Sharing Links to the sites of Four Soul Sister Friends Who Have Influenced me in a Positive Way

I wasn’t really going to plug-in this evening. “Plug-in” = do anything online or anything that requires full presence.

Mainly because I had a doctor’s appointment this afternoon that shook me a bit. (Which is okay – I asked for straightforward, and I got it *and* he also said ‘don’t project, we’re going to do this one appointment, one week at a time’, which is guidance that speaks right to my heart, for which I’m grateful). I’ll sleep on it and wake centered and open again, and keep on ‘keeping on’.

For this evening, though, I needed to not process it or do anything other than simply be.

It’s odd because I’ve been practicing presence for so long, and I trust the process of unfolding very much so, that being told to ‘not project’ is not something that tends to happen to me. So, I’m doing my best to not project. Which meant I made soup (because I love the taste of layered flavors and it took my attention for a while to prep and cook) and I watched frivolous TV and I was going to go to bed right now, but thought I’d check in and write (because it lights my heart and I love it, so I don’t count it as ‘plugged in’.)

I love today’s nudge from Effy Wild’s Let’s Blog Along in September Adventure “Write about someone who has had a positive influence on you. Link to them, if they have an online presence. Boost their signal.”

I love to listen to stories! Offline, making eye contact and being able to feel into a person’s energy and the words they are sharing as well as online, reading status updates, browsing through Instagram and reading blogs and feeling the energy in the words and photos.

Whenever someone takes the time to share their presence, energy, thoughts, beliefs, values, ideas via words, I learn and am often inspired and/or encouraged by what they share. (and I take the time to tell them, because they won’t know they are making a difference unless it’s expressed to them!)

Many, many people have a positive influence on me (especially because my world is full of people who love life and are compassionate and caring and want to contribute to the ‘goodness’ in this world).

I will share a few links to online friends and peers whose presence enriches my life. (I could really fill a huge book with gratitude and links – lots of what you’ve seen here on my site, in my ecourses and ebooks has been collaborative because I love to share the wisdom of people with different specialties than I…. with everyone who has access to my work).

I’ll start with something that surprises me greatly, that I’ve mentioned before. I’ve been in a mastermind with two other people for a few years. It surprises me because while I hadn’t been in a mastermind before that lasted longer than a few months, when I happened to see a tweet from an artist I wasn’t familiar with, asking if anyone would be interested in participating, I said “yes”!

….and here we are a few years later. We share our lists with each other each and every day!! – which is amazing, I think. On my list, I add things like ‘practice unfolding’ (so it’s an open list and I fill it in with what I’ve done as the day unfolds), ‘drink water’ (on days that I think I need reminding) and doctor’s appointments as well as business items.

Over the years, we’ve each had major life changes, moments where we might have crawled into the covers and stayed there but we sent our lists sharing that, and we’ve all supported and encouraged and celebrated with one another. I’d never met either in person, but we all know each other really well. It’s been a life-changing practice.

They are both brilliant artists, and I invite you to check out their websites:

Lisa Call –  Textile Paintings and Jody MacDonald – Visual Artist.

Someone I’ve mentioned before, quite a few times, who is a soul sister friend that I first connected with online, then spent lots of time with offline – at a conference, then visited with at her house and hosted her on my boat (when I lived aboard) – is Evita Ochel – Consciousness Expansion Teacher.

When I first began blogging many moons ago, I felt like I was ‘different’ from the other bloggers, because I was very heart-centered and woo, and energy (as far as intention and quality and type) matters to me tremendously. I wanted to create a sacred container of a space on the interwebs and no one talked about online space in that way. Evita encouraged (and still encourages) me to listen to my heart and remain true to it.

Evita is my ‘go to’ source for nutrition, whole-body wellness, inspiration to be as fully present as possible. I highly recommend her book “Healing and Prevention Through Nutrition” and taking time to browse through her YouTube channel and the myriad of classes she offers via her site.

Another soul sister friend that I admire and am inspired by is Jenny Griffin with The Power of Change. We haven’t met in person, but we Skype pretty consistently and we’ve talked about everything possible and seem to lead parallel lives (in theme, not steps). She has done incredible work with the dynamic between empaths and narcissists and I highly recommend that you check out her page (there are links to free videos, and also paid ecourses). She is an intuitive, like I am, and we often gift each other readings; her readings are accurate, thorough and insightful.

I could fill volumes listing soul sister friends, with online links. And, listing names of soul sister friends without online links.

Soul connections matter tremendously to me; it’s been a priority for me my entire life to engage in genuine connections, that feel amazing to be in, and that support the healing/growth/joy for all involved.  So, it feels odd to list a few names, because many of my friends read my blog and I’m going to hope they all feel that they matter to me, even though they aren’t listed here.

Dear Reader: If there is someone who inspires you that has an online presence, I invite you to share a link to their site (so we can all go check it out). And, I invite you to go a step further and send them an email or message telling them that they inspire you and sharing an example of how.

Much peace and abundant love,

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Comments on: "Sharing Links to the sites of Four Soul Sister Friends Who Have Influenced me in a Positive Way" (6)

  1. I am definitely going to have to check out these incredible sounding beings, I absolutely love the idea of taking this a step further and letting these people know how much they inspire and have a positive influence <3

    • I hope you as you explore their sites, something about what they share speaks to you, Rachel :)

      No matter how big the audience is, positive feedback makes a difference – an external confirmation that something a person shares has touched someone. Some people hesitate to give positive feedback, because they think the person must already know they are making a difference, but think about how nice it feels to be told exactly how your work has inspired or encouraged someone! It’s a gift to receive.

  2. It’s a joy to be part of your world, and I am continually inspired by your journey.

    Big, big love,
    ~ Jenny

  3. Joy,

    Thank you for sharing these people and sites! I will definitely check out as I love to see and am constantly inspired by other artist’s work…

    Aside from your site, which has been a presence in my life for years now, and is such an inspiration, I am inspired by so many people, both on and offline, though in recent years I’ve focused more on the offline connections in my life, and after finding myself overwhelmed by the sheer volume of online voices (even while inspired by many!), I had to take some time to unplug from what had become for me to feel like taking in “too much” information. After unplugging from all online for short periods, I found myself returning with a much more selective perspective on what I allow into my daily space (email inbox, in this example). For me, it’s been a wonderful experience of learning to set my own boundaries and manage my energy better day to day.(Something I started to learn and become aware of in working with you!)

    While setting online connection boundaries is so important for me for many reasons (not the least of which is my love of gathering, resourcing, and collecting information-and ability to get “lost down the rabbit hole” of the sheer volume of information on the internet!), these days I enjoy the few pieces I consistently plug into and find with me “less is more” as I now have time to really contemplate and go deeper with the material shared when I focus on a few key inspirers. (Of which you are one!)

    Others who have been with me nearly as long include:
    Mike Dooley, at (I subscribe to his “Notes from the Universe” series and they are always inspiring and often so synchronistic for me. In a way they are my daily “oracle readings” so to speak!)

    And my favorite astrologer and brilliant writer, Rob Brezsny:, who provides free weekly horoscopes that always give me a new perspective on the current energies swirling about and interacting with my own personal energy.

    Two other astrologers I love and read monthly are Lynn Hayes, at and Anne Reith, at who is, I believe, out near your general region.

    I could go on and on, and just like you, it seems challenging to only pick a few of the many inspirations and creative loves I have come to share my online world with…yet if I could choose one artist who’s work has provided joy and smiles to me, it would have to be Brian Andreas and his…he also has a story of the day you can sign up for to receive his delightful musings and colorful characters as a daily dose of inspiration and humor.

    Thank you Joy, for always championing other people you have come to know and love, and inviting us to do the same, here in this space you share with us all.


    • I like that you shared about boundaries, Molly. We have the choice as to what we plug into and what we choose to receive and remembering that helps us to stay centered and empowered as we process the ‘voices’ we choose to be present to. It surprises people to know that I’m mainly unplugged (and have been since Jan 2016); so I understand what you shared, here, and relate to it. And, I love my online time very much so – it fills me up (I think because I do have those boundaries around it).

      I enjoy Mike Dooley as well. I’m familiar with Rob Brezny and the astrodynamics site and will check out your other link.

      I love Brian Andreas and StoryPeople. It seems to me that whatever he shares in a day speaks to something I’m experiencing or pondering, or is the perfect dose of inspiration, right when I need it.

      Thank you for sharing these links!

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