Holding Space for Beliefs to Shift and Evolve, Naturally (& an example of something I used to believe in but now I no longer do)

As I practice presence to unfolding within natural growth, and listen to my heart whispers and intuitive knowing as guidance for movement, connection and creative expression, my beliefs naturally evolve.

When I focus on, and hold space for, healing and growth, expansion naturally happens as I heal and grow.

Within that, it is true for me that sometimes what I used to hold as true – personal preferences and likes, beliefs, and ways of moving and being – no longer feel true, resonant or aligned.

I also notice this with clients I’ve worked with long-term. Especially when we are working on understanding patterns that feel constricting or limiting and the client does the inner work to open through those patterns to live something new, different, better feeling and supportive of their ability to thrive.

Maybe, as you’re reading this, you’re realizing that a few of your beliefs have shifted and changed as you’ve changed.

Sometimes we resist the change, or we judge ourselves for the change, and we feel uncomfortable. That’s simply the energy of resistance and judgement, and not the energy of the actual change.

When a belief changes shape, it doesn’t make your previous belief (or you) wrong, and it doesn’t make your current belief (or you) right – or vice versa. It simply means – from an energetic perspective – that something within you has changed, which resulted in a change of belief.

I have an example of this from my life. 

I used to believe a great way to accomplish anything was to do my best to control the details, manage the process, and give one million per cent (pushing my body beyond what it could do, sometimes – mentally, psychologically and physically). That, with enough effort, anything could be completed.

It worked, in that I accomplished quite a lot. It didn’t work in that I was usually exhausted, and I felt drained (overall) instead of fulfilled.

Over time, that belief shifted into what it is today. It began with an interest in the unfolding process, and in understanding natural growth and it evolved and expanded over the last two decades as I practiced being present to unfolding, and holding space.

Now, I believe that the best way (for me) to move through daily life, feeling consistent peace and joy in my body and being and experience of life (regardless of external) is through centering into love and gratitude, being intentional with my presence and energy, doing what I can physically to create what I feel I’m being asked (by my heart and/or nudges from universe) to, and allowing for magic to swoop in and meet me. It’s okay if I don’t know all of the details, or I don’t have a step-by-step plan, and it’s okay to rest and simply be, between steps (or those are my steps!). And, it’s definitely okay to spend time acknowledging and celebrating each step.

In that, sometimes I’m focused and while feeling in flow, I push my body a bit. When I do, I use words of encouragement towards myself, and I weave in ways of refreshing my energy, and I stop far before I’m maxed out. I notice when I pause, ‘magic’ happens. I can be fully present and feel refreshed and delighted and happy with what I’ve experienced (instead of exhausted and drained).

My focus is no longer on what I control or how I might manipulate external, it’s on how centered I can be and from that space what can I allow/receive in/open to? How much peace and joy can I feel in my body and being and experience of life?

Because I believe that being in my body and experiencing physical life, is meant to be as peaceful and joyful and lovely as I can allow it to be. (direct contrast to my earlier beliefs)

With that, the feel of being in my body has changed. I’m not railing against physical life, I’m embracing and celebrating it. I can do much in a day (as a single mom, I have little choice about that) but I feel connected to source and fulfilled as I do it. And, my boundaries are amazing (which is a welcome surprise!) as I ‘cultivate’ and tend to, this ever-flowing peace, joy, love, gratitude, wonder, awe.

I’m much more relaxed, even in days full of commitments, and I honor my personal pace, and in that there is time to savor and relish the ‘goodness’ in the moment. Because I’m not rushed or pre-occupied, I am more likely to notice and connect with (and open to) this ‘goodness’ than I was before.

It’s a practice of presence.  And a fun bonus is that as I practice, and share what I’m doing and why, I find there are many more people in this world that choose similar ways of being and living. I feel more understood and connected and that’s quite a blessing!

Dear Reader: As you consider what I’ve shared here, about beliefs and how they naturally evolve, what is a belief that you previously held that is no longer true for you, and how has that changed your life?

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace and abundant love,


This was my response to Effy Wild’s “Let’s Blog Along in September” prompt today.

The above photo is of a flower I saw while on a short neighborhood walk – part of an unfolding example I shared today on my Facebook page. (To read that story, simply click over to my Facebook page, and look for the flower.)


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Comments on: "Holding Space for Beliefs to Shift and Evolve, Naturally (& an example of something I used to believe in but now I no longer do)" (6)

  1. I have also started to make the transition from trying to control things to death to being centered and grounded. Definitely has been worth the effort!

    • Thank you for your visit, Leslie!

      Blessings as you continue to focus on being centered and grounded – may magic (and all that your heart wishes) meet you in this transition!!

  2. from the inside out instead of the outside in … yes.

  3. I love that you wrote about this particular change Joy! Feels like synchronicity to me as I’m just now realizing how I am in the midst of this very shift as well. Perhaps not as far along as you in the practice, but recognizing I’ve actually shifted from “control” thinking to “flow” feeling…and that it has begun to feel more natural and “right” to me now to allow myself to go with the flow (whereas I used to think that phrase meant giving up or being lazy…) and the moments I find myself reverting to the “control” thoughts and ways of being, it actually feels *off* and in-congruent to me now. That has been a major shift for me, just really coming to my awareness throughout this past month. It really changes everything in the feeling of my days and the way I go about my life. I haven’t quite figured out *how* to get things done as efficiently as I used to with my old control model yet, but I have been 100% okay, especially through this recent healing health event of the past year, simply allowing myself to be okay with being less efficient and getting less done. I feel like that part is a learning process, and I’m more interested now in leaning into this way of being more aligned with my heart and spirit as I move through life and toward creating the life I love than “accomplishing” everything I used to think I needed to accomplish. The beauty of this approach, I’ve discovered, is I am actually closer to living my dreams than ever, yet not in the way I imagined those dreams. It’s more of a feeling than a specific place or thing or “achievement”. For me, it took a period of relaxing my standards on the “effort” scale, to see what was possible in this realm of connecting to my own source of peace and self- acceptance. Now that I feel secure in the foundations of this knowing, I feel ready to re-emerge (the caterpillar emerging his cocoon??) and move again in a way that feels less like struggle and so much more like freedom!

    • Yes to synchronicity, Molly! I love when it happens!

      I have a suggestion to your question ‘how’ to get things done as efficiently, since it’s something I’m playing with right now. One: do your best not to compare the flow of today and what you get done (or don’t) with the flow of previous days – or especially with the flow of a previous life chapter. Because you, and the variables in your life, are different today, and what you consider an accomplishment in the day might also be different. Two: if there is something you’d like to get done in a day, ask it something like ‘how might I do this today, how might this fit into the logistics of my day, in flow’ and then allow the shape of your day to morph a bit to include it (without you thinking the logistics through).

      In case that doesn’t make sense in words, let me give you an example. I’ve started two daily projects in September – a photo challenge and this blogging adventure. I logistically don’t have time for anything else in the day. I really don’t. And, I’m offline most of each day. But, these are both important to my heart, for different reasons. So, I ask, each day ‘photo challenge, how will you fit, in flow’ and ‘ blogging challenge, how will you fit in flow’?. Even though my mind says ‘they don’t fit, they won’t fit, what are you doing?!’, they’ve been fitting, without me changing anything in my day, or feeling exhausted by adding in extra. I can’t tell you how. (I mean, I can tell you after the day is done, I just can’t tell you before the day is over!). Maybe feel into that to see if there is guidance for you that resonates.

      Thank you for sharing your process. I’m glad you are experiencing clarity and hope that along with that clarity is increased open-ness to receiving in blessings and goodness, and more ease in living your dreams.

      Yes to experiencing freedom in movement!!

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