Birthday Musings: Centering Deeply Into Your Roots and a Practice of Releasing the Loop of a Story Through Directing Your Focus

I was going to open this with the back-story of why I’m choosing to center deeply into my roots at this time of life. I decided not to. Not because you don’t deserve to hear it, to feel into it and apply anything that speaks to you to an unfolding in your own life.

Simply because, with this birthday – and all of the intentional and unintentional transition in and around it – I’m doing my best to stop ‘telling the story’ and, instead, to integrate the energy from the experience while doing the healing and opening work my body and being needs.

This is a technique I use in my personal life and while coaching clients.

The logic in this practice is to release the limitation or constriction from the words and the associations I (or others around me) might have with the words and the experience they seem to be forming.

The energy in this practice is found in that flow of understanding what feels limiting or constricting while shifting the focus to what is possible (and beyond what my mind thinks is possible) in this moment, by tuning into the energy in the experience and listening to your body, your heart, your intuitive knowing for clarity for the next step. Maybe the next step is rest or refreshment, meeting your base needs, an inspired action step, a celebrating of something,  a deeper centering or grounding, or a cutting of cords. And in the doing of that step, your understanding expands and you receive information on the next step to take. (Or maybe your understanding remains the same, and clarity remains elusive, so you rest or refresh or clean or simply be, waiting patiently for the nudge to move.)

Understanding the logic engages your mind. Understanding the energy engages your heart/spirit. So, I present both – to myself, and when working with others.

Starting with my birthday today, I’ve intended to leave what feels like ‘story’ behind, by leaving the words and the energy in them there, in the moments the experience was lived, and focusing on how I want to feel and what I want to be doing (as I move through daily life) from a space of centered love and gratitude….what I want to be creating, where I want to be vesting my energy.

That intentional re-direction of focus from looping the story to living in this moment, changes the feel of the story as I experience its unfolding, and allows the details to naturally evolve and re-form, while allowing ‘truth’ (heart-truth, intuitive knowing, love) to guide me.

I invite you to play with this practice of understanding, and seeing what the current external variables in your life are, and how the energy in them affect the shaping of your experience, then shifting your focus from the loop of the story to what you want to experience and create and how you want to feel as you live that day….and to see in this shift what changes for you. To look for the change. To look for the ‘goodness’ and magic and synchronicity and source energy in this understanding and unfolding.

Centering Deeply Into My Roots and Inviting You To Center Into Yours

Centering deeply into my roots happens for me through intention. Through remembering who I am and what I’m made of, at inner core essence level and feeling that in my body and being, while inviting that energy to flow through my presence and weave its way into the unfolding of my life.

As I’m considering my inner core essence energy and calling it into/calling myself to express it in daily life, any surface ‘untruths’ I’ve been holding about myself naturally fall away. Doubts seeded by listening to others, or not tapping into source consistently or in spaces where the effects of trauma have emerged or intensified, quickly shrink and/or are uprooted in this centering deeply into my roots.

I tap into, and align, with this inner core essence energy in a variety of ways, depending upon the day, how I’m feeling, what is available to me in the moment. The ‘how’ doesn’t matter as much as the ‘doing’ of centering. (If I get caught up in ‘how’, I often don’t do it.)

A few of my favorite ways of centering are: through blessing and prayer, walking barefoot on Mother Earth, chanting, drumming and dance, meditation, being present in the moment to whatever I’m physically doing, tapping into the elements and breath work.

As a birthday present to myself, I decided that – as part of this inner work of centering deeply into my roots – I’d re-read the book “You are Woman, You are Divine” written by Renee Starr. (I love Renee!! I have taken, and am currently participating in, a wide variety of her ecourses. I highly recommend checking out her site, and reading this book!)

Simply understanding the energy in the title and feeling into it as a reminder of my heart-truth (but a deep contrast to my overall experience in childhood and much of my adult life), is heart-healing and opening.

I invite you to feel into that for yourself. Read the title and let your entire being feel what it’s like to know you are *divine*. (Yes, this applies to the women in our Facets of Joy community, and I invite the men reading this to feel into it as a heart-truth for the base of the way you engage with and treat the women in your life.)

I took this photo to remember how I looked and felt around this birthday. I like black and white photos so I went with that tone.

And, then I began reading Renee’s book, and writing in my journal along with it.

This part from the prologue speaks straight to my heart and I’d like to share it with you, because I bet it speaks to yours, too. I invite you to sit (or stand) as centered as can be and to breathe the energy from this excerpt in:

“The time has come, right now,  for you to know that being a woman is special, sacred, and divine.

You are more than you think you are. So much more. You are a spectacular creature and you are beautifully built. You have been specifically designed to be a creatress, the bearer of our species, and to be powerful in the most feminine of ways. You carry within the space of your womb the Light of the world, which you birth anew every morning when you open your eyes.

Your very existence makes the world lovelier.

You are woman; your body is sacred and your essence is Divine. You are the embodiment of the Divine Feminine.”

Oh, Yes.

Because everything I share here, and in life, is meant to be a point of connection, I invite you to share, in the comments below: in the moments you feel Divine, what does that feel like in your body, in your life… does it express itself? And, if you feel constriction considering yourself as Divine, what does that feel like and what do you think the source of that is?

Thank you for being on this journey with me! It’s a joy to know that as we walk along our heart-path, they intersect at least for these few moments; may you feel that joy as well.

Blessings from my heart to yours!

Much peace and abundant love,


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  1. I love that you are not cycling back into your story but going on ahead into the life you want to create, How wonderful is that??? The Course in Miracles asks us to stop telling our stories and I love that you have given me a new way to think about that! All stuff I “know” but see how it can be applied to my life because of what you are doing, Joy! I love the photo! You look really radiant and very strong. I am so glad you had such a delightful birthday with your kids and that you are continuing to learn to appreciate and love yourself as a divine woman! Love to you!

    • Thank you for your presence and support, Jean – here and in life!

      Not cycling back into my story requires lots of intention, since one of the key perpetrators of abuse is still peripherally in it. I’m finding I can keep clarity about that, but change the ‘label’ into something less negative, more affirmative, like ‘one of the key catalysts to remind me to keep doing inner work is still present’. I am in a position to have to communicate with this person, and that stretches me – and is also the point where I realized I *can* create a new story, one where I feel empowered and connected to source (because I am, but I forget when this particular person attempts to bully me).

      I am glad something I’ve written has given you a point of exploration in your life, Jean – that’s my motivation for sharing anything I do and lights my heart greatly!

      Thank you for your kind words and love! <3

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