A Reminder That We Can Choose to Refresh Our Being and Connect to Source and Light

Today (Sunday), I gave myself a beautiful gift of refreshment.

I’ve been living outside of my comfort zone pretty consistently for a few months, in a deep heart-stretch, and I recently began craving whole-body refreshment. Although I know to listen to my body (because that keeps trust flowing between my body, mind and spirit and keeps peace and joy flowing within) I had been ignoring it’s request. For weeks.

(In hindsight, maybe I was afraid to connect fully to centered-ness, to feel free and joyful, because that’s powerful and who knows what other changes might unfold from there as I’m in this stretch? But, this practice of refreshment readies me for change, and supports my presence to change.)

However, this season is typically my ‘prep for manifesting season’ and part of that is to set my intentions for Spring and Summer and be ready to ‘spin magic’ around them. It’s essential that I feel refreshed to do this.

So, today, I pushed ‘pause’ on daily life stuff, and took myself to the beach. It wasn’t an optimal beach day (as far as weather), but it was *perfect* energy-wise. My intention was to root down into Mother Earth by sitting in the sand, reading and writing, and to ground my energy, by walking barefoot at ocean’s edge.

The ‘less than optimal’ part was simply because it was chilly (for us, here), windy, and the water was cold! Knowing that, I gathered up ‘supplies’ so I could be comfortable, and I brought myself to the beach.

It was high tide, which means that at the cove I love to go to, the ocean water was over the beach, to the jetty rocks. Since I couldn’t access the beach, I set up a space nestled in between jetty rocks. I put out a blanket to sit on and crunched up my beach towel then stuffed it between my lower back and a jetty rock and I sat there, propped up against a rock, cozy as can be.

This gives you a glimpse into ‘how’ nestled I was. Really, right there between the rocks.

An Energy Exchange with Mother Earth

I took the time to put the palms of my hands flat on the sand, then to burrow my hands into the sand, with the intention of sharing ‘pulse points’ with Mother Earth. (I know that’s not my ‘pulse’ but love and gratitude flow through my palms, so it’s my energetic ‘inner pulse point’.)

I breathed in fresh air, listened to the waves crash, and did an energy exchange with Mother Earth. I gave to her what I was nudged to give, and I received in from her all that she wanted to share. I did this a few different times as I sat there. I wove gratitude, love and joy into it all.

I also wrote in my journal and read a bit. Mainly, I just sat, for an hour, nestled right in, feeling the elements and sharing gratitude.

Simply feeling, and being with, the elements.

Quick note: I thrive in the elements. I want to feel them on my skin. I want to connect this deeply with them. So this is ‘good’ for me. As you read, you might not feel the same and that’s okay. I’m just sharing a glimpse into how I engage with the elements and one way that I refresh my energy. As you feel into my experience the invitation is to think about and feel into how to apply the concept in a way that you enjoy, in your life. (And if you’d like support with that, I do offer personal coaching.)

After feeling ultra-connected to Earth energy, I wanted to walk.

It’s great for your body to combine inner work with physical movement. The inner work opens things energetically and the physical movement shifts energy within and sloughs off residual stuff you worked on opening through (plus in this case, it was grounding, which brings my ‘spiritual feelings’ down to earth into daily life).

Choosing to Celebrate the Moment, Simply Because You are in it

But, first, I took a selfie.

Because….on this day, I chose to wear this *amazing* to me hat that I purchased last Spring after I cut my hair short. It hadn’t felt appropriate to wear anywhere that I’ve been since then, so it’s been in the closet.

I see it every day and think ‘how special’.  I also know that I won’t be going anywhere anytime soon that I can wear it. So, I wore it today. Even though it was far too ‘fancy’ for the beach and my t-shirt and shorts.

The energy ‘behind this wearing of the hat’ came up for me this week as I was reminded of when my kids and I lived on the sailboat and I made it a point to celebrate the goodness in each day. In ways people usually save for special occasions and also in ways that fit the weather and our family energy and desires. Then, I wouldn’t have waited to wear this hat, I would have worn it everywhere I went because I loved it and I love how I feel in it. And I wouldn’t have cared if it ‘matched’ or if someone judged me because I would have been in the energy of love.

This week’s Full Moon/lunar eclipse/comet passing through energy is a great opportunity to release in a way that is supported by Universal Energy. Part of what I am choosing to release are the barriers that have built up around the energy of joy and celebrating so fully.

I don’t want to simply declare it, I wish to live it. This is one action step.

Thus, the hat. And, the selfie.

In the moments that I felt self-conscious, I felt into where I was (nestled in the jetty rocks, enjoying the elements) and I breathed it all out. Far beyond the wearing of my hat. All of it. And I breathed in all that ocean and sunshine and Mother Earth and wind wanted to share with me. A simple practice of being present and receiving in while feeling vulnerable.

Then, I stopped feeling self-conscious. In part, because my practice was ‘working’ and in part because I was feeling so much love, joy and peace that nothing else was in my mind. (And, that’s the gist of how I try to live each day.)

I put my stuff in my car, remained barefoot and jacket-free, and walked to a different stretch where the beach was accessible, so I could walk in the sand at ocean’s edge. The water was choppy (and cold), the wind was whistling around (and chilly), the sun was warming my face and skin. As I walked I waded in the water. And I would turn my face to sun and feel that warmth and such gratitude would accompany it. I listened to music. I am sure there were moments I was smiling ear-to-ear.

I felt very good. I noticed that I felt very good. It has been a bit since I’ve felt so good. So, I asked myself to remember this feeling, to remember how ‘easy’ it was to feel.

To remember how easy it is to be present to the unfolding of life (even the stretch moments) when this feeling ‘good’ is my base.

After a total of two hours there (one sitting, one walking) I was done. I thanked the elements. I thanked myself. I thanked life.

And I pretty much ‘floated home’. Where I decided to sit down (tucked into the warm covers of my bed) and with this energy I’m feeling write this to share with you.

This is how creativity ‘works’ and flows in my life. I live life, I do inner work, I practice being present, and then creative expression flows from my experience. And joy flows from my creative expression and permeates my entire life. A beautiful cycle, when I am present to it and allow it to be so.

I’m sharing this with you so you can feel into my practices and custom them to your life, if you wish.

And….collective energy has been somewhat ‘heavy’ since the New Year. (Understandably.) It’s okay to feel heavy (and it’s okay to feel light and everything in between!). So. I’m not asking you to change that.

I am sharing this as a reminder that while we are feeling all that we are, we can *also choose* to refresh our being and choose to connect to source and light in ways that feel good, refreshing, and keep our heart open (and creative juices flowing).

Dear Reader: I’d love to know how you are feeling (no need to downplay joy or happiness or ‘sugar-coat’ pain or grief – please do share however it is that you are feeling). And, also as you think about and feel into what I’ve shared, what practices of refreshment are you doing, or is your heart or body asking for you to do? (when you share, you inspire).

Blessings to you and your heart (and body)!

Much peace,

PS. If you are currently a Facets of Joy community member, you will be receiving your Monday *Magic* on Tuesday, since this will be in your inbox Monday and I don’t want to add to clutter.

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  1. I love that, in the midst of caretaking, you took care of yourself, Joy! Thanks for the photos and the inspiration! Lots of love to you! <3

    • Thank you, Jean! I hope that what comes through, along with my ‘beach joy, is the reminder of how important and *healing* it is to take time to refresh our being and body. How essential, especially, when we are in stretch moments, so that we ‘serve’ from ‘fullness and connected-ness’ and are not drained or pained even if we over-extend our sharing with others.

      Lots of love to you, too!

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