An Invitation to be Present when Hatred (or any energy that feels like it’s challenging love) Shows Up

I wish….that hatred didn’t exist; that each person in this world would feel comfortable and safe being who they are and the experience of feeling seen, loved and appreciated for their presence and creative expressions, passions and interests would be a consistent part of daily life.

I wish for each of us to love and be loved.

posted on Facebook after a week of processing ill-will directed toward me (I’m physically fine and energetically strong) and simultaneously learning of the events in Charlottesville.

What I feel nudged to share with you, here, in my Facets of Joy community:

I work everything out at ocean’s edge at sunset. It’s where I meet my version, and the energy of, Source.

It’s where I sometimes say ‘I don’t understand the energy of this, that is happening, and I don’t know how to be love in it…or I’m not feeling or seeing love in it’.

And, then, Source meets me with beauty like this, which reminds me that

one: beauty exists but I won’t notice if I’m not present to it (and it’s okay if I’m not present or open, but the reminder that it’s always there inspires me to be both present and open),

two: my (our) inner core essence energy is like this sunset – fiery, magnificent, glorious – and it radiates out to everything in it’s path. Which is what I feel Love is like, and does.

And, hate doesn’t stand a chance.

Although if hate is directed toward you, it might be painful, it might sear through your armor and pierce someplace tender in your heart….and it’s understandable if in those moments you doubt the strength of love. And, if in those moments, you can remember that love is this fiery presence and turn that inward and apply it to your seething inner wound, like a balm love will cauterize it, allowing you freedom from pain and the opportunity to heal your wound and/or keep on creating and connecting (if you wish, because you can). << that’s where hate doesn’t stand a chance.

I invite you to feel into that with me, if you wish. Breathe it in. Send it to the tender spaces within. Also it to encourage you, on your path.

Allowing Your Feelings to Flow and Unfold and for however you feel to be okay

I haven’t been online much in the past two weeks, as advocating for my daughter required my presence and attention and in that a legal proceeding had quite a bit of unexpected drama that reached out and directly touched our lives. My ‘reaction’ to that, as with everything, was to center most deeply, heal what felt tender and do what was possible to keep my heart open to peace and possibility.

I felt the singe where the drama touched, and I felt the potent healing as the pain cleared and the space remained open.

In that, I learned of the events in Charlottesville.


I think that understanding that hate exists and that sometimes ‘wrapping love and light’ around it doesn’t dissolve its presence can be faith-shaking.

That might be something you are experiencing. And, it’s my purpose in life to be a light-bearer, so here is a bit of light for you:

It’s okay if your faith is shaken. (Okay as in that doesn’t mean you’ve chosen the wrong path or aren’t love-filled or something ‘bad’ will happen because you are doubting.)

It’s okay if you don’t know what to say to those around you (especially POC or your children).

It’s okay if you think you should do something, but you aren’t sure what.

It’s okay if you’re afraid.

It’s also okay if your faith is strong and un-wavering; you speak with great clarity and purpose and it’s easy (as in natural) for you; if you know exactly what to do and are taking those steps right now.

Please allow your feelings to flow and unfold and yourself to feel the entire range of what you are feeling. And if you do judge or criticize yourself, just notice, and do your best to center back into love. That gives you a foundation to reach out and support yourself, your family and others from.

An Invitation to Choose to be Present and Share Your Skills, Because This World Needs Your Gifts

I understand that many people who walk a heart-path are also empathic and with that sometimes choose to ignore or avoid energies like ‘hate’.

I respect and honor boundaries (such as not immersing yourself directly in an energy you have control over not being in, that can cause pain) and I invite you to think about and feel into how you can best use your natural and honed skills, talents and gifts to support healing in this world.

To support healing, involves first being aware of and understanding what needs healing; which means you might need to ‘tune’ in to world events, in a way that best suits you, and use your personal tools to remain centered while expanding your understanding.

I’m calling you ‘in’: if you feel you are a love-based, light-worker and/or healer in some capacity, here to share your gifts with the world to support healing and growth (of yourself and others), this is a supreme opportunity to tune in to the needs of your community (local and global). 

What that looks like for each of us will differ. It doesn’t mean we need to be on the front lines, but it does mean we might need to understand that many people don’t have a choice whether or not to be on the front lines – the color of their skin puts them there, in daily life.

After writing this, I found this meme while browsing Facebook and I feel it’s perfect for what I’m attempting to convey:

With that, I have two links to share with you, that expanded my understanding and might interest you:

One: this excerpt from the article “on racism, discrimination & bigotry” by Karen Walrond, which I find very informative and think you might, as well: 

*This, of course, does not mean that all white people are hostile, or bigots — it goes without saying that there are many, many good white people in America, and indeed, my world (I am, after all, married to one). But it does mean that in this country, white people have the privilege of their skin colour (just as I have, for example, the “privilege” of being able-bodied, or heterosexual, in a country where society values those traits to a higher standard). Our privileges can blind us to the situations of those who don’t hold the same privileges, which is why we need to be aware of the privileges we hold. My able-bodied or heterosexual privilege does not mean that I’m a bad person, per se; just as white skin doesn’t make you a bad person, per se. However, in the case of racism, your white privilege does mean that you have an advantage when dealing with those in power that I do not.

Since you have white privilege, especially when dealing with people in power, then you necessarily also have the privilege of having those in power listen to you more than they would listen to me, especially when it comes to anti-racist work. For example, if you go to an organization that has failed to be inclusive or diverse (and that sort of thing matters to you), the leader of that organization is more likely to listen to you about why things should change than they would listen to me. Extrapolating that further, if you have a friend who IS a racist, your convincing your friend to change how she thinks is more likely than me being able to do it.

With discrimination and bigotry, of course we are all more likely to have an effect convincing people who look like us not to be bigoted or discriminatory. (And this is where awareness of our individual privileges and how we can use them to help others comes into play.) But because racism is systemic and perpetuated by the race in power (white), the onus is on white people: white people have to work together to end it. Remember, racism is about the race in power — not about how each race feels about all other races.*

Two: If you follow this link, there is an article (also in PDF form that you can download to refer back to) Ten Ways to Fight Hate: A Community Response Guide published by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

From the introduction:

When bias motivates an unlawful act, it is considered a hate crime. Most hate crimes are inspired by race and religion, but hate today wears many faces. Bias incidents (eruptions of hate where no crime is committed) also tear communities apart and can escalate into actual crimes.


The good news is, all over the country people are fighting hate, standing up to promote tolerance and inclusion. More often than not, when hate flares up, good people rise up against it — often in greater numbers and with stronger voices.

This guide sets out 10 principles for fighting hate in your community.

I don’t have a brilliant ‘wrap-up’ to close this post. I have supreme gratitude for your presence, here, and knowing that energetically we are all in this, together, doing our best to figure out how to be present, with an open-heart and joyful spirit (I’m thinking since you’re part of this community, this is something we share this in common).

I don’t have ‘answers’, but I do have faith, joy, love and I believe in the goodness of this world and that’s what I’m here to share with you.

Thank you for choosing to be present to, and explore this, with me!

If anything speaks to you in what I’ve shared here, please do let me know, in the comments below. If you have any questions, or feel nudged to feel something about your current experience, please share that as well.

Much peace,

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