Sunday Soul Call Card Reading: A Soul Call Message for You to Feel Into and Work With, as This Week Unfolds

Happy Sunday to you (or Monday, if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere)! ….or whatever day it is when you read this *grin*

I woke this morning, wanting to share something with you, and in general, with Universe, but not knowing what. Something light-filled that offers ‘goodness’ to your heart.

I’m sitting at the back table (my new favorite, that you’ve likely seen in photos), with orange juice in my owl mug and so much love flowing through my heart.

The sky is grey (because this is grey season, here), and the community is quiet (because it’s early enough that people are likely just now stirring). It feels peaceful. It feels like infinite possibility is real.

In that space, I decided that I’d pull a soul call card for myself, which then turned to pulling a reading to share with you.

What I suggest is that you look at the photo and feel into the energy and if you feel called, to continue on to explore my interpretation and see how this energy shows up for you, today and as this week unfolds. And, if you don’t feel called, to let it be, knowing you haven’t ‘missed anything’ – and you can save it to refer back to when your heart says ‘hmmmm, let’s touch base with natural magic’.

To go along with these cards, I also placed a turkey feather gifted to me by a dear friend, and I chose a body mudra card from Tina Foster’s “Body Mudra Card Deck“.

Before we feel into the energy of the reading, I’d like to point out that I shared with you that I’m outside in nature and it’s ultra-quiet and still.

It astounds me that the cards that chose to come forward to share their energy with us are so compatible with this energy. It feels like that’s a synchronicity that is significant and wants to be noticed. Here I am saying “I gifted myself the joy of silence and creative expression and a desire to connect and share (which to me *is* magic!), naturally flowed from there!”

This (pulling a soul call card reading) isn’t what I had planned this morning, and wasn’t even in my realm of being. I have one hour before my kids wake up and we head out to get bagels and go to the farmer’s market (my son never asks for anything, so when he asked that we go to this one particular bagel shop at the harbor we used to live at, it was easy enough to say yes to!) << I think we can apply this to us, asking Universe (or our loved ones) for something. It’s likely easier than we think to get a ‘yes!’, but we do need to ask and then be open and ready to participate in the experience.

Back to the reading:

Before I think about the specifics of this reading, I take a few moments to feel into the energy.

The mudra card feels like a reminder that magic is within, we can access it in any moment, as we are, with what we have in that moment.

The soul cards shore that up for us, saying “even if we doubt that (magic is within/available), in this moment or as an experience unfolds, we have the ability to silence the external ‘stuff’ flowing in and/or to gift our being silence, so we may listen to our heart-truth, and within that practice, ‘faith’ is naturally restored.”

The practice of immersing your being into silence, even for a few moments, is simple, in that external resources are not required; yet, potent and profound and can be done anywhere, in any moment.

Yet, so many of us fill our moments with ‘noise’. (I used to! Then I felt frustrated that I wasn’t experiencing ‘divine winks’ as I moved through my day, and I couldn’t hear my heart whispers clearly, so I started honoring silence as I drove alone – instead of having the radio on; and by leaving space open when communicating with others – instead of rushing to fill it with words, feeling the love, gratitude, joy, peace of being in silence together.)

Let’s look at the cards.

Our definitions of magic might differ. I look at magic as ‘goodness’ flowing through the moment: connectedness with source and unfolding and flow, blessings and joy; an open-heartedness full of love and gratitude, peace and compassion – anything and all that lights our heart and reminds us of who we are at inner-core essence.

That flows through you, naturally.

When we can’t feel it, or we doubt it, there are a myriad of ways to connect with it. One is silence. Silencing the external flowing in, that doesn’t support your growth or the growth of your intentions and dreams. And, also, immersing yourself in silence, in ways that feel good to you (meaning, if a whole day of being silent feels like torture, don’t do it; if a few moments feels lovely and good, that’s *perfect for you*).

One meaning of ‘restore’ is to bring back to original form. Locally, we have car clubs in which people who enjoy doing so, work on old cars and bring them to their original form. They cherish this work, and they love sharing the results, which are beautiful. My mind can’t understand this process, but I can thoroughly enjoy the beauty.

Restore, here in a soul call reading, is likely referring to your faith (in yourself, in love, in unfolding, in the goodness of life). I’d like to take that a ‘bit deeper’ and suggest it also is referring to your heart energy (the source of ‘magic’) – as in how it felt to be you and believe in love – before barriers were placed and wounds became tender and painful and you decided to hold back a bit on either believing in magic or connecting and creating with magic.

To remember that you are naturally magical – and nothing in your life experience can take that away from you, it’s something you can return to over and over, with intention, awareness and presence.

We can take it a wee bit further and feel this invitation to *Restore your inner belief (in yourself, in magic, in love, in whatever you are feeling disillusioned about), by silencing the critical voices*.

Which refers to self-talk and your ability to encourage and support yourself (whether or not external people or resources are doing so), To be mindful and aware of speaking to – and about – yourself, from a space of love, joy, gratitude, compassion, kindness, understanding.

And to connect to these energies in others and share your love expressions with them when your heart asks you to (thus, silencing their ‘critical voices’).

One note about restoration, that I touched upon earlier when I spoke of the car club members: may you do any restorative work your heart asks you to, that feels good for you (this is referring to inner work, but also in your physical spaces – like cleaning your home or office or creative space, doing yard work, etc.) from a space of love, joy, passion, delight, honor, gratitude, wonder and awe.

Not out of obligation or force, but from a space of understanding that you are being present to a process (that might take time and effort) that is opening space, and calling in blessings, naturally, as you do the work of restoration.

And, it seems to me, that the car club members greatly enjoy sharing their ‘results’ – with others in their club, but also the general public. They are proud of what they’ve accomplished and they love when others appreciate it and love it as much as they do! << There is a message in that for you. (What happens when your energy and attention is on what you love and feel great doing? Magic naturally flows!)

One note about silence: Think about the places you feel your voice (your creative expressions, your heart truth, your speaking voice) has been silenced – where you feel forced into not sharing. This is a nudge to send love to your heart, to your inner being in all of the spaces that feel tender from being silenced, and to allow that love to guide you to share your voice in spaces and ways that feel good and enlivening to you, which restores to you the confidence in sharing your voice (and readies you to share it in those spaces you’ve been silenced).

So, the turkey feather. When my friend gifted me this feather, I remembered the slang of turkey being ‘a loser’. And I laughed, because I know that’s not what it meant! But, it applies here – yes? – because that could be an inner criticism you hold about yourself, something to work on shifting for yourself, via your self-talk.

In general, Turkey energy is about abundance (spiritual, physical and energetic), harmony, connection to Earth and the land, fertility.

This is a reminder to get clear about what you want to grow, to be present to “tilling” the soil for your dreams to root and grow. Not forcing, or insisting upon, but lovingly, with care, tending to them (and to yourself).

Dear Reader: As you consider what I’ve presented, what speaks to your heart? What do you feel nudged to ‘do’ or allow for? What would you add to the meanings I’ve presented here? (when you share, you inspire)

If your heart asks for your own personal soul call card reading, it’s my pleasure to pull one for you! I currently offer 3- or 9-card readings, each with a PDF interpretation that is yours to keep and refer back to.

Blessings from my heart to yours!

Much peace and abundant love,


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Comments on: "Sunday Soul Call Card Reading: A Soul Call Message for You to Feel Into and Work With, as This Week Unfolds" (2)

  1. Joy,

    There is so much in this that speaks to me- and that is ultra-relevant to all the energy swirling about in my life right now, and the thoughts I have been having, questions I have been asking myself…so this feels especially synchronistic for me now.

    I spent the weekend cleaning and painting a new apartment I’ve recently moved into, and it feels in every way like a “restoration”. It is an older home, with many lovely details, and also many neglected parts…so in restoring it by focusing on bringing the beauty of the original back to life, and bringing attention to the parts that have been neglected…it feels a bit analogous to what I am experiencing personally in my life right now as well…as in outer renewal reflecting inner renewal. I suppose that is the way this energetic stuff works, yet as long as I’ve been developing greater awareness on this level, it still continues to astound me the depth that outer reflects inner energy…

    Especially heartfelt for me was your “one note about silence”…I was just feeling this morning stifled and frustrated in a particular relationship and my seeming inability to express myself clearly leading to frustration on my part and a sense of distancing from this other person. And this phrase especially touched deeply into the truth of how I am feeling in that space: “where you feel forced into not sharing”…Whether only my perception or if there is reality to that perspective, I have not been able to see how to move through it or deal with it in any positive way…and your comment following really gave me some clarity in that regard.

    “This is a nudge to send love to your heart, to your inner being in all of the spaces that feel tender from being silenced, and to allow that love to guide you to share your voice in spaces and ways that feel good and enlivening to you, which restores to you the confidence in sharing your voice (and readies you to share it in those spaces you’ve been silenced).”

    So, this is my small attempt to “share my voice” in a space that has always felt safe and enlivening to me…

    So thank you again, for creating this space, and for inviting us into it, and for always sharing from your heart in the most beautiful ways.

    • Hi Molly,

      Thank you so much for your response!

      I do apologize for the delay in my reply – after posting this, I’d been deep in advocating for my daughter, and am just now coming back online.

      It feels potent to process this reading now, as if it applies more now – with events here in the US and world kicking so much energy up, along with the big eclipse next week.

      I’m glad something in this reading spoke to you and that you took the time to share that, here. Thank you!

      Blessings as your ‘new apartment chapter’ unfolds. I love that you took time to clean and paint, and hope you feel peace and joy and all that your heart wishes to feel in this ‘restorative’ space.

      I’m glad the ‘note about silence’ gave you clarity in a relationship you were have questions in. And, I’m ultra-glad that this space, here, feels safe and enlivening to you, and you feel comfortable sharing your voice. That means a lot to me, because here, and in life, my intention is to create spaces where people feel comfortable and safe sharing (and sometimes I wonder if my work ‘matters’ and here you are saying ‘it does’ – so thank you for that).

      I hope this sort of feeling is something you may cultivate and experience in your physical home and in all of the relationships that feel like home to you – as a gift to yourself, and to those you love.

      Blessings to your heart!

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