Sharing Love and Light (via Tonight’s Sunset Photo)

All day, I felt unsettled. I wasn’t sure why. It didn’t make logical sense or fit my energy. Feeling unsettled is rare for me, so I noticed it, as I kept on being present to the unfolding of the day.

On the way to the beach this evening, to get some fresh air with my daughter, we received some interesting news which means another big change is coming our way this Fall. It was unexpected, and also explained ‘why’ I was feeling unsettled (as an intuitive, I must have felt something different coming my way).

When we left for the beach, we knew that we’d likely miss the sunset and I was okay with that. Receiving this news, via a conversation, meant we were most likely going to miss the sunset. We saw the fiery orange ‘ball’ of sun as we were driving. It was glorious!

I could have turned around and headed home, which would have been understandable. However, since our original intention was to get fresh air, and since the best place I know of to process any type of news is on the beach, we talked it over and decided to go anyway.

It was cold and windy. But the tide was low on one of our favorite stretches of beach – where we can walk oceanside to a little cove type space – so we stayed and walked.

As we walked, my phone shut off (ha!!!) which meant I couldn’t take photos. It also meant that, in those moments, I couldn’t text friends to say ‘this is what just happened’ and ask for support or prayer. (As a sidenote: my phone was charged. There wasn’t a logical reason for it to shut off. I think it was absolutely Universe saying ‘be here, now, please’.)

Without a phone, I was very present to the elements, which for me includes source energy.

There I was, in the space where I connect with Source, walking along barefoot in the sand, wind jostling my hair, taking in the beauty. That works wonders on my heart and spirit! (and also it’s where alchemy happens for me; take this heaviness and make it light please, and also take my love and gratitude, too, and bring it wherever it is most needed).

When we were feeling quite cold, and almost to the end of the cove, my phone turned back on. Of course, as I walk at ocean’s edge, I’m looking to the ocean, to the sky, to where they meet and observing the reflection and colors and composing photos (in my mind). And appreciating it all, very much so. When my phone turned on, I quick ran to this spot and took this photo.

What was in my heart as I took this photo? I had just prayed ‘please show me the possibilities, blessings, miracles, please bless this for my kids and I’ along with feeling tons of gratitude for the beauty right before me, that my daughter was on the beach with me, that we’ve made it through some really big heart-stretches over Summer together and we both seem to be healing well, that I am capable of receiving in, connecting with and celebrating love and sending it out to those I care about and world in general.

This is a great visual and description of the legacy I’ve created and cultivated. I’m very much about love and light. And, over the years, as I’ve remained committed to my practice of walking at ocean’s edge at sunset (and sometimes during sunrise or Full Moon evenings), one way that has naturally evolved of sharing this ‘love and light’ – this source energy and feel of peace and possibility and reminder of who we are and what we are made of in inner core – is through sunset photos.

It’s nothing I planned or asked for or expected to arise. It’s something I resisted for a long time (thinking I didn’t have the right tools – I use my iPhone – or the skill or the eye, and many many people share photos of the sky, so it’s not very ‘unique’. And, then, I embraced it, and over time my skill improved, which has more to do with my choosing to share in the moments *right when my heart fills with love and gratitude and overflows*, than technical skill (I’m sharing the energy and emotion through these visuals).

It lights my heart so much, when friends (virtual and offline) and loved ones text, message or write me to say “I saw this cloud formation, sunset or the Moon or a rainbow and I thought of you”. And, the greatest joy and honor is when someone uses my photo as inspiration for their own creative expression and tells me about it.

From early on, my kids have known if ever we miss each other (in the day, or later in life when I pass on), just look to sky, and notice the elements and breathe in that light – letting it touch your heart, and heal what needs to be healed, while opening your energy field to peace and possibility.

And, now, it seems my friends – and those who follow my work here through my site, or via my social media outlets – are understanding this as well.

Thank you for sharing today’s experience with me!

I’m still playing along with Effy Wild’s “Let’s Blog Along in September” adventure; although it’s going to be past midnight, so technically a new day by the time I edit and publish this, it’s for day 9. The prompt is “Share something you’ve created that feels like it’s a part of your autobiography.”

Dear Reader: What do you think you’re most ‘known’ for creating and sharing in your life?

Much peace and abundant love,


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  1. Your post again touched my heart, I loved reading your experience and how the universe looked after you, as to your question, I have no idea really, it’s going to be something I ponder on today <3

    • I do believe the Universe looks after each of us, Rachel, and I hope you feel feel that in my words and then notice how Universe might be supporting you in life.

      I bet your known for your kind heart, or something with that energy. <3

  2. Karen James said:

    Sending you love and support and gratitude.

  3. I think you know how inspiring your beach sunset photographs have been for my paintings, Joy! I am so grateful that you did NOT let lack of “technical skill” stop you from posting what touched your heart! I would not have painted the paintings that will be in a show in October in a place called WriterHouse which is exactly what it says—-a place where people can go to learn to write or to hone their writing skills further. I have even taken poetry workshops there and participated in poetry readings.
    I wonder what people think I have created in my life. Probably a stability which comes from being in the same place all of my life, my enjoyment of my rootedness. But everyone might see something different :) Who knows? Great question! <3 Love and ease in changes, Joy!

    • I was thinking of you, Jean, when I mentioned how good it feels when a friend uses my photos for inspiration.

      The WriterHouse sounds like a really amazing place. I am glad your paintings will be there – maybe people will be inspired by them, as they write! Blessings on sales and whatever unfolds for you from having them there!

      I think when people think about what you’ve created in life, Jean, it might literally be your paintings and poems, and also the joy in your presence, and that you are present, with love <3

  4. Oh that’s easy!

    I’m most known for sharing passionate energy and believing in the potential and possibility of everything and everyone I love!

    As you know Joy, I *love* the ocean’s edge photos you share, as love and light and sea are my primary inspirations as well…and seeing a bit of ocean views through your eyes is a treat I always appreciate and feel into in ways that go far beyond “technical skill”. Beauty has to be felt to be shared. You share beauty in ways professional artists sometimes miss entirely due to their focus on “technique”! Something for me to remember as I create as well!

    • I appreciate your clarity about what you’re most known for, Molly and it’s also what I enjoy most about you!

      Thank you for the kind words. Some people are more into the technical aesthetics and my skills are improving enough to fulfill that sometimes, but really I’m all about feeling (my way through life, and also in creative expression). When I consider what others share – in whatever form that is – I want to feel it, I want to be touched and moved by that feeling (not necessarily ‘just’ happy, either – the whole range of feelings). It is my intention and hope that is what people who connect with my creative expressions feel. Thank you for your support and feedback!

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