experienced sexual assault you might currently feel triggered (by Donald Trump’s energy, actions, ways of speaking, etc.).

I ask you to consider that this ‘triggered feeling’ doesn’t mean anything about you, other than your feelings have surfaced due to external stimuli. 

Which means, please don’t judge yourself for feeling triggered. Please do your best to love yourself through this and to reach out for professional and/or loving support.

If you love someone who has PTSD and is feeling triggered, please be as understanding as possible with them; knowing that they need love at this time (not criticism or judgment).

Reassurance that your feelings will not affect your ability to manifest or keep your heart open

Many people in my Facets of Joy community enjoy living peace and infinite possibility.

Feeling this range of emotion doesn’t mean that you can’t manifest in, or experience, abundance or something specific that your heart desires. And it doesn’t mean that you need to stop creating or sharing creative expression ‘until you feel better’ (although you can).

It simply means that while you acknowledge and hold space for your feelings to unfold, your heart will remain open and possibility is *still right there* for you to experience, although your focus might temporarily be diverted so you might not notice as easily, or as joyfully. Like, a blessing you might normally easily embrace and celebrate, might need to ‘tap you on the shoulder’ so you can see and open to it.

You manifest in from your base energy, so this surface stuff, including feeling triggered, won’t affect your ability to manifest or the quality of what you manifest, but it may affect your ability to see and open to receive the manifestation. (Processing your feelings keeps your heart open to see and receive – that’s one reason that processing is so important.)

If you have any questions on what I’ve presented here, please do ask (in the comments below).

If you feel personal support in keeping your heart open during this time, would be helpful, I do offer personal sessions.

I’m Inviting You to Stretch with Me and Offer a Blessing

I came out of ‘video retirement’ to offer this invitation.

My heart nudged me to offer this practice and my mind said ‘heck, no!’ because I really don’t like push-back or criticism and what I’m presenting opens me up to both.

I listen to my heart nudges, though, so I created this video “An Invitation to Bless Donald Trump’s Presidency – regardless of your political beliefs“.

The gist is that I’m asking you to join me in calling ‘goodness’ into something you may or may not feel that goodness is possible in. And, I’m asking you to do so, from a love-based perspective.

I know that this might be different and your mind might immediately disagree. I’m asking you to bring it to your heart space as you listen to my reasoning. And if you disagree, that’s okay and thank you for considering. If you choose to offer a blessing, thank you.

(The bottom line in all that I share is an invitation to listen to, and follow through on, your heart whispers.)

A Loving-Kindness Meditation specifically regarding politics in the US

I love this guided meditation by Llodro Rinzler and Susan Piver (I respect both of them as meditation teachers and guides and have practiced for years with Susan and a year or so with Llodro).

It’s called “A Loving-Kindness Meditation for America” . It was recorded on November 9th (addressing the energy of the elections in the US) and I just did it again, this afternoon, and felt it was applicable for this weekend, too. It’s really powerful stuff – especially when you get to the end and send loving-kindness to the people who voted differently from you, and then the entire US, coast to coast.

I had tears in my eyes – I didn’t think I could do it, but I did and it felt *amazing*!

In introducing the practice, Susan said this about feeling tender in your heart – which I think might speak to your heart like it spoke to mine:

“Although it doesn’t feel good, this tenderness is the source of all of the healing you and I might seek. It’s the way to bridge the divide between us and others and it is the source of power.”

I invite you to try the meditation and if you’d like to let me know how you felt, you may do so in the comment section below.

A Gathering Prayer

Briana Saussy offered this prayer in her newsletter today and also online, in her Sacred Artists Facebook group:

A Gathering Prayer
By: Briana Saussy, all rights reserved (she said we could share as long as she was credited):

“Blessed be our ways of coming together.

First let us come together within ourselves, seeing clearly all our parts – the places that yearn to help and be of service, the places that are afraid, the places that are led by the empty echo chamber of shallow voice and shallow thought, and the places that are deep enough to speak directly to the core of who we are.

Next let us come together with our beloveds, hands joining hands joining hands, creating a gateway of fingers and arms, solid bodies, and sure voices that can open and close with ease as we affirm that these things are precious, not to be trifled with nor denigrated or abused and if you are of the same mind then welcome home, we have been waiting, and we are so glad that you are here.

Then let us come together with the strangers, the ones we do not know or recognize upon first, second, even third glance. The ones who look and sound different, think differently, act strangely, remembering that there are infinite ways of coming together so that we might come together like a big bowl of posole where some ingredients are cooked longer and others receive less time at the fire, and there are many different tastes and together in just the right ratios they are pure magic.

Finally let us come together with our enemies, for we cannot be fully together with those we do not know, those we love, and our own selves if we cannot also look at those who would do us harm with love; knowing that there are many ways to come together so that we might come together like the prickly pear cactus does with the oak – mostly giving space and good distance from each other as they hold to an invisible line but every now and then forming the most unlikely of unions.

Let us come together, let us come to gather, and as we do may we remember the circling of stars, the drumbeat of heart, the dance of blood cells and all the perennial common grounds to which the differences, disagreements, and despairs of separateness will return once more.”

Dear Reader: If any of what was shared here has supported your intention to keep your heart open, to ‘feel the feels’, please do let me know in the comments below. (I’m always curious to see how what I share affects others). Also, if you watched my video and/or practiced the meditation and have any comments about your experience, please share that. And, if you were moved by Briana’s prayer and have any words to share, please do.

Blessings to you as this weekend, and life experience, unfolds!

Much peace,


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  1. Dear Joy, thank your for always being you and following the path of love and open-heartedness. I sometimes forget that that is ALWAYS an option, and you always remind me (as you have in this post and in your video) that is really IS, no matter what I might be feeling. So much love and gratitude to you! <3

  2. Joy,

    This is simply *the best* advice surrounding political conversations and the current state of our political system/country that I have seen or heard since this election campaign began! Thank you for sharing and thank you for the reminder to center into peace and share from a state of love and kindness. Always.

    Much love,


    • Wow, Molly, thank you so much for your kind words and presence! I spoke (wrote) this from my heart, simply because I felt it might be helpful to heart-centered people who may be struggling with remaining open, as ‘collective’ chaotic energy swirls through the US (and likely world).

      I do believe and practice that we *always* have a choice to notice our body’s natural reaction and take steps to calm it and to center and respond with love (sometimes *fierce* love).

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