A Fun Story About Magic, Synchronicity and Divine Timing and an Interview with Tanya Levy aka Heartlady

I have a fun story to share with you…about ‘magic’, synchronicity and divine timing.

In the introduction of my most recent article – posted at the beginning of this month, on May 2nd – I shared with you an experience of being ‘blessed’ by a butterfly.

It turns out that this butterfly and two of its friends, are ‘regulars’ at the park that the toddler-love and I like to play at; they flit and fly in a pattern as we play and it feels so magical!

Social media news has been feeling quite heavy recently, and I like to contribute to the light-ness (there and in world) so on Friday morning (yesterday as I write this), I shared a short blurb about it on my social media pages, and even sent out a spontaneous subscriber letter, mentioning it to my Facets of Joy community!

For the rest of my story to make sense, and for the *magic* in it to totally shine, I’ll share this excerpt with you. In the letter, I opened with:

Today, may I see and/or experience something that speaks to my heart and reminds me that I’m part of something bigger than what I see and experience daily; that I’m connected to, and supported by, Source energy, which also runs through me. And that possibility exists even in what my mind or others label ‘impossible’.

As I move through this day, may something I choose to express, an energy I choose to be and share or something about my presence be a reminder to anyone who ‘needs it’ that *they* are a part of something bigger and *they* are connected to, and supported by, Source energy and possibility is real.

After writing and sharing that, I went to throw some trash away before leaving for the day (which is symbolic), and I noticed I had mail.

In that mail was a package from Tanya Levy – aka Heartlady on Facebook, and a dear soul sister friend – and in that package was this beautiful graphic (the inspiration for this interview with Tanya!):

See how it’s all ‘connected’?! I had just asked to be shown support and ‘magic’, and within a few moments, it was already given! Talk about Divine timing!! And joyful synchronicity! And, a beautiful way to open a new day!

An aside: Taking time to notice the connected-ness in your life amplifies your feeling of connected-ness. I know that sounds simple, but it’s something so many people don’t think about doing, and it has a profound effect on your feelings and experience of peace, trust, willingness to remain open and feeling like you are supported. When you practice this regularly, then in the moments of doubt when your mind says ‘you’re not connected or supported’, you have all of this ‘proof’ that isn’t true for you and it’s easier to open through it and continue on with an open-heart.

Back to the story: As you probably know, I specialize in practicing peace and possibility – in doing inner work to keep my heart open, to keep love flowing through, and to notice, celebrate and experience infinite possibility, even when others say ‘impossible’.

So, this graphic speaks right to me!

When I first noticed it a few weeks ago, I asked Tanya how to purchase it and – look!…..she sent it to me. I received it *the exact moment* my heart was asking for a reminder!


I love this graphic so much and I think it might speak to many of you within this Facets of Joy community – since it’s likely my theme of peace and possibility resonates with you (because if it didn’t you wouldn’t be reading).

This morning, I reached out to Tanya to ask if she would participate in a short interview and she agreed! Woo-hoo!

With that, here is my soul sister friend, Tanya Levy to share a bit about being Heartlady and the inspiration for her creations (including this one).

Bio: Tanya Levy is a Counsellor in a Community College in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. She provides personal and academic counseling for adult learners. She is known for her optimism, wisdom and sense of humour. She is an inspirational photographer and takes photos of nature, sky and light where hearts are known to appear spontaneously.

J: This graphic is a *Heartlady* creation. What does it mean to you to ‘be’ Heartlady?

T: To me being “Heartlady” means centering into heart magic in each moment. As I go for a walk or drive, I look to the sky for signs. Throughout my day, I check in with my heart to see if I am centered and on track with what my heart whispers are telling me.

J: Who do you feel your Heartlady audience is?

T: I feel my audience are those who seek heart magic. They believe in signs, symbols or messages from the Divine. They tend to be empathic or sensitive. They choose a life that aligns with their soul journey. Often, they are curious about how to be more connected with the path their heart is seeking. They are open to healing.

J: What can your Heartlady audience ‘expect’ from you, as far as the energy and tone of what you share?

T: My work is about opening to possibility and trusting in the Divine (God, Universe, Source) behind the scenes. I create inspirational photos from photographs I take of light and hearts, often clouds or sky or nature, as a reminder to find the light in each moment. Or to be okay in sitting in the shadow for it brings gifts as well.

J: What I do through Facets of Joy isn’t exactly ‘mainstream’. While I currently have lots of loving support in my life, not everyone has understood my ‘love and light’ path and work, and that has sometimes been challenging. I think many readers can relate.

I’m wondering, is it ‘easy’ to be a heart-centered person who celebrates life, and to create and share as Heartlady?

T: It is not always easy but my husband and I have a saying, “easier is not better”.

I know no other way to be. I have always had my “head in the clouds” and worn rose-coloured glasses. I tend to focus on gratitude and work from that space. So, if I have a busy week where a lot of things go wrong and I am feeling discouraged I will ground and center and then look for what went well, even if it is a small thing.

I have a daily practice of writing 3 things I am grateful for and 3 intentions I have for my day. It does not mean I never worry or feel upset or angry or sad, it means I always return to being heart-centered and celebrating the moments of joy and happiness I experience. I guess I don’t really look at it as easy or hard, I look at it as a way of being, a practice of daily life.

J: Do you have lots of support among your family, loved ones and friends or are there any challenges?

T: My son and husband are supportive and accept me as I am and love me unconditionally. I have close friends and colleagues who are like me. I also have people who think I should take off my rose-coloured glasses, who think I am too soft or too unrealistic.

Being soft is my super power. I think we can be both strong and soft. I am a light-worker and look for the best in everyone. I can be blamed by some people in my life or put down because my light threatens them. I wrap up their blame with love and send it back.

J: May you share with us a bit about your creative process in general?

T: I get nudges to take photos. I think the Divine pursues us guiding us to the best possible life. I may get a nudge to take a photo and look up and see a heart in the sky or a beautiful sunset or pink clouds.

Once I have the photo I sit with it. I may use it as it is or digitally edit it. As I edit it, it tells me what it wants to be. I may get a message or an idea in my heart that the photo is about joy or letting go or trusting or finding your voice. I let the photo tell me what it wants to be.

It is the same in my writing, I might begin with an idea but if the flow goes another way I follow that. I tend to breathe and center into the Divine before I do any work though the whole creative process for me is a sacred practice.

J: What inspires you to create what you do, and to share as generously as you do?

T: My parents, who are now deceased, inspired me because they did so much and had health issues. I am inspired by the children in my life, by the people who love me and by the many blessings I have. I share generously because I feel we are given gifts and talents to benefit the world.

J: Do you ever feel a creative block or resistance to listening to a nudge to create?

T: All the time. Resistance is part of the creative process. If I am out of touch, or caught up in mind or ego, then I can get discouraged or feel disconnected from my muse.

J: What is one of your favorite ways, or practices, to work through that?

T: As soon as I notice I usually spend time in nature.

I find time outside breathing in fresh air fixes a lot. If the weather is bad then I breathe and move around with stretching or meditate on a colour flowing through my body.

J: How do you keep your creative ‘juices’ flowing so consistently?

T: I have always felt the creative process sending me messages so if I don’t write or create photos then I they get bunched up inside.

J: You know I love love love this graphic – mainly because I believe in, and practice, infinite possibility and that’s what it speaks of to me. May you share with us, what was the inspiration for this particular piece?

T: I created this piece soon after my father died and I was feeling very sad that day. I looked up and saw a beautiful light flowing through my front door. I took the photo and when I was working on it I got a clear message that “doors open in any moment”. I took it as a sign that even though I was sad it was okay to feel happy too and focus on the good times with my Dad and the beautiful legacy of love and wisdom he gave me.

(note from Joy: I didn’t know this! I have goosebumps as I read what Tanya shared! Now, it has even more meaning for me!)

J: May you share a recent life experience of a ‘door opening’ for you?

T: I created a photo of a digital ammonite that I really loved. I started selling it in jewellery pieces and magnets. Someone saw it and ordered a huge canvas print of it for her home. This opened my heart for my business and gave me the confidence to start selling large canvas prints.

J: What door/s you would like to experience opening?

T: I would like to finish my book on heart magic and sell it along with jewellery, prints and journals that promote heart magic.

J: In closing, what is one piece of heart guidance for us, in general, that you would like to share? (Because heart guidance from Heartlady is likely to speak to each of us reading!).

T: Listen to your heart. Always be you. Your heart whispers matter. The world needs your voice and your special brand of heart magic. Even on the tough days look for even a second of light. When the doors open in your life be ready to walk through them. Know you are loved.

See why I love Tanya??!!

If you are interested in purchasing a print of this graphic, or any of Tanya’s other creations, please do visit her Etsy store: Heartlady Inspiration.

Dear Reader: I would love to know your answer to these questions I asked Tanya: “May you share a recent life experience of a ‘door opening’ for you? And….What door/s would you like to experience open?” (when you share, you inspire!)

Thank you so much for your presence and for taking the time to share in this magical experience!

Much peace and abundant love,


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  1. Thank you so much Joy for being inspired by my work & for sharing my work with others. May doors open for you in each moment ?

    • Thank *you* so much, Tanya, for saying yes to your heart nudges (to create) and also to sharing your energy and presence via this interview on my blog! Blessings to your heart! <3

  2. This is a BEAUTIFUL interview and I love you both, see how beautiful you are and KNOW am SO BLESSED to know you both! Tanya, I love your art and your poetry and your heart! It is all so magical and creative and I am really inspired in so many ways to find what REALLY matters in my art and poetry. I am really looking forward to the book because it will have love and light (and possibily some shadows, too) pouring from the pages. And it will be as beautiful as you are, dear soul friend. You are one of the blessings in my life, Tanya, and the miles we live apart do not really matter in the spirit realm and the heart realm <3 So much love to you! Thank you, Joy, for letting us see even more of our lovely Tanya <3

    • What a beautiful comment, Jean! Your love and joy shines right through your words!

      As you gain more clarity, I would love to know what you discover ‘really matters’ via your art. I am fascinated by your process – including your willingness to try different techniques (even ones you think you won’t like much). Thank *you* for your support of Tanya, here, and in life – and also of me, here, and in life! Love to you!

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