I Know it’s Odd: Insights From Snaking the Bathroom Drains on a Whim

I think you’ll agree, this is so odd!

Yesterday, after a full day out and around, feeling incredibly (physically) hungry because I had skipped lunch and also knowing my base needs required tending to, when I got home, I *snaked the bathroom drains* – not because they were draining slow, simply because I had the strong nudge to. And, I followed that by scrubbing the entire shower, cleaning the toilet, counter and sink….and sweeping *and mopping* the floor.

See what I mean?! Odd. As in it didn’t make logical sense, really wasn’t anything I had planned or intended, definitely wasn’t in the general ‘outlook’ for my day.

But, the nudge was so strong, that – after I walked in the door – I took off my shoes, went into the bathroom and began snaking the drains. Before drinking water or preparing something to eat.

While I was doing this ‘work’, I was also observing how I felt in it and questioning the energy of it. I noticed that I didn’t feel tired, hungry or thirsty (which was surprising!). I noticed that it felt ‘right’ – as in, I didn’t understand it, but it felt in flow and I enjoyed the results of cleaning as the experience was unfolding.

As I was cleaning, I was feeling into the energy of it all, from an open-hearted perspective not a ‘need to know’ – more of a curiosity. I know that snaking the drains is about removing blocks and improving flow, cleaning mirrors is about amplifying clarity, removing surface ‘dust’ is about opening to possibility, polishing is about reverence, honor, a sacred feeling.

I still questioned the overall ‘why’ (now, this room, these movements) but I can say I loved (and still, today, love!) the feeling of being in a room so carefully cleaned. The energy in it is amazing.

When I shower, I also meditate and pray and call in energy for the day, as well as share gratitude for being in this day. This morning as I showered, and looked at the tiles that were literally sparkling, I understood the deep-clean was in part about thoroughly enjoying my shower and about the feelings of joy and connected-ness and possibility in something so clean and sparkly.

Of course, because my passion is understanding the energy in things and weaving that into daily life, I’m now thinking about what could use a bit of ‘sparkling up’ internally – what beliefs, thoughts, patterns could use a ‘deep-clean’ (again from a perspective of curiosity, not ‘need’).

And, I think that’s what brought me here, to my blog, to share this with you. (Although, maybe it’s something else).

It’s obviously not an invitation to deep-clean your bathroom *grin*.

But, it might be a reminder to listen to your heart-whispers (especially when they don’t make sense), honor the flow of unfolding and allow it to ‘move you’ in different ways outside of your norm. Maybe it’s a nudge to ‘deep-clean’ internally (and, if you’d like my support, I do offer personal sessions).  It could be an invitation to take a few moments to understand the energy in your current movements and actions (your ‘why’). Maybe it’s about enjoying the beauty that is perfectly placed in your day, gifting yourself a few moments of being and savoring (as I was doing this morning in my sparkly bathroom), instead of doing and rushing.

Also, when we follow our heart whispers, the ‘result’ is sometimes not clear – as in, there isn’t an immediate understanding about ‘why’ or ‘what this was for’ – other than peace, and likely joy, because we chose to listen and follow through.

(Feeling that inner peace and joy is absolutely ‘enough’ for me; I don’t need to know anything beyond the experience of those feelings and that’s what keeps encouraging and motivating me to follow my heart whispers.)

On a very practical level (because practical might speak to you): this could be encouragement to simply be physically present to a task or ‘chore’ that might feel overwhelming or hard to you when you think about it, and to see how being energetically centered and open might make that task so much easier than you thought. If you’ve been putting something off, maybe this is a nudge to physically put yourself in the space, in contact with what your heart is asking you to do, and see what happens from there. And if nothing beyond being in that space happens, you’ve made one step (by being present) and lightened it up for yourself.

As I edit, I realize you might require an update: Yes!, when my bathroom cleaning was done, I did drink water and eat a delicious meal and thank myself for doing this ‘work’. I didn’t feel tired (which surprised me, because it was a lot of physical work). And, it was easy to be present to the unfolding of my evening. And, yes!, my children were incredibly surprised to come home to find the bathroom rugs outside airing.

Dear Reader: I’d love to know how this experience that I’ve shared speaks to you. And, if you were going to analyze it from an energetic perspective, what insights would you add? (when you share, you inspire)

Much peace and abundant love,


PS. Was I planning on writing this, or expecting to write on my blog, today? Nope. Today is full from morning through night. But, here I am, writing before breakfast – streaming from my heart to yours, and it’s fun and I love it and it somehow fits and I feel blessed. Could I have planned this? Nope, I’d have stressed out wondering how it was going to fit and likely skipped over it and then felt less than peaceful, less than blessed. The energy of following my heart whispers weaves it’s way into all areas of my life – meaning, here I am doing what I love to do, not having planned it, and this energy will stay with me as my day unfolds. How magical is that?! (as magical as I allow it to be, really!)

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  1. I think what this is telling me is that I really dread something like cleaning the bathroom, mainly because it does not stay clean long—–but if I am able to just start, I clean and clean and really enjoy it (usually). I might be able to see this as something fun and cleansing, both physically and energetically. And just knowing why I dread it might be helpful! I love that you equated opening the drains with helping flow —–a perfect thought for me! :)

    • Thank you for sharing, Jean!

      “Dread” is a really strong energy, so it might take a few experiences, and lots of intention to shift it, if you’d like. Simply understanding why you feel that way (without shifting it) and accepting it, might bring a bit of peace to it all (without cleaning).

      As I read this “mainly because it does not stay clean long” that tells me that it’s likely better (meaning easier for you and less ‘dreadful’) if you ‘deep-clean’ one thing (like the sink and counter) at a time, so it doesn’t feel so overwhelming. And, you might want to consider inviting gratitude in (not for the cleaning, if you don’t like it!) – perhaps that you have a bathroom, for plumbing (etc), for all of the ways you enjoy your bathroom (for example, I mentioned that I pray and meditate in the shower), that you have a love that helps ‘dirty’ the bathroom (from simple usage – I’m not trying to imply he’s extra careless!), etc. And see if that gratitude lightens the dread.

      Yes, in energy work, what we do in physical life directly affects our energetic flow and vice versa. This is one reason why I love cleaning! I know in the past I’ve shared stories of convincing my daughter to clean, then she found money (because cleaning certain spaces can amplify abundance); once she saw that result, she enjoyed cleaning (for a bit *grin*).

  2. It took me a long time to enjoy cleaning and see it from a place of gratitude for the space to clean. I also love to add music, essential oils, and so on. Often I set an intention.Thanks for this lovely blog ?

    • You and I physically clean in a similar way, Tanya! I love that you set an intention – that directs your focus and amplifies energy, even further!

      Now, I’ll think of you when I’m cleaning (I love having things in common with others!). Blessings to you <3

  3. Hi, Joy! I haven’t stopped by in a while, and how interesting that I did stop by to find this particular post. I followed a nudge to check in with you and you are writing about a nudge to snake the drains. Hmmm…… What other nudges am I feeling today? What needs cleaning out? What is blocked? You wrote about meditating in the shower. I’m going to go take a shower right now and see what washes off. Or what is revealed when clean! Good to “see” you again.

    • Hi Galen,

      I *love* that you stopped by – it makes my day to ‘see’ you here!

      Yes, to following nudges, cleaning, open through and beyond blocks. Blessings to your heart!

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