A Reminder that Peace Exists and can be Experienced, in Your Body, Heart, Mind, Being and Life

In this sharing, today, I want to touch briefly on the idea of gifting yourself the experience of peace and of allowing yourself to fully feel that peace (and joy, love and gratitude, grace and all of the energies that flow into peace-filled spaces).

It’s common to save ‘peace’ for another day, as your mind insists upon pushing through, manipulating or forcing your body and being beyond a ‘breaking point’ to accomplish a set goal, or series of set goals.

There is nothing ‘wrong’ with goals, but I’m sure you’ve had the experience of pain, discomfort and/or feeling drained instead of fulfilled when instead of cultivating and celebrating peace, you pushed, manipulated and/or forced your way.

In contrast, when we create from, and with, peace, it doesn’t hurt (and it energetically heals as we create).

It’s also common to cultivate peace, then feel something internally (fear) that re-directs your attention to struggle and challenge and away from the fullness of peace.

In contrast, when we create from, and with, peace we are connected to ….spirit/source, flow, possibility…and we experience blessings, synchronicity, ‘magic’ as we do ‘our work’.

(*grin* I’m serious, as I read this to edit it, I have the windows open to let fresh air in and I can hear the birds chirping and singing as I type. I am literally smiling at the ‘fun’ in the timing of their birdsong with that last line I’ve written about blessings and magic!!!)

If you notice that you are one who ‘saves peace for another day’ or re-directs your attention to something less expansive-feeling, you can use that understanding as a starting point for inner work, if it’s something you’d like to change (or as a point of acceptance if it’s something you don’t wish to change).

I want to be clear that I’m not asking you to change.

I am simply reflecting to you a reminder that peace exists and can be experienced, in your body, heart, mind, being and life. And, if you haven’t been choosing peace, it’s something you can choose, right now, if you wish, as you are, as this moment is.

And, if it feels good to you consider, I’m inviting you to practice feeling, experiencing and celebrating peace, in ways that work for you, as you move through your daily life.

I understand that what I’m sharing here might be a less common (from mainstream) way of being,  which also means it might be less familiar to you; with that, your mind might initially resist the idea. Which is okay.

If your heart says ‘yes, please’, that’s an invitation to do a practice to open your mind to this newness, and to play with the energy and experience of peace so it becomes more familiar to you and easier to be in.

The idea of sharing this, today, wove it’s way into being through my experience of a morning of peace.

This morning, I was unexpectedly gifted paid time-off from my p/t care-giving job. At first, I was going to deflect the pay, but it was built into my check (because the people I care-give for understand ‘how’ to gift me in a way that’s easy for me to receive) and came with a heart-felt request to please accept it. I brought that to my heart and opened through doubt and felt immense gratitude for the gift!

My original thoughts were to fill that gift of time with all that I needed to ‘catch up on’, including household chores, Facets of Joy items and practices of presence that I usually do on the weekend because they take more time.

In checking in with my body, though, I clearly understood my desire to honor the feel of a ‘gift’ and to savor this time.

Just reading ‘fill time’ and *savor time* shows the difference in energy and how it affects the feel of the moment. (Reading ‘fill time’ feels rushed, and my adrenaline kicks up a bit; reading *savor time* feels like self-paced flow and my entire being responds with calm.)

My question to myself is always around “how will I most effectively celebrate the gift of this moment, show source my gratitude with the ways I am present?” and savoring feels incredibly inviting (to me)!

If you’ve been with this Facets of Joy community for any length of time, then you understand that peace is important to me, it’s what I build my life upon and honor unfolding from. Due to a change in logistics, I’ve been ignoring my own heart wisdom this week and doing lots of pushing through and I am also healing a cold of sorts (which would heal far quicker and easier if I would simply rest).

Peace in my body and home was ‘missing’ and I felt it essential to restore and center into. I thrive in peace (and my children do, too) and all else in my life flows naturally from peace. I needed to stop pushing and to honor this ‘reset’.

It required that each time a thought that began with ‘but, you should’ or had any self-judgmental energy in it popped into my realm of being, that I acknowledged it and re-committed to opening to experience and celebrate peace. (In my mind, this goes something like “I hear you, and I am directing my attention and energy toward cultivating and experiencing peace right now”.)

So far this morning: I rested in bed (because I didn’t have to dash to school drop-off with my daughter). I made a fruit smoothie that I thoroughly enjoyed and drank every bit of (when I am rushing, I like the flavor but there is something different and more satisfying and fulfilling about sipping and savoring and feeling gratitude for the fruits and Mother Nature and the feeling of being nourished by Mother Nature, than just ‘swigging’ on the run). I chanted, wrote in my journal, meditated, read for pleasure (not for work), made a late-morning breakfast, did a money practice.

From there, I did some ‘challenging for me’ items from my goal list that I hadn’t done this week. They just flowed naturally into the unfolding of my day and they felt far easier to do than if I had tried to push myself to do them. (Perhaps because I’m operating from a fully focused, centered, empowered, connected space today.)

And, from that, I had a choice to nap or write, so here I am (and I will take a quick nap before picking up my daughter and ‘jumping’ back into life).

I’m intentionally not doing practices that judge my energy or thoughts in any way, or attempt to shift energy. I’m doing practices full of love and gratitude, with the intention of connecting to, and amplifying the feel of peace.

I’m sharing this next part because I understand why and how this pattern shows up in my current life, and you might relate. In my personal life in childhood, I had experienced trauma around peace. As a child, peace in my home and with my dad was followed by chaos and drama. I could never tell when the drama would begin, but I learned it would follow periods of peace. So, I learned to not trust ‘too much’ peace or the feeling good while in peace, because it was temporary and the pain in the chaos and drama was great (at times too great for the periods of peace to heal or buffer).

I’ve done lots of healing work around this, so I desire and am able to, and thrive in, peace for a continuous period of time.

First, I had to understand my pattern, to accept that about myself, then to open to work with it. And, as I practiced choosing to become familiar with peace, and then chose peace as my foundation, being in peace became (and is now) most natural to me. I choose this peace, regardless of external, even if those around me aren’t choosing it.

However, since I’m living in mainstream (versus living on the sailboat for five years, like I did when I began this blog), I can at times be swept up into the ‘pushing through life’. To remove myself from that requires clarity (about what I’m choosing) and a re-direct of my attention and focus.

So, today, as my peaceful morning was unfolding and I was thinking of sharing this with you, I recognized that peace as a choice can to some feel like a luxury. Like only if one is on vacation or bed rest, can peace consistently be a choice. But, I don’t see it that way (because as a single mom of two kids if I waited for a vacation, I’d never have peace and I don’t have the ability to be on bed rest – actually choosing peace keeps me off bed rest). To me, peace is a necessity.

Today, I had the strong thought that if I want to feel peace in my home, I need to be peace in my home. I know it sounds simple, but with two teens now both following their own individual paths, with different schedules and interests, the logistics of life can be complicated and the energy in my home is no longer my ‘own’ (meaning I can set it as peaceful, and maintain it, and since my kids are older my influence on their energy in a day is lessened and since they are leading their own lives, I have zero control what they bring into our home from their life experience in a day).

So, it was beautiful, precious, a delightful treat, to experience hours of my own energy in my home, and to invite peace to flow back into spaces that hadn’t felt peaceful in a bit and to restore that foundation. Because I’d only gone slightly off track, it was easy to restore. The rest of the morning was in allowing myself to feel that. In not feeling anything other than pleasure (and when something other than pleasure popped in, to allow it to be without judging or shifting it, but also to not allow it to re-direct my attention).

In this experience, to share it with anyone else would dilute it (because it was surface peace), so I didn’t “give it away” until I began to feel it fully again. Now that it’s returned to base, and is free-flowing, what I ‘give away’ is quickly replenished (thus, my writing to you is with great joy and I’m inviting you to tap into this peace if you wish).

I’ve written here about peace, but you can substitute any expansive energy you wish, for peace: love, joy, kindness, abundance, etc.

My invitation to you is: to gift yourself the experience of the ‘goodness’ your heart desires and to allow yourself to be as fully present as possible to the energies that light your heart and your life!!

And, if your heart says ‘yes, please’ and your mind says “not possible for me” or “I don’t know how”, I do offer personal guidance and support via a variety of coaching packages. 

Dear Reader: Thank you for taking the time to consider what I’ve shared here. I hope you understand it’s not at all about my morning of peace and is very much about reminding us all that peace exists as a choice and when we choose it repeatedly it can become a norm in our life experience. As you consider the energy of peace, where in your life are you currently experiencing it most fully? Please do share however much you’d like – so I (and whoever reads) can celebrate with you! And, where in your life do you feel peace is ‘missing’? (when you share, you inspire)

Much peace and abundant love,



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  1. Thank you, Joy! I needed this today because I took time off from the drawing group I lead, which could induce some gulit :) if I let it, to rest before I do a demo this afternoon. I do tend to say to myself, ” After I get through this, I will enjoy my life” which I know is not how I want to see and live my life. An old pattern I want to let go of!
    I am so glad you got to enjoy your morning!
    Love and peace to you and your family! <3

    • I love your awareness, Jean! And, hope you enjoyed your time off from the drawing group guilt-free! I like that you understand your pattern and are taking steps (like resting) to open through it. *Many* people share this ‘after I get through this I will enjoy life’ thought with you; it’s less common to open to experience joy *as* we get through this (whatever ‘this’ is). One challenge is that for some people there isn’t an ‘end’ to ‘getting through’, so joy is rarely experienced.

      Thank you for your kind words!! Gratitude to you for your presence and support here on my site, in my forums, and in life!!! Blessings and love to you!

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