Reminiscing about…..the first sunset photo I shared on this blog (two chairs together on the beach)

This is the first sunset photo I used on this blog, on December 24, 2011.

I remember taking this photo. (And, I see how much my photography skills have changed  – technically improved!).

I remember walking on this stretch of beach which was next to the harbor that I lived in, on the sailboat for almost 5 years with my kids (and 1/4 of my life before then). At the time of this photo, we were leaving the boat to come to land. I understand the idea of outgrowing your container, but I wasn’t sure which container was going to hold us next, so I would walk and pray, and meditate and center (as I always do).

I was moving *away* from so much (my f/t job at the hospital, a boyfriend I loved – although he had left a few days before so wasn’t actually ‘there’, my pup I loved, one of my best friends in the universe, the boat, the familiarity of so much) and I knew the feeling of what I was moving toward but I didn’t know what shapes/ they would be in. That required more trust and faith than I thought I had, to be present to, and to keep my heart open to possibility in.

This stretch of beach was extremely familiar to me, because when I first moved to this area, I was around 25 years-old and I lived at an apartment building right at that very harbor. I eventually moved inland (to town) for a bit, but this area has remained my favorite and I keep coming back. For the Farmer’s market, beach walks, to eat at my favorite restaurants, to visit friends, to see fireworks in July and the parade of lights in December. It’s where my heart is and where I most love to be.

On the night I took this photo I was 41 (which tells you how many years I’d been taking walks on that beach). I remember loving the feel of the chairs so close together in the sand and thinking how awesome that people want to sit together to enjoy the sounds and energy of the ocean. I spent some time imagining who I would love to sit with, there (choosing from friends I know, celebrity crushes and also people I don’t know but would enjoy the energy of).

I was also thinking how fun it would be to bring a blanket (because evenings at the beach are always chilly) and a good book, and a picnic (fresh fruit, cheese, iced water and maybe chocolate) and a journal and fill one chair with my ‘goodies’ and the other with my being and just enjoy the evening (if they were my chairs – which they weren’t).

I remember thinking how special. The chairs were sturdy and spoke of permanence and longevity. They were weathered and I love that (in physical things and people – show me that you’ve lived and let me feel the energy in that and tell me about it – what a gift!). I’m ‘weathered’; it’s not something I attempt to fix or cover up, it’s something I celebrate and share.

That’s when I took this photo. With all of that wonder, joy, awe, love, gratitude in my heart. (That’s the moment I take every photo that I choose to share, right when my heart is touched and I’m feeling something sacred.)

I used this photo for all of my original ‘gift of presence’ materials. Because it spoke to me of being fully present – to whomever you would be sitting with, to nature and the beauty right there, to the energies flowing through the moment. 

The chairs were there for quite a few years; on a recent visit, I didn’t see them. I think it’s an excellent photo for a writing prompt, a visualization session, a starting point to seed a dream.

Dear Reader: When I first posted this photo on social media, I asked ‘who would you most enjoy sitting with in these chairs’? And, I’d love to know what *your* answer is and something about why you’d choose them to sit with you and what you might do (talk, write, paint, sing, play instruments, be silent….) during that time together.

It was a lot of fun to play along with Effy Wild’s “Let’s Blog in September” prompt today, which was….reminisce.

Thank you for your presence!

Much peace,


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  1. jean sampson said:

    I remember this photograph, Joy! Wow, we have known each other awhile now, haven’t we? Well, I would have to have you in that chair and then put up more chairs for all of the beautiful people who I have met through your blog! We would have such a wonderful time together, laughing and crying and hugging and just sharing our hearts. You have mightily enriched my life in so many ways, Joy, that I would want you in that chair looking out at the beauty of the sunset with me. Thank you for being you <3 and being love!

    • We’ve known each other a long while, Jean, because you originally connected with me through my previous blog, when I was living on the boat :)

      I would love to sit in that chair next to you!! Or a chair in your painting studio! Or for tea. Or all of it!

      Yes, to adding more chairs! I hadn’t even thought of that, which is odd.

      Thank you for being *you*, for your presence in my life, and for all of the ways you share your light in this world <3

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