Musings About Trust and What I Know for Sure (it all has to do with unfolding, pushing pause and honoring natural cycles)

If you are following along as I participate in Effy Wild’s “Let’s Blog Along in September” adventure this month, then you might noticed I didn’t write yesterday.

It wasn’t for lack of love of writing, or lack of commitment to this project, it was due to lack of time, plain and simple.

So, I’m going to combine yesterday’s prompt “what’s something you know for sure”, with today’s prompt “dig something really good out of your archived writings, or write about trust”.

Whenever I’m asked about something I know for sure, I speak about love, trust in the unfolding process (including natural cycles and seasons) or the power of presence.

Having spent today restoring peace in my body and being from being present in a heart-stretch of a week that left me feeling drained instead of fulfilled (and ‘all better’ now that I’ve taken time to re-center), what I know for sure (for myself) is that it’s not healthy to push my body to the extremes to accomplish ‘everything’ and I’m not meant to do *everything* in one day, and as I honor and trust the unfolding process, lots of things (sometimes chores, sometimes something that matters to me) will need to be ‘paused’ so that I can have a bit of breathing space.

As a single mom, I often tell myself I can’t push pause (because no one is there to help me pick up the slack on the big things – like advocating for my daughter, or driving when my son needed me to, and now my daughter does, or to gather groceries or items for the household, which I don’t have money to hire out).

But really, when I consistently choose not to press pause, peace dissolves pretty quickly, then joy dissolves with it, and I begin to feel overwhelmed.

I’m all about looking at the positive side of things (because I love the feel of infinite possibility) so let’s flip that to a positive:

Really, when I press pause, my body has a chance to rest, doubt flows right out of my mind, my energy refreshes and I am then able, from a centered and open space, to tap into flow and get far more done, with far more ease and joy, and to feel enlivened and fulfilled as I do it, than if I resist pause and push through. (with far less harm to my body, which is important to me).

And, I believe that energy courses through everything, so as far as what I share, then, from being present to it, when I press pause, the energy that naturally exudes from my being as I move through my day is far more light-love-and joy-filled than when I push through. (That matters to me, very much so.)

That’s what I know for sure, from living it. And when I forget, my body reminds me. (Let’s flip that: when I remember, life feels far more peaceful and joyful, even when my days are overflowing, as they have been this week.)

So, I didn’t write yesterday. That was something that was important to me. I spent an extra 90 minutes in the day dealing with insurance and medication – something I didn’t expect but needed to be done right then. I knew as I was present to it, that whatever I had planned for my evening was not going to be completed. Writing was in that. That’s part of unfolding, and also part of trust – in flow and in knowing that everything that needs to be done, will. And, I bless it all as I embrace and release (which keeps peace flowing, but also re-affirms my trust in unfolding). It is what it is and resisting that causes pain.

Not having that insurance snafu hanging over this weekend surely freed up my energy (and the day’s energy) to experience more peace and joy. With that, today, I was able to do some other things from my list that has gotten pushed to the side (nap was one of them!)

Each day I do what I can, and that’s enough. I am learning to allow it to be enough.

What I’ve given is enough – whether I’ve accomplished five trillion things or one (or none). That’s all I have to give. Although we as a society are taught to give far more than what we have (which I think is the cause of chronic pain and a general feeling of a lack of connection). Again, I bless it all as I go, and I do my best to love myself, instead of criticize or judge myself.

With that, I will touch base on trust. I trust that the ‘seeds’ I’ve planted each day that are resonant with love, peace, joy, my core values, my healing and growth, other’s healing and growth – if that’s my intention in sharing – prosperity, whole-body health and wellness, mothering with love and gratitude and grace, will root, grow and blossom naturally, in wonderful ways far beyond what I can ask for or imagine, and that my main role in this process is to make sure the soil is fertile, and that I keep planting seeds as I move along each day.

I trust that what is meant to blossom, will – and it won’t be because I’ve hovered or worried or insisted upon or manipulated – it will simply be because it’s part of the natural cycle of unfolding in that area of life.

And that trust is why I can pause, intentionally, and also when my body says ‘no more’ and I need to.

I trust that what is meant to be will be, and what isn’t won’t.

Dear Reader: When you consider the practice of ‘pressing pause’, what is your experience with it? Is it something you weave into each day or save as a ‘reward’ or don’t really do? (whatever your experience is, people reading will relate, and likely feel encouraged because of that!)

Much peace and abundant love,



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